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Mount Shasta Live Contact Transmissions $88

2020 Akashic Enlightenment Ascension & Higher Contact Retreat Light Language & Contact Session Recordings 

August 19th-August 23rd, 2020

5 nights of ET & Higher Interdimensional Being Contact

Light Language & energy healing with the spirits and beings at Mt. Shasta

4+ hours audio MP3 download 

These are all the nightly interdimensional contact sessions with Light Language done during the retreat while in Akashic Enlightenment. These sessions start with a Light Language transmission, then sharing what beings are joining the group, and then it goes with the higher beings doing aligned healing and upgrading.

The sessions will upgrade your Light Body allowing you to shed the older one no longer needed, reconnect or refortify your axiatonal lines (what make up the 12 acupuncture meridians and which when in natural alignment connect with resonating star systems) to the Overself upgrading your vital life force (Qi) to a higher frequency which allows for a more efficient functioning, renewing of all body functioning thus advanced spiritual healing and Ascension or consciousness expansion. You will feel changed or shifted afterwards and/or may experience the beings coming to visit you.

The sessions connect to multiple interdimensional beings we connected with while there including: Ascended Master Jesus, Metatron, Mantis, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Aqualorians, Elementals, Gaia/Eden spirit, Essene & the Grail Frequencies, ancient Native Shamans & Wisdom Keepers, Adama, Telos beings. This year there is a stronger focus with the Aqualorians doing advanced 9th density level work with their Crystalline  Lotus Light Healing, a modality I will begin teaching end of 2020 and 2021.

For the first time listening to them it is recommended to do them in their natural sequential order and while in your Akashic Enlightenment. After that use any one you want for a healing or meditation with whatever intention you have in mind for yourself and the healing energies will with their own wisdom go to align you in the best and highest way at that present time. Enjoy and please excuse the rustling…some of the energies can make you restless or sleepy.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Everything in Option 1 & additional Pleiadian Transmissions – $125

4+ hours audio & video download

Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Pleidian Transmissions: Will, Harmony and Love and Compassion

Course 1: Strength of Will

Course 2: Well being and Harmony

Course 3: Love and Compassion

These three transmissions will take you through the higher understanding of these aspects of being allowing you to be encoded with them at their highest levels. This allows one to strive to be their highest aligned being with these aspects so as to be a more aligned being out of one’s fears, doubts, worries, false concerns and feelings of loneliness and how to rise to the Universal Truths of mind, body and spirit for a more fully encompassed resonance relating back to our Divine Blueprint of which the Pleidians are assisting us to understand and integrate at this time.

Sherry will be just returning from Mount Shasta doing Higher Contact work on the mountain to bring these transmissions through.

Any session can be replayed at any time to help you strengthen your alignment with these aspects of being, you may find you gravitate naturally toward one more than the others at certain times.

There will be three 30-40 minute Light Language transmissions one each week with a brief introduction and followed by sharing and Q & A.

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Offer 3 Includes Options 1 and 2:

Item 1: Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Transmission: Ancient Egypt and Galactic Timeline Portals

Audio and/or Video Download
In this two part series Sherry will be working with Akashic Enlightenment (your Akashic Records and the Book of Truth) and Light Language in many different frequencies directed by the Divine. There is an introduction and then a 30-40 minute light language followed by Q&A.

Session 1: Ancient Egypt Light Language Session
Reconnects you back to your ancient Egyptian timelines or lives that you were aware and awake and in line with your mission as seeding and maintaining part of the early consciousness awakening occurring at that time including connecting to the Essenes and the Beings who were working with them to assist Jesus in carrying on with his Divine Blueprint as coordinated by the Elohim/Yahweh.

Session 2: Galactic Timeline Portal Light Language Session
The second transmission we’ll reconnect you with your ability to go through time portals again reminding you of how you can choose your highest path at all times, skip time lapses for fear based patterns and learned beliefs not from the Divine. Step into your highest timeline now and moving forward. Replay anytime you need to move forward into your best timeline or feel unsure if you’re on your best timeline.

Item 2: Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Sessions: Lemuria & Other Dimensional Lives

Audio & Video Download 

Session 1: Past Life Regression to Lemuria Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session.

This transmission will allow you to remember your roots on Lemuria and what it was like to be in this energy and frequency as Earth now shifts to a new phase of such an enlightened time. Reconnecting with this time through this transmission will feel healing, calming, bring Soul alignment and expansion, bring ease to you during this Ascension Earth is going through at this time. You will feel transported to another world and frequency and will carry this alignment with you after the session. I usually only do these in one on one sessions but there is such a mass awakening starting in 2020 that it is time to connect in larger groups to offer collective sessions. I hope you join us in aligning with your highest and truest self and remembering who you are at this time.

