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Light Body Activation



Two Day Online Mini Retreat

Special Offer: Downloading Light Codes to Your Physical Body

Two days online mini-retreat from your home channelled

You will download light codes to your physical being and those will función as a channell to reach higher frequencial state of You and open, connect to your heart center/essence.

You can manifest yourself with different vessels in this called Earth dimensión. Physical body, Physical Body with Light Codes and Light Body.

Physical Body:

  • a denser vibrational vessel,
  • the cells are carbón based,
  • Spirit who experience Earth life through a physical body, doesn’t have connection to his/her True Light Essence.
  • has a subconscious and a conscious mind.
  • supported from the environment,
  • never feel complete.

Physical Body with Light Codes in:

  • start to open the heart center
  • reconnect to her/ his Essence.
  • remembering who is she/he.
  • able to change between state of frequencies.
  • start to transform stored emotions/memories from the subconscious to the conscious state.
  • start to awaken.

Light Body:

  • cells filled with Light.
  • vibrate on a higher frequencial state.
  • open heart center.
  • easily change between frequencies.
  • able to travel between dimensions.
  • there is no unconsciousness.
  • digestive system, bones, all the structure changed.
  • works with energies, light.

 Benefits of the Light body compared to a three-dimensional body:


  • More energy
  • Clear mind
  • Living with good health inside out
  • Being free of illusion, full visibility of the matrix
  • Eliminating karmic destiny
  • Creation of new DNS

Being free of the duality of the 3-dimensional world:

  • Unconscious and conscious becomes one, unconscious gradually disappear
  • Balanced mood, not swinging between happiness and sadness
  • Healing and cessation of illnesses
  • Acceleration of Creation Time
  • Deceleration of time, feeling balanced

Permanent relationship with the higher self and source

You can transform your body in any way. Because Light body have a higher vibration level than their three-dimensional body with heavier, coarser vibration levels, therefore the Light body can be operated and controlled faster by energy. An example to help you understand: you don’t have to spend hours in the gym and build muscle, it can be achieved simply by sitting in a chair while meditating and working on our energy. As this body is not vibrating on the rough physical level, it works differently.

  • Slows down or stops aging
  • From the state of incompleteness, feeling the fulfilment of all levels
  • Since this body has finer energies, it is capable of direct contact with the surrounding energy fields
  • You don’t need any food to gain or maintain energy when it is fully experienced
  • It vibrates on the energy of Love

Stucture of the program:

The program lasts two days. Each day you have a video, sharing all the information what you need to know and syncronizing the frequency of your being and also a recorded channelled meditation to download light codes.

Diet during the program:

I invite You to experience a lighter self of You, for this You can choose to be on juices, delighted juices or for the deeper experience just on water.

This two day mini retreat is planting Light Seeds in Your Being to flourish and nurture a higher state of You.

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