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Quantum Light Activations

4 Programs in Digital Download plus everything in Option 1

Special Offer Includes:

Item 1: New Earth Challenges: 3.5 hour recording of Q & A on New Earth Challenges

MP3 Download – nearly 4 hours!!

In this program, we discuss multi-dimensionality, expanded consciousness, living on NEW Earth NOW, the challenges and requirements to move the old out and anchor the new from within. We are in the frequencies of DOing now. Presence and Mastery are a necessary tool and understanding how all works is an ancient KEY CODE to navigating with greater ease!

Recorded Online Program & MP3 Download


PLUS 9 Quantum Activations
3-Hour MP3 Program with Meditation

This is a 3-hour session where we discuss, answer great questions, assist, guide and activate in light! The 2nd half of this will provide a recorded journey for you to experience perfectly just for you! We shall take you through a holographic journey into other dimensions to assist you with opening up and seeing from the inside for the purpose of bringing vibrational NEW Earth further into the dimension you live in. All from within. Join us in this recorded program to activate and listen at your convenience. The ability to relax and/or sleep during the 2nd half is necessary for the journey activation part.

*recorded Monday, December 28th *
*MP3 Download with 9 Additional BONUS Downloads of Quantum Light Activations*

Quantum Light Activations and 3-Hour Online Course!

Quantum Light Activations are simple and activate all in frequency by bypassing the human mind and going straight to the heart, soul, cellular memory and other dimensional aspects of you. You absorb these while you rest or sleep and utilize the phrases, words, and tones to re-program through your consciousness. Simultaneously, these go straight to your unconscious programs for you. Soft, subtle and quiet is how they permeate your being. Some are short, for we don’t need all of the words anymore. Frequencies travel through the tones and sounds and activator words. Some are longer for a visual journey to take you through seeing from within.

These activations bring forth that which you seek to know and understand. Hidden deep inside of you are keys and codes of the entire universe and beyond. Each time you make that choice to embrace, release, commit… you open up a portal to walk through it. It’s beyond the beliefs of fear, the stories and the untruths that we “thought” were real. Now it’s time for all to choose their realities and honor what is true from within.

This dedication alone will catapult you on your own Awakening and Ascension Journey here. Expanding your consciousness allows you access into multiple dimensions. We simplify the process and go straight to the activation of your light. We unify the terms, the words, the separated belief systems to bring them together to as one.

You hold an immense amount of power, are an unlimited being full of love and span across multiple dimensions, realities, parallels and timelines. In order to BE this unlimited being, you unify all of these existences, beliefs, realities, identities, parallels and timelines into this one here.

Meant to be absorbed, these are a higher frequency than the human aspect and may cause you to sleep. Please honor sleep where called, to allow for integration of these higher light frequencies within.

~ Aloha Nui Loa for your presence and embracing YOU, which is necessary part as part of being in-service and assists us in fulfilling our purposes/missions here. ♥

9 Quantum Light Activations in MP3 Format

This is a compilation of Quantum Light Frequency Activations recorded to assist you in REMEMBERING again. Each activation will speak to a space inside of you, assisting you in reclaiming that which you have forgotten in order to bring your magnificent and abundant you forth here. Some subtle, some profound, some never understood, new awarenesses are activated for you to see, experience and utilize in re-creating your NEW Earth realities here. These will make ALL that has been hidden within more visible, including old programs and beliefs. This will give you the ability to re-program yourself and release that which is no longer true. You must see it first if you desire to fully transcend it from within. As you do, you will achieve a greater connection as SOURCE. All emerges as energy, allowing you to BECOME who you truly are again. Come to experience more peace as you release and unify inside. You can activate more light each time you listen!

Quantum Light Activation 1:
Holding a Frequency for The Embodiment of Light-Reforming Matter From the Inside

This is to activate your own inner vision to see how matter is truly formed. It takes you through how a hologram is created and reshapes as you/we hold more light! You will SEE HOW all shapeshifts as a projection inside of you. (Recording length 31:10)

Quantum Light Activation 2:
I’m Not Here to Forgive, I’m Here to Let Go & BE Free & BE Love Again

I am sorry, please forgive me and I “need to forgive” are part of the dualistic human mindset (program) of “someone did something wrong”. This activates you by giving you the keys to unlocking those prison doors to freedom again from within. (Recording length 12:30)

Quantum Light Activation 3:
Making The Invisible Visible To See & Release Through Love

In order to transcend it, we have to recognize it so that we can release the resistance and it with greater ease. Higher Inner Vision is a natural way of being, yet practicing is required when we don’t know how to activate or utilize it. Vision gives us choice and choice is an opportUNITY to change our entire reality from within. (Recorded length 6:12)

Quantum Light Activation 4:
Releasing All Contracts & ReWriting All New

Soul contracts are a huge part of this journey and utilizing these is KEY. Activate the awareness and ability to see through soul contracts and change them if you desire! You have these abilities and power(s) inside. (Recording length 6:20)

Quantum Light Activation 5:
Clearing Timelines In Your Sleep

Sleep is the most magnificent way to “work” here. We can bypass so much human experience stuff now! We get to clear and jump timelines without our mind needing to be involved at all. WE use the sleep state for us! This will activate these “knowledge codes” so that you can consciously be clearing and jumping at-will! (Recording length 13:56)

