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Your Body’s Musical Key

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A 3 Hour Live Online Class
The Chakra Sound Experience

This 3 hour Live online class by The Sound Lady-Kathleen Nagy, reveals that your chakras are the hardware  your body uses to distribute your emotions into your cells. The sound spectrum of our individual voices reveals the musical key to which our body’s emotions are tuned. Learning your body’s personal chakra scale notes and your body’s musical key, will balance your emotions and calm your nerves for relief of Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia and Depression. You will experience first- hand your chakras actually vibrating. The subtle vibration helps to release stuck cellular emotional memory from the cells of your body that could be causing you pain and sleepless nights.

Included in this course is a simple humming technique using notes that were derived from the sound of your sigh. This humming technique can unlock emotional cellular memory AND release unconscious feelings that are stuck causing you pain, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

This simple technique utilizes your Emotional Energy Distribution System otherwise known as your chakra energy centers. Our chakras are connected etherically to major glands of our endocrine system. Some of these glands create hormones that regulate how our body’s respond to our emotions. For example-our emotion of fear tells our body to create adrenaline and cortisol, when the fear is gone our body’s create noradrenaline which calms down the body from flight or fight mode.

Our emotions, conscious or unconscious, owned or stuffed are distributed into our cells by our chakra energy centers.
An emotion like fear is picked up by our chakra energy center and that fear is literally distributed into the cells of our bodies to trigger glandular, hormonal physical processes. Learn from a Sound Master how Sound creates the space within which alignment is possible!

In this 3 hr online class you’ll discover:

how to hum your personal chakra scale and feel your chakras vibrate in your body

how to use your chakra notes to relieve emotionally triggered pain in all parts of the body

how to teach your clients to do this for themselves


EACH CLASS IS LIMITED TO 10 Students so first come first serve basis: 

our next classes: Sundays May   24, 31  (you’ll be placed in 1)

time; 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET / 8pm GMT

You will get an email notification from Kathleen on your class date, or you can select your preferred date. You get ONE class for your purchase to learn this technique and teach others.



What Student’s have to say…..

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude about the yesterday’s workshop. My sleep was very soundly, woke up with child-like excitement about this wonderful gift I received yesterday J. My enthusiasm is back, my inspiration is back and on top of that IS an ice cream- in my humming meditation I heard the title of my book J. So funny… 
Kathleen, your patience, peace, integrity, honesty  and profound desire to help yesterday clearly demonstrated that you are a living example of what we  each can achieve by working with sound especially with the only one biological musical instrument- our voice.  I am so glad that I followed my inner guidance and participated in this master class. My heart is  full of love, gratitude and joy … thank you again  – Ilze 

Who would benefit from these personally customized, to the key of your emotions, guided meditation mp3’s?
Do you love music?

If you do, then you already know the power of music to adjust your mood. This process gives you a personalized guided meditation in the key of your emotions.

Are you a DIYer?

There is an instructional video in The Chakra Sound Spa Experience package teaching how to discover your own personal root and/or heart chakra note.

Do you Yoga? Do you meditate?

Most meditations are silent and motionless so that stillness can be attained. Yoga is a kind of meditation with movement.

The Chakra Sound Spa Experience-Guided Meditation mp3’s are interactive.

These are meditations where you are invited to hum and make sounds. As a musician and someone who lives life using my ears more than my eyes, I always find meditations that include sound much more engaging. For me, it is far easier to stay focused when using sound. OR you can simply listen to the chimed guided meditations without interacting.

Do you suffer from Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia or Depression?

When your body hears the notes of its musical key, almost instant relaxation is the result. Knowing your personal musical key, toning your chakra scale and listening to the chimes playing your chakra notes tuned to A 432Hz is has greatly relieved Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia and Depression.

These are not your grandfathers’ chakra meditations.

There are plenty of comprehensive books about chakras on Amazon. This is very different. This is an entirely new way of working with your chakra energy centers from the perspective of a sound master.

