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Light, Discernment and Healing Empowerment Training

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Light, Discernment and Healing Empowerment Package

Over 20 Hours of Instant Access Classes

Offer 2


Instant Access Classes & 30 Minute Session + Group Call


Friends, please enjoy this special set of classes which are woven with Light for your personal empowerment. My intent is to empower you to gain and maintain your light, discern what is true light and feel capable of supporting the healing of yourself and loved ones using light. With over 20 hours of light-infused classes, you’ll find this to be a complete set of masterclasses. Furthermore, I’m happy to offer a set of sessions for your continued training, healing or empowerment. It’s time for your sovereign truth to be manifested in reality because you are a being of light and possibility! 

  • Feel capable of true discernment and trust yourself fully
  • Know what to heal and how
  • Understand the things that cause our blocks and illness
  • Receive detailed training on power and light
  • Gain a deep understanding of polarities and fear and how to use them for advancement
  • Connect to a supportive community and a loving, non-judgemental insight

This Special Offer 1 Includes:

Item 1: Quantum Healing for Infectious Diseases

*This class is not medical advice or advice on treatment of disease. This class is based purely on my opinion. Please consult a medical professional before making any changes to your health regimen. 

The body is a universe. The seemingly infinite cycle of cells of all types that creates our physical reality has incredible layers. From our personal human perspective our body is one thing, but this is not reality. The body is trillions and trillions of different intelligent things working together. At it’s quantum core, the body is tied to the Source field from which it comes. In quantum healing we use all these layers to focus our attention, our ability to be conduits of light, and our Soul’s intent to manifest healing. To manifest we must see, feel and act to create healing. In this class you’ll learn about: 

  • The layers of the body and how they are all intelligent
  • The concept of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast and their spiritual functions
  • Communication to the body and diseased cells
  • Using the Three Minds (Brain, Heart, Gut) to reprogram the body for healing
  • Being a conduit for qualities of Light and their uses

I love doing quantum healing and I’ve found wonderful things happen when we are able to use our beautiful bodies and spiritual will to heal! I hope you can experiment with this work and find results for yourself too. 

With love, 



Item 2: Discernment and Discrimination Spiritual Training –

Friends, one of the most important skills of our time is how to discern what is what in the spiritual realms! This skill helps us navigate the day to day reality of being human more than anything. Learn to: 

  • Understand what is shadow/dark/density and what is Light
  • Learn about False Light
  • Be able to make clear spiritual decisions about guidance
  • Ask the best questions to get the most out of your guidance
  • Avoid attachments and entities that might leach your energy

I hope to share my lifetime’s experience about discernment with you using real life examples of what to do and what NOT to do! We’ll get transparent, vulnerable and stronger as we journey through this special spiritual training. 


Item 3: Multidimensional Mastery Course – 4 Classes – Instant Access Audios 2-3 hours each

Fully use your Divine Seeing, Feeling and Knowing for navigating consciousness! Trust your whole self to access Truth! 

Full Body Discernment

How do we tell what is Truth and what is not? This is a universally human problem! Some of us are better at seeing or feeling energy than others, but that doesn’t always allow us to know the full truth. So, how can we truly discern in this age of information? We can depend on the body!

In this online healing retreat you will learn:

  • How to tell what is false light and what is truth.
  • Basic ways to use the Brain Mind and 3rd Eye for discernment.
  • The power of the Heart Mind to help differentiate truth from false.
  • How to use the Gut Mind for intuitive discernment.
  • Other mystical ways of using the body for discernment!

Our bodies are like wonderful receivers of fluid information and frequency! Let’s journey together in learning how to fully use them to make our way in this world.