Quantum Light Activation 6:
BEing In-Service: Reprogramming Lack & Self-Judgment- Becoming Angels & Guides Again

Every one of us as Light Workers/Weavers, Light Activators, Light Holders, and Light BEings held lack and self-judgment (all energies) within our human structure and cellular memory. WE came here to transcend this so that we could be in-service to humanity here. With this activation, YOU re-program and activate your higher light frequencies for embodiment here! (Recording length 7:15)

Quantum Light Activation 7:
Activating 5th Dimension & Higher Realm Frequencies From Within with Exercises

This entire journey is expanding, recognizing, seeing, choosing and practicing what we have forgotten and was hidden deep within our own programming inside. This activates your higher light and provides a couple of exercises for you to implement into your moments to practice for REMEMBERING again! (Recording length 9:35)

Quantum Light Activation 8:
I Activate My Abundance Frequency Within Me
Everything is a frequency. Everything is inside. You activate it yourself by transmitting higher light. This practice will assist you in bringing forth your abundant you. You expand into abundance again and it comes forth in response to you! You become a programmer! (Recording length 11:12)

Quantum Light Activation 9:
You Are LOVE Pure & Simple-Letting Go of All That Is Not You

As you REMEMBER this fully, your entire reality will change. Love, fun, magic and playing returns. You radiate out, no longer seeking this from anyone else. Loving you is the biggest gift you will ever give yourself. As YOU emerge and you affect everyone and everything by just sharing your Divine Essence with everyone else. (Recording length 12:01)

Digital PDF Book:
Awakening To Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness

You will want to read this to receive the higher frequencies of light and gain simplified understandings of the overall Ascension Process here. It is meant as an overview and to introduce one and shift the old human perceptions into how all truly came to be, what things really are and open a portal, a gateway into you connecting with your own soul and higher self aspect for embodiment in the physical here. (33 pages)

Digital PDF Book:
Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering
Awakening & Ascension Guide Book

This is a comprehensive simplified guide book to assist you in REMEMBERING your way BACK to the 5th Dimension from inside of you. It will assist you in reclaiming your power and transcending old programmed beliefs of fear, lack, blame, shame, guilt, not good enough, judgment and more. It explains how to understand, transmit, transmute and transform old programs so that you can re-program your own reality AS SOURCE and CREATOR again. Come to understand the purpose of confusion, anger, tears, fear, loss of identities and memories, sleep, lucid dreaming and more. This book speaks directly to your higher self, multi-dimensional aspects and your soul. This is a must have for every awakening being here. (358 pages)

A 3-Hour Part Live/Part Recorded Special Event Audio Session

In this very special session, we start live to discuss, answer questions, assist, guide and activate in light! The 2nd half of this will provide a recorded journey for you to experience perfectly just for you! We shall take you through a holographic journey into other dimensions to assist you with opening up and seeing from the inside for the purpose of bringing vibrational NEW Earth further into the dimension you live in. All from within. Join us live or via replay to activate and listen at your convenience. The ability to relax and/or sleep during the 2nd half is necessary for the journey activation part. Live participants are limited to 100 max.

recorded Monday, December 28th

Item 3: Online Healing Retreat ~

~ Ascension Activations of Light ~
Intentional Quantum Realities
Immediate MP3 Download – 3 hours

Online Healing Retreat Description:
Immediate MP3 Download

Ascension Activations of Light with Lisa Transcendence Brown.

Every reality moves at the frequency and speed that we transmit from within. The frequency of the heart transmits “faster” than that of the slow-thinking-limited-human-mind”. As one UNIFIES their heart and their mind at the same frequency, the ability to span multiple dimensions and actually intentionally AFFECT and eventually MASTER REALITIES is something we all have the capability of. In this Healing Retreat, we will discuss HOW to understand, how to bypass the “separation of time”, which is a human creation held within. We will activate your own knowledge and that which you already hold. We will also be providing a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ACTIVATION that you can listen to and sleep to integrate and absorb. T his entire program is light encoded and transmits at such a high frequency you may feel “high” as you raise instantly, which may cause you to need to sleep. This is normal when one is activated in light. Allow for sleep and drink more water to assist with the energy that will be activated to move through your body as well. This IS a LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION as well. Join us and get ready to expand! ♥

Please join me in this sacred event Online Healing Retreat Ascension Activations. All have come here to “Remember” on their journey of Reawakening to that which has been veiled within the human mind. Simultaneously, the human sheds all and completely transforms energetically, to integrate into a BEing that goes BEyond human. A process of emergence, activation, integration, re-evolving, back into that which has been forgotten. A journey of light expansion from within; a cosmic connection that is reached through the heart. This even answers those unanswered questions that do not exist in the physical. We translate higher realm world energies here, from within.

Bonus: Light Encoded Mp3 Frequency Activation: “Intentional Quantum Realities” This is meant for you to relax/sleep to in order to absorb and integrate these higher light frequencies that are activated with this. Focused on activating what you already know, this will take you on a journey within, into expansion and REMEMBERING yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Higher-Self-Light-Being again.


