Special Offer


Light Activation Packs and Personal Session

Special Offer Includes:

These Light encoded transmissions bypasses the mind and speaks to your Multi-Dimensional Self, assisting you in raising your frequency and vibration, aligning your energy and opening up your heart by receiving new light information and codes through higher vibrational sound frequencies – triggering DNA activations, clearings, releasing and transcending old structures within, allowing you to opening up all new pathways, accessing higher potentials and attuning you to a much Higher Consciousness.


Item 1: Light Activation Pack #1

Length of Program – 3 hours

3 Light Language Audio Recordings from recent Group Sessions/Transmissions

Containing about 3-hours of powerful Light Language Transmissions with:

  • Light Body Activations / Light Attunements
  • Galactic and Star Light Transmissions
  • Crystalline/Divine DNA Source Codes Activations
  • Ascension Tones, Harmonics & Sonic Sounds
  • Energy Re-Alignment, Balance and Expansion
  • Source Light Frequency Upgrades
  • New Earth Codes

Item 2: Light Activation Pack #2

6 Light Language Activation Audio Transmissions

10 LightCodes Digital Artwork / Activations

You may print the light-encoded digital artwork, meditate on them, use them in your energy work and utilize in your devices as a background to activate you and your environment.

Item 3:Private Session – Schedule a Private Session with Guilherme. (1-hour)

You will be able to work through many topics in order to bring you more clarity and alignment on your Soul journey. 

+ Soul Alignment, Energy Work
+ Awakening, Higher Consciousness and Ascension
+ Patterns, Programs, Relationships
+ New Earth Existence
+ Light Language (we may use Light Language through the session to assist in the energy work and flow of information – if needed and aligned with your needs)

You may also choose to do a full session focused on Light Language/Light Attunements.

Item 4: Personalized Light Activation

After the session, you will receive a unique and personalized LightCode Artwork (digital format) with specific LightCodes for you + a personal Light Language Audio recording for you to activate, integrate and listen anytime you feel guided.


YES! I want Guilherme’s Special Offer for $144


I have had some very strong activations and openings from Guilherme’s light encoded work. He has an unique talent as an intermediate of these light codes. – Lena, Norway

Wow… the tears keep flowing and my heart has burst wide open… so beautiful… my deepest heartfelt gratitude and love, so much love, profound experience… Surrendering to the release… A beautiful gift. – Jen, Brighton, UK

Feeling very grateful to you Guilherme for this wonderful light session we had together. I felt all my cells being gently touched by the sound of the light language… I felt really regenerated through my whole being, it was a wonderful feeling. – Nathalie. Switzerland

Guilherme’s light code activations are greatly powerful, especially in assisting one to expand their consciousness as well as open their heart center more and more in order to gain access to the vast knowledge of their soul. – Andrea, Michigan, USA


Every time I look at Guilherme’s activations I can feel it on a cellular level, waking up and opening my heart center as never before. He is a gift and has inspired me to create my own light codes! – Kim, USA