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Light Calibration Session
30 minute Private Session + More!

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As a metaphysical practitioner who has prepared her entire life for this time in history, Dr. Edwige is able to assist many souls who are ready to awaken. As a Light code activator, her work is done on a cellular level, raising your frequency through light language, reaching deep into your core to clear old memories and programs and to activate your higher consciousness and you as a multi-dimensional being.  These light codes will help to unlock your divine blueprint awakening your DNA and activation of your Crystalline Lightbody.

Experience the amazing transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity. Understand that we as spiritual beings in the process of “remembering” must know that our desired reality already exists right in front of us. It is already there waiting.

Your session is designed to begin the process of uncovering your blocks, resistance and help you unlock your God potential and to experience expansion into your multiverse reality and your next powerful step in evolution.

Dr. Edwige is able to:

  • Facilitate the releasing of limiting beliefs, and programs such as sabotage and fear that are seeded in the cellular memory within our four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These memories can stem from both on and off planet incarnations. We will be able to clear imprints from past life karma and with continued work you will be able to reach a state of bliss.
  • Feel where in your body you hold resistance and clear it.
  • Re-wire your neurons and activate your DNA.
  • Remove emotional blocks, such as heart walls, lift veils and remove attachments.
  • Raise your frequency and bring you into the flow of Universal Source.
  • Activate Light Codes and your Divine Pattern, thus opening the way for your Light Body.

Plus These Additional Items!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening – EBook

This award winning book will change the way you see the “Awakening” while answering the age old question of “Are we alone?”

Awakening is a word that has become mainstream. Yet, it is not truly understood. While pondering this idea, I ask myself, “Why am I writing a book?” Quite honestly, writing a book was never my dream. I recall an encounter I had at a Spiritual workshop, where I was approached by a gifted Physic, and she asked, “Are you writing yet?”

I thought, “What are you talking about? You must be picking up on someone else’s energy.” I let it go until it happened three more times. That was before the experiences, as I call them, began happening about ten years ago. I am finally in alignment with telling my story. In so doing, I hope to take you on a journey of discovering who you truly are, not just the physical you, but the real you. The you who has a soul purpose and a reason for being. The you who asks, “Am I crazy? Am I imagining the voices I’m hearing?” Or, the urging, “There’s something I’m supposed to do, but I don’t know what.” If this describes you, read on. There is more at the core. Together we will discover it.

Spirituality and You – MP3

Learn to embrace the inner journey of self-discovery and higher awareness while utilizing processes that release negative emotions and energy that have been keeping you bound to a life that is not in alignment with who you truly are as a Divine Spiritual Being who has come forth into your human mold as a manifestation of Divine Intelligence, existing this little while on Earth to help carry on the Divine Plan. You are where you are today through your choices. By taking responsibility for yourself you are able to start leading the life that you want and making choices that will lead you to the life you see for yourself.

Discover the process by which you awaken and embrace your Spirit

Keys to Happiness- MP3

Learn that as you accept responsibility for your life, you can respond to everything that happens with ease. Discover the tools to awakening the master in you, for you have the power to create your own identity based on a position of power, intent and consciousness. Take control of your life – When you become clear of intent, and make a decision to move in that direction, everything falls into place if you are in harmony with the laws of the universe and the laws of nature.

Discover tools to expand you into living in harmony and self-mastery

Living from the Heart – MP3

As you expand in consciousness you will begin to move and create from your heart space for it is there that you’ll find true peace, harmony, love and unity. To live your humanness is to experience joy and suffering-duality. To live from your heart is to enter the domain of peace and loving-kindness and the timeless reality of transcendent being. They are one, and must be balanced, working in harmony.

Discover the secrets of the Masters and make your Heart the Steward of your Beingll

Meditation/Exercise: Into The Heart – MP3

Learn to move into and become the stillness and calmness of the absence of thought. Dr. Edwige walks you into the space of your heart where you will be able to connect to your Higher-Self and feel the love of the creator.