Healing Polarities – Unlocking the Inner Realm

One of the wonders of this Universe is the existence of polarities – opposite energies which help illustrate and illuminate reality. The existence of polarities in our lives can be a precious tool for self examination and healing! Instead of causing us suffering and keeping us in a “spin” we can learn to use polarities to make huge breakthroughs in our bodies, lives and spiritual development. Join Elizabeth Wood on a journey to discover the Master Polarities she’s been uncovering in the hundreds of sessions she does for individuals and groups. Of course there are hundreds of polarities, but the special polarities which will be examined in this online retreat are the most common she’s found. Learn about:

  • How polarities have been used to control our inner realms.
  • The way that polarities can be used as a template to understand deeper programming and limiting beliefs. 
  • The special process Elizabeth uses to heal them with wonderful results!

If you are a healer looking for another useful tool, or someone who would like an easy way to continue their healing and spiritual journey, this is a retreat you will certainly enjoy. Get off the “hamster wheel” of polarities and stressful spinning, and feel the peace and balance you desire!  

Creating and Maintaining Spiritual Power

Friends, Over the years the idea of power has always been attractive to me. It wasn’t until I learned that power is light, and light is power, that I discovered how I’d been misusing and leaking my light. Thankfully my mystical teacher helped me understand how to live a more impeccable lifestyle. Through my mistakes and my successes I’ve come to a more clear understanding of power. I want to share with you what I’ve learned in hopes that the journey will be useful to your own creation and maintenance of power! 

Spiritual Etiquette and Equanimity

Friends, One of the most important things I’ve learned was the spiritual “rules” that help us learn, support and understand each other better. 

Often we walk this world self taught in such matters, especially me! 

It was when my mystical teacher pointed out 10 years ago my rudeness regarding the mis-use of my psychic gifts that I realized I had a LOT to learn about this topic. 

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned, experienced and where I think we are all going with this wisdom – the space of equanimity (which is different than equality!) 

Get inspired by awakened community! 

Item 4: One Year Subscription to The Circle Community Monthly Call – 

As a new part of the Seer & Scientist Community you receive live access to our monthly 2 hour call! 

Gather with a group of awakened individuals for a special experience.

Each month we will gather to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy. 

Join together to build a PILLAR OF LIGHT for the planet & all living beings!

When we gather as human beings we have great power! 

Find new friends, feel heard and feel connected. 

This is intended to be a community networking and spiritual focus Circle where we can share ideas, projects, hopes and dreams for a New Earth!

Replays are available.  

BONUS Meditation Music Compilation for Awakening by Bioluminescent

Receive an exclusive collection of meditation music written by Elizabeth’s husband Drew – Bioluminescent – who has been writing music his whole life. Capable of creating landscapes in the mind, he makes music for higher consciousness! Listen to more free and new music at bioluminescentmusic.com!

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This Special Offer 2 Includes Offer 1 plus:

Item 1: 30 Minute One on One Session – 

This is a rare treat – Elizabeth is usually booked up many months in advance! 

In this 30 minute appointment receive one of the most powerful aspects of Elizabeth’s work – Receive an Energetic Alignment, Next Steps, 3rd Eye Assessment, Soul Skill Set or Blockage Clearing! Sit back, relax and enjoy the gifts of a world class seer and quantum healer. Use this special session to help you amplify the experience of the rest of her offer and support you as you continue to work towards the next level in consciousness. 


Item 2: 1 Group Call – Max of 6 People per Call –

This is a great precursor or follow up to a one on one with Elizabeth!  

Gather with a group of a max of 6 awakened individuals for a special experience. 

Benefit from the healing and counseling of others while feeling connected!

Receive clarity about your situation and how shift blockages from a Living Library and Oracle. Feel fully heard where you are and receive the tools and light you need to move ahead.

Incredible light from focused, conscious people can illuminate and dissolve nearly any obstacle.

Reports from these group calls have been profoundly helpful and healing. 

Calls are recorded for later listening, and there are many convenient times for those overseas. (Either 1pm ET or 5pm ET on varying days each month.)

Your precious feedback for others is greatly valued!

Experience something that can really open you up into new realms! 

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