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Temples of Golden Light

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Ebooks and Meditations

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Option 1: Temples of Golden Light
Awaken Shift and Love Yourself

6 Meditation Albums The Temples of Golden Light are ascension temples and as such will help you raise your vibration, they act as conduits. Source energy comes down and enters the temples changing all those within for good.

E-Book The Temples of Golden Light book will help you to awaken shift and love yourself, by helping you to clear old patterning and old mindsets, helping you to move forward. This opportunity ignites your healing journey on all levels helping you to gain inner peace and allowing the realization of your highest and fullest potential.

Item 1: Rainbow Angels Meditations

Digital Format : MP3

Length of Program 60 mins

The Rainbow Angels will help you rebalance, realign, refresh all of your energy centres your chakras at once, clearing cleansing ,bathing ,soothing, your energy. Your auric field will also be cleared.


Item 2: Unicorn Meditations

Digital Format : MP3

Length of Program 47 mins

The Unicorns are beautiful beings of tremendous light, their pure energy coming from the Unicorn’s horn will fill each and every cell in your body. Raising your vibration helping you through the ascension process, allowing you to begin to feel your own self love, self worth and self esteem coming back to you.


Item 3: Garden of Relaxation

Digital Format : MP3

Length of Program 42 mins

Garden of Relaxation meditations weave together, guided visualization by spoken word, colour, soft background music and musical tones. They will help you on a journey of light and healing, thereby welcoming in new positive energy through embracing change within.


Item 4: Temples of Golden Light Meditations

Digital Format : MP3

Length of Program 60 mins

Temples of Golden Light Meditations will connect you to some of the main temples that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth. Connecting you to the main temple in the etheric of Istanbul Turkey, Europe, also Paris France, Athens, Greece, Agra India and Glastonbury UK all meditations will help you to raise your vibration clearing old heart energy of resentment, despair, abandonment, being lonely, helplessness, unworthiness, guilt or shame.


Item 5: Temples of Golden Light 11

Digital Format : MP3

Length of Program 55 mins

This meditation will connect you to some of the many Temples of Golden Light, that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth all around the world. Connecting you to New York US, Mount Shasta, Bhutan Himalayas, Uluru Australia, Lourdes France, and StoneHenge England UK. The temples act as a very powerful healing grid of energy working for the highest good of humanity and Mother Earth.


Item 6: Temples of Golden Light 111

Digital Format : MP3

Length of Program 65 mins

This meditation album will help you gain positive qualities of Harmony, Clarity, Love, Abundance, Self-Confidence, Forgiveness, Inner Peace, Joy, Empowerment, Unblock & Release, Believe, Heart Centred, Manifest, Tranquillity, Enlightenment, Grounded and have Magical days. This meditation album will connect you to these temples, Sedona US, Antarctica, Perth Australia, Ancient Egypt, Phoenix Arizona, Machu Picchu Peru.


Item 7: Temples of Golden Light eBook

Digital Format : eBook

The Temples of Golden Light E-Book, the temples of golden light are a gift from source to rebalance Planet Earth with goddess energy and raise the vibration through ascension. As these are etheric temples, each may be visited during meditation, contemplation, or one’s sleep state for healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal, and release of any blocks stopping you from moving forward. They are surrounded by the Rainbow Angels and overseen by three Goddesses, Lady Nada twin flame of Jesus Christ, Goddess Lathinda of Cosmic Universal Golden Light, and Goddess Jacinta, a Mayan Elder connected to nature and mother earths heart centre

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Option 2: One Hour Session with Linda + Option 1

Linda is an International Spiritual Teacher, Author, Clairvoyant, Golden Light Healer, Meditation Teacher, Light Language Activator, Alchemist. As an ascension teacher, I will help you to further advance your ascension journey in love and light by clearing away old energy to make way for new energy. I can also clear past lives and other timeline dimensions. I can tell you your soul mission and how best to go about this. Plus who your angels, Archangels and ascended masters are that help you.

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My free chakra clearing video will rebalance, realign, and recharge you giving you reassurance, inner peace and harmony from the Temples of Golden Light. Your auric field will be cleared of imprints, clutter and any psychic attacks by the beautiful Rainbow Angels. You will connect to the three Goddesses of Love and Light that oversee the Temples of Golden Light. And receive qualities of healing, balance, clarity, abundance, joy, tranquillity, enlightenment, empowerment, unblock & release, believe, self-confidence, grounded, forgive and be heart centred.

– Linda

What People Say About Linda


After reading Linda’s book, The Temples of Golden Light, I have found myself transported into a realm of peace and tranquillity where I have benefited from receiving healing which has balanced and centered me. I am in awe of the temples but also totally at home when working within the sacred space that they offer. I love visiting the many different temples in meditation – whilst they are all filled with the most amazing light, each one has a different appearance and energy. The Temples bring balance, healing, and send of peace and harmony to how I feel”.

Christina Reconnective Facilitator/Healer


I had many healing sessions with Linda she helped me through my dark time when I had breast cancer, I am now okay, each time I had chemotherapy she gave me healing and I never had any after effects of sickness, headaches, achiness or anything else afterwards. She also cleared negative experiences I had in this life and cleared past lives. I cannot thank Linda enough for being there to help me through that sad time of my life. She was always positive and gave me the strength to carry on. Linda’s Meditations Albums, go from strength to strength with exceptional music in some of the meditations, let Linda take you travelling around the world to the Temples of Golden Light ”

D Young Sussex England UK


“This is a lovely Meditation Album, truly inspirational. It captures all the elements of Linda’s live meditation sessions, transporting the listener into the etheric plane. It also provides a spiritual platform from which to relax, gain further wisdom and insight through visualization of each Temple of Golden Light. It can, on further listening, provide a channel for possible two way-communication, or be used as advice and insight into improving everyday life. The music is beautiful and appropriate and doesn’t detract from the overall message of Love and Light.”

Lesley Arrowsmith , Artist and designer


“Linda Jarrett has a beautiful energy and a pure, angelic vibration which flows through her wonderful work and her Temples of Golden Light Book. Also all the readings, counseling and healing sessions she so lovingly performs. Her quiet assurance and gentle voice complement her considerable abilities as a channel and medium to bring through wisdom and advice and enlighten any situation she focuses upon. I have always found her readings to be inspirational, compassionate and genuinely filled with helpful guidance and understanding – as well as a few positive surprises now and then – and I feel blessed to have met her and experienced her amazing gifts.”

SR, West Sussex


Linda’s Meditation Albums, reach another level each time I listen to them. Losing myself in her voice and the journey to the temples that she takes me on gives me a way to recharge my batteries in times of need or just simply relax for the pleasure of it.

Julie Worthing UK