BONUS MEDITATIONS: OM Mantra Meditation & VaYaNaMaSi Meditations – MP3s

Om Meditation: OM represents the Divine in each of us. It encompasses all words, all sounds in human language. Repeated 54 times it helps to reprogram the bodies DNA Consciousness

VaYaNaMaSi Meditation: Place the sound VA YA NA MA SI in the third eye, which corresponds to the pituitary gland. Keep on chanting VAYANAMASI as you put this sound in the third eye. It will open, and once the third eye is opened, it helps anyone to create miracles. This is because any thought that enters the third eye, once opened, manifests

Today’s session has left me speechless. Dr Edwige was holding a frequency, power and potency that was beyond my imagination. How grateful am I to have been on the receiving end and collaborating with the highest level of Divinity. I pulsated in liquid love and Dr Edwige delivered transformative transmissions that poured into the deepest and most intimate of spaces. My Presence is in such joy, my physical vehicle so uplifted and I am pregnant with anticipation to see, feel and witness the unfolding!

May We All Feel the Blessings, Abundant and True,

In Love, In Unspeakable Gratitude, Jeanne


I listen to interviews of Dr Edwige everywhere I could find them for free and I got a better connection to my Soul every time. I am so grateful for being connected to YOU Dr Edwige 🙂 Recently I have listened to your exercise “connection to my higher self” and I got connected! I saw myself in a huge circle of light (like from the Sky to the Earth) and I could feel that anything I think or ask for it is possible ! I haven’t felt any fear, I believed in this state of connection with my Higher Self that I am perfect as a Soul, Spirit, Being…. It was an amazing experience.

Thank you for that so much 🙂 Agnieszka


Thank you for the powerful session. You are such a warm, patient and kind Being  as well as a wonderful teacher. I had the most amazing three day shift afterwards! Yay!

Thank you again. Stay cool! Warmly, Jenny


Amazing what she can do in just 30 min.

Before I met with Dr Edwige I never thought that such a help and support is available here on this beautiful planet through people like her. Great to know that we are not alone and when we need help we can reach out to her.

It was a very unique experience!

Thank you very much.


WOW   WOW   WOW!!!

The Call was Just Divine! The Transmission Powerful and so Intensive: And the new language! Oh My Goodness…..I have no words to describe  …Oh my…!!!

I felt the Language speak to my heart and I filled with so much love, so much appreciation, so much beauty and more! I was able to listen with my heart and to see all this   Divine Beauty through you or through your heart. I also was able to see the different colors as I was listening to Light Language…and able to clear more. How blessed we are that we have you here now….

Sending you so much love and appreciation, Erietta


My dear Dr. Edwige


Thank you for my virtual kick in the pant…Oh my goodness this after our first session. I just went outside and my vision improved like everything is so crystal clear the colors of the grass and sky are vibrant ALIVE!  Wow thank you!  Your gift is AMAZING we will connect again my sweet beautiful friend.

Love and continued blessings always.



Thank you, I eagerly awaited this!  The healing yesterday was astounding. I had to lie down and go back to sleep this morning because the cells in my body were literally vibrating at a low but powerful frequency. That is all good, but more importantly I WAS IN MY BODY TO FEEL IT!  (It’s still buzzing by the way) And as usual a large chuck of energy come out of my upper forehead between the 6th and 7th chakras, I believe.  Will be in touch…thank you so much!

Love and Light,



OMG!! Dr. EDWIGE WAS ASTOUNDING!!!! She was on fire from the moment the call started! Her compassion and love and amazing energy work took us all to another plane of healing and miracles. She took us through the most profound activation that I have ever experienced and she released so much resistance and negativity for everyone. She then left us in an extremely powerful place where we could create any positive outcome from. Listen in and experience this amazing call and see for yourself!!!



During my session I experienced a heartfelt connection and an elegant metamorphosis. As a psychic I got to watch what Dr Edwige and her team in Spirit as they were working. I watched as the old neuron networks dismantled and new wiring and encodements applied, parts of my DNA lit up. It was quite remarkable. I felt quite blessed by the experience.



One of the most transformational periods of my life occurred while working with Dr.Edwige.   She transmits the most powerful vibration of truth, love, Divine energy that I have ever experienced.  Whether you are just awakening or moving through your ascension process, I would highly recommend that you allow her to be apart of it.

Thank you so much Dr. Edwige.

Judy J

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