The conventional wisdom about the notes that correspond to the 7 major chakra energy centers in your body is a C major scale. Every book or chart that I could find dealing with the “sounds” of the 7 major chakras always displayed a C major scale.

I have discovered that all human beings do not resonate to a C major scale!

When I work with my clients identifying the notes of their Personal Chakra Scale, the notes they sing with their voices that vibrate their chakra centers, never seemed in tune with the A 440 Hz scale. Their chakra notes always seem to be in between the notes on the piano.

I have discovered that not only do all human beings resonate to the vocal range of their own voice and not a C major scale, but that the human body does not resonate with the “A” 440Hz scale. Which is why I have used an “A” 432Hz scale to create the chimed meditations in this offer.

There are recent studies that prove the “A” 432Hz scale, lowers heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. “A” 432Hz has been shown to heal DNA and is a higher octave of the earth’s resonance frequency of 8 Hz.

This Special Offer Includes:

Item 1. Your Personal Chakra Scale mp3 with and without Guided Meditation

Digital Format : mp3

Length of Program :both mp3’s are 16 minutes long

Value of Program : $55

In these meditation mp3s of your personal chakra notes scale you will hear your chakra notes played on beautiful choir chimes with rich analog harmonics that are tuned to a A=432Hz. The sound spectrum of our individual voices reveals the musical key to which our body’s emotions are tuned. When our bodies hear and feel the vibrations that naturally resonate our chakra energy centers, almost instant relaxation is the result. After spending 20 minutes listening to your personal chakra chimes scale with The Chakra Sound-Spa Experience Guided Meditation mp3’s, you will feel as relaxed as if you just spent hundreds of dollars on a day at the spa.

Item 2. Connect Your Chakras Through Your Heart mp3 and guided meditation text .pdf

Digital Format : mp3 and .pdf instructions

Length of Program: 13 minutes

Value of Program : $25

This mp3 has choir chimes playing your chakra notes connecting all of your chakras through your heart, using 3 infinity wave visualizations that are explained in the .pdf. This meditation helps to strengthen your auric field and create a heart-centered peace of mind.

Item 3. Immune Boost Harmonics

Digital Format : mp3

Length of Program : 5 minutes -for ease of downloading that you can repeat or loop for as long as you like. Listen 15 minutes a day to build your immune response to colds and flu.

Value of Program : $20

The audio file contains our body’s systems played on the french horn with vocal harmonics. It energizes Circulation Absorption, Digestion, Oxygenation, Respiration, and the filtering process of the kidneys. It helps the immune system fight off viruses like colds and flu.

Item 4. Kidney Support Harmonics

Digital Format : mp3

Length of Program : 5 minutes -for ease of downloading that you can repeat or loop for as long as you like.

Value of Program : $20

This audio file performed with french horn and vocal harmonics strengthens the kidneys and the bladder. It is great for relieving incontinence and water retention.

Item 5. Digestive Support Harmonics

Digital Format : mp3

Length of Program : 5 minutes -for ease of downloading that you can repeat or loop for as long as you like. Listen 10-15 minutes after eating or while eating for maximum benefit.

Value of Program : $20

This audio file performed with french horn and vocal harmonics supports the organs of digestion- stomach, liver, pancreas and gall bladder. It has helped many cancer patients with the nausea caused by chemotherapy. It assists digestion and assimilation of minerals and other nutrients.

Item 6. Chakras Attribute Chart

Digital Format : .pdf

Value of Program $15

This chart contains attributes and correlations for each chakra all in one place. It includes correlations for each chakras’ glands, hormones, organs, emotions, ailments, senses. Elements, color, and vowel sounds.

Item 7. Lydian Chakra Scales Chart

Digital Format : .pdf

Value of Program : $15

A chart of all the possible chakra scales. When you find your root or heart chakra note, you use this chart to find the rest of the notes for your body’s musical key.

Item 8. Blank Chakra Locations Chart

Digital Format : .pdf

Value : $5

This is a map of the locations of your 7 major chakra centers, where you can enter the notes for each of your chakras according to the Lydian Chakra scale chart.

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