Session 2: Exploring Other Dimensional Lives Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session.

This second or follow up Light Language session is now to bring you to your galactic and other dimensional life connections. This is a powerful realignment with incarnations on other planets and other dimensional timelines. It allows you to remember and reconnect with these existences as a way of reconnecting you to your Light Language frequency. Light Language frequency is the Universal Language for Source energy. It can come in voice sounds and at times comes in as a pure stream of energy, both aligning you with and increasing your capacity to hold higher frequency energy thus moving you out of denser or fear based frequencies one experiences when they forget who they really

Item 3: Pleidian Starseed DNA Upgrade and Seeding Transmission Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session

Video & Audio Download

This Light Language with Akashic Enlightenment (your Akashic Records and the Book of Truth) transmission will allow you to step into your next assignment in your Pleidian Starseed mission. The Pleidians are helping SO many of us and our Planet Earth so much at this time that I’ve been asked to do this on a collective level instead of just in personal readings where it can show up. If you feel connected to or drawn to the Pleidians then this is for you. In this transmission I will connect with the Pleidians and board their ship that is posted yet cloaked in our galaxy at this time. Connecting to their higher technologies I will bring through DNA upgrades, soul mission updates and seeding frequencies or energies that you then carry and pass to those you meet that are in alignment to receive and upgrade just through contact with your energy field. Many are being called at this time to do this thus why it is being provided at this time.

Introduction, 30-40 minute transmission, then sharing and Q&A.

Item 4: AqaulorianTransmission Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session

2 Fridays – LIVE webinars

Join us at 12pm PT /1 pm MT /2pm CT /3pm ET / 7pm GMT

Introduction, 30-40 minute transmission, then sharing and Q&A.


Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing heals the body mind spirit on all levels of healing as it reconnects to one’s 9th density Original Encoding reversion by time cell maturation rate for allowing your highest form to reform and learn again to repair itself to this Original Incarnation Level of cellular memory in this current incarnation. Thus returning your cellular DNA back to its original frequency upon incarnation, and before, slowing down the cell aging or degradation process and slowing aging and illnesses on all levels connected to this. Accelerates one’s consciousness to its highest levels thus healing where illness and disharmony begins.

30 minute light language with Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing session with introduction and Q&A afterwards. Come with intentions of what you’d like to be healed especially that which has fully manifest into the physical level of dis-ease. Always drink plenty of water to allowing any detoxification to occur as well as energy integration.

Sherry met the Aqualorians first in 2018 during extra terrestrials contact at Mount Shasta California. Since then she has met with them their annually growing this seed of their Crystalline Light Healing they seeded her with then. In her last trip there in 2020 she was attuned to their 9th density Crystalline Lotus Light Healing that assists us in resetting our DNA structures back to their out of linear time state and back to the timeline of the soul out of the physical body. She was told now to bring this healing modality back to teach and attune others and use in the healing work she does. These will be a healing sessions with these 9th density frequencies.

Session 1: Personal Healing Session

The first session is a personal healing session of whatever one thinks of wanting to be healed or what needs to healed in their highest and best. The session will bring one’s body mind spirit back to their Original Resonance allowing healing on the physical, emotional, and mental levels allowing for an overall well being and healing of any ailment one wishes to bring in for healing during the session. One’s encoding will be reset on why this misalignment has been appearing to serve them and what it is like without it allowing one to grasp this understanding in their super consciousness and release it and thus their cells and DNA structures will be returned to or reminded what it is like without this version of reality they have been allowing or choosing to be experienced.

This session can be played up to 5 times in a frequency of a week for optimal performance and healing activation. More will only drown out the frequencies. Allow them to assimilate between applications. Repeat any time in the future should occurrences try to reseed or come back due to fear of being without this old way of being.

Session 1: 12D Omega Ascension Accelerator Session

The second healing session will allow to accelerate one’s well being to a higher level of being. This means an upgrade to body mind spirit being on all levels of physical, emotional, mental as well as star level. This will allow one to connect to their star lineages and apply that ancient knowledge to their being as well as use the Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing to apply it in a way that most accelerates their well being and Ascension grwoth. This is an advanced acceleration of ascension application allowing one to fast pace their awakening process to the fastest rate they can readily assimilate into their incarnated life frequency at this time that will be accepted on all levels and frequencies.

This is a 12 dimensional density upgrade allowing all levels of Light to be advanced to 12D and the Grand Omega Light Frequencies via the Councils of Light, Gold Christos Sun Omega frequencies and the Aqualorians 12D rays of Crystalline Light Healing. This is for super accelerated soul advancement and will change the trajectory of your given timeline to the most beneficial and accelerated accounting for all present appeared incarnated life experiences.

Repeat any time one is feeling ready for major soul advancement in this incarnation and others.

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