Item 4: Online Healing Retreat ~

~ Sacred Ascension & Mastering Multidimensionality ~
Master Class Series
In MP3 Downloads

Online Healing Retreat Master Class:
~ Sacred Ascension & Mastering Multidimensionality ~

Online Healing Retreat Description:
3 MP3 Downloads – over 11 hours

A 3-Part Online Healing Retreat Master Class Series with potent activations for DNA re-programming and quantum existence. A course for Ascension and Self-Empowerment! This is a 3 session series over 6 hours long of course study PLUS additional MP3 downloads of Light Activations to use repeatedly.


This is a light-encoded comprehensive 6-hour interactive course focused on providing simplified tools for navigating the vast journey of Ascension and Multi-Dimensionality. This is an experience of opening our hearts and minds, and a continual process of letting go, while merging multiple aspects and versions of who we are along with realities that can become confusing and bizarre along the way. We explain that which makes no sense to our human aspect, yet totally does to us inside. WE know this, we get this, yet we have to go beyond typical, logical, and personal judgement. By doing so, we take responsibility for our own expansion journey, embodiment of light and multiple higher self aspects by upgrading our physical, mental and emotional bodies to BEcome pure love again. We’ve bypassed previous limits and obliterated the boxes of the 3rd & 4th Dimensional matrix’s. They do not exist anymore. It’s our belief and participation that keep re-creating the gridwork that holds this in place. WE work with internal veils and structures to understand and go beyond them to live fully, completely, happy and pure again. WE work with Christ/Unity Consciousness to unify all as one again.

We talk about everything. We stretch the limits, untwist the mind and re-twist it until it works in conjunction with our heart. WE CREATE realities. Why? Just because WE can. WE break the barriers of space and time, by simply bending the human mind.

If you are ready to embrace you, freedom, peace and activate the next phase of your purpose/mission here, join us for this journey of MASTERY and RE-EMPOWERMENT through REMEMBERING together again.


We will explain human, why things occur, how we chose and programmed our realities (individual and collective), why we feel/felt so much, why the head is so strong, where lack comes from and manifests in our reality, remembering it’s not personal, others as triggers/activators, using your outside world as a tool. understanding why you are not here to forgive but to let go, the necessity of sleep, nurturing and nature, seeing how expanding our perceptions allows us to be free, understanding there is nothing wrong with us and that we are not the only one, transcending limiting and dis-empowering beliefs, letting go of control and the need to know, the “bi-polar effect”, amnesia between the dimensions, and connecting the dots and putting the puzzle pieces together.


The “Sybil Effect”, the Psychedelic experience of first seeing seeing in multiple dimensions, the merging of multiple versions of you in your physical body (embodiment of light), sleeping to upgrade and anchor the lucid dream here, the human body transformation into Solar Star-LightBody Crystalline form, DNA activation and re-programming, open communication with/as your higher self, how everyone has to pull away, utilizing the sleep state to access other dimensions and calling them forth here, Quantum timeline collapsing & jumping, recognizing this when it occurs, how portals work, how saying no is necessary, questioning our sanity along the way, embracing your imagination & roll around and play!


“The Energy of ______” (we are going to cover many), recognizing separation from self as SOURCE, Unification of all bodies into light, the power of words and actions and how utterly important they are, understanding how physical matter is formed based upon our own transmissions, frequencies and energy held within, how one’s beliefs solidifies the hologram, creating your own tools, seeing the gifts, calling forth the magic, and remembering abundance again, becoming a NEW Earth transmitter as a Quantum Light BEing from within.

Item 5: 25 MP3 Light Quotient Activations

These are Light Encoded Frequency Activations to assist you in REMEMBERING more, raising your own vibrational frequency and embodiment of higher light quotients. Sleep and clean water is recommended during/after for ease with integration. Each has a different purpose to assist you on expanding for your journey here. Aloha! ♥

  • A Complete Wiping of the Template
  • Activating the Belief Frequency, Ancient Portals & Magical Realm from Within
  • Clearing Ancient Energies
  • Clearing Old Beliefs and Limitations
  • Collective Reality of the Illusion and Clearing
  •  Crystalline HUman Star BEing DNA Frequency Activation
  • Dark & Light, Individual & Collective Were Your Creation
  •  Emerging From The Fog
  • Energetic Alchemic Creation
  •  Erase and Replace Energetically Your Forgotten Reality
  • Evolution of a HUman Star BEing
  • Experience NEW Earth AS Your Master Self Again
  • Hearing and Feeling Vibrationally Your Invisible Reality Recording Length 00:05:07
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride to Freedom Inside
  • Human is the Lower Realms
  • LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualization (Part 1)
  • LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualization (Part 2)
  • LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualization (Part 3)
  • Portals: One No Longer Has To Wait
  • Reminder: In Present Moment, I AM a MASTER
  • What is fear?
  • You Hold the Key to Your New Reality
  • Your Land of the Forgotten is NOW Visible
    – LeMUria (MU) Frequency Activation (09:23)
    – Complete Reconstruction of the External NOW Visible Externally from Within (05:14)

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