Quantum Timeline Jumping & Collapse: Unconscious to Intentional

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Quantum Timeline Jumping & Collapse: Unconscious to Intentional
(Downloadable MP3 Course + Online Healing Retreat)

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Downloadable Course Audio MP3: 3 hours & 47 minutes.
Recorded live with a group of participants on March 25, 2017.

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Multi-Dimensional embodiment is challenging to our human aspect. Realities constantly changing & shifting, speeding up, slowing down, flip-flopping all over the place until we get the hang of traveling through Stargates and timeline jumping.

Catapulting = Quantum. All over the place = Quantum. Super mega fast = Quantum. Huge reality adjustments = Quantum. Bizarre = Quantum. Rapid Release = Quantum. Challenging = Quantum. Magical = Quantum. Everything = Quantum, we just don’t realize it in the beginning.

When we first start to awaken, it’s as a human, where our soul/spirit has awoken inside of our body (but we don’t fully understand this yet) and opening up to a higher (self) existence begins too. As we embrace our Spirit/Soul journey of higher consciousness expansion, we awaken as multi-dimensionals too. Embodiment is an evolution and continual transition phases from carbon-based human to Universal/Cosmic higher selves spanning galaxies and beyond, while transcending all things human-ego-aspect within ourselves. Our fixed-reality-linear programmed human aspect does not do well with Quantum, for realities are not fixed. Time/lines/realities collapse and realities start to shift. Inside and outside, as both are the same. As we anchor light inside of us our template that held time completely changes. The higher we vibrate overall, the less time exists until it completely collapses into an ENERGETIC FIELD/SPACE where we function from Zero Point, across dimensions & timelines as a Quantum Light Being, instead of linearly like before. We find ourselves in a vibrational existence that is no longer bound by human separation of time. Every reality that collapses is unifying for us, so that we can move into a higher vibrational conscious reality faster, yet our human aspect is not always aware of this. A collapse of timelines (realities) opens portals to other/alternate realities, new opportunities and moves us further into that which is more aligned with our Soul’s purposes and Galactic missions here. As humans, we don’t have access to how all of this works. Understanding how to maneuver, navigate, identify and shift easily, minimizes those abrupt awakenings/landings, those realities that have to shock us awake, keep the physical from going haywire while we just try to hold on, as we have to choose to quickly let go to not be drug down with it…..

Earth went Super Quantum and so did we. Being unaware of this will keep one in a confused and chaotic state. This is a process of understanding, applying new tools to a Quantum Existence and our ability to jump from realities/timelines easier, without the harshness of unconscious collapse because we didn’t want to listen, see, know and do.

This Light Encoded information is to assist with understanding processes and how to maneuver with greater ease. Navigating the “Universal Obstacle Course” as well as the “ping-pong effect” (my words) of Quantum Realities is Mastery within itself. We discuss how to recognize old timelines to intentionally collapse in order to move into new ones faster for you too!

This is a recorded interactive almost 4 hour workshop/program with group participant discussion, available via MP3 download.

This is a starter course to assist with expansion into your next phase of your own Quantum Evolutionary Embodiment Journey here.

Discussion Points/Topics:

  • How to understand, identify and flow with timeline shifts as they occur
  • Intentional collapse vs. unconscious chaotic ones
  • Choosing vibrational timelines and parallels
  • Releasing old timelines with greater ease
  • How to activate portals to open, both energetically and physically
  • Quantum Hopping & “The Ping Pong Effect”
  • Expanding into infinite dimensions and then contracting back down “into human” again to expand back again
  • Moving from linear to non-linear realities
  • Sooooo very much more!

*All courses are light encoded and activate your multi-dimensional consciousness for further expansion. Your human aspect will often not be aware of anything, unless you are completely tuned in and have learned how to read your own encodements. Just be patient, and apply the tools/information on a regular basis. Often gradual, this is in no way linear at all. Just by attending, you have received/been activated!

Special Note: Registration for this course is accomplished by you separately through Lisa’s Mastery School, once you’ve purchased from Quantum Conversations and received your receipt/access instructions. Just follow the instruction to complete and get started! Some Course Testimonials & Reviews

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Online Healing Retreat:


Sunday, February 11

In this inner-active 2 hour (3 if we go over, as usual) Quantum Discussion, Lisa will provide you with clear tools to utilize and implement in order to further open your own inner channels to higher dimensional/higher vibrational knowledge and realities for you to anchor in your physical reality here.

Special Offer: $33, Valued at $111

An entire Light Encoded exchange, together we will simplify the process of accessing alternate dimensions and timelines and processes for HOW to understand, use this information, open portals that grow from energetic ones emanating from your heart to ones you actually walk through in order to actually EXPERIENCE your NEW Earth realities faster. We will discuss the perceived perpetual blocks and how to bypass and dissolve these with greater ease. Lisa will provide you with KEY CODES that collapse old matrix programming the moment you speak them.

We will discuss many of the process for how Multi-Dimensionality works, as there are intricacies that are SOOOO simple, they blow our human minds.

Understanding how our physical bodies fit into this whole thing, how our physical reality correlates and is a RESPONSE, and how to expand our consciousness BEYOND the physical in order to SEE what was not visible before gives us POWER we didn’t not have before.

We will have open discussion throughout, to answer YOUR QUESTIONS, so that you can shift easier, get more clarity and understand easier in order to get started immediately!

What you will receive:

  • A brand new Quantum Crystalline Light Body Activation written by Lisa just for this!
  • Simple tools to implement for greater ease!
  • How to open portals/channels to your infinite Universal Higher Selves
  • How to shift from weak victim-mode, non-believing or hesitancy to NEW POWER in doing this
  • What to do with the information once you have it
  • How different phases and processes work
  • Replace 1 way communication with 2-way communication
  • How to read your own matrix programs and some simple decoding tools you can use too
  • How to stop trying so hard and do all of this with great ease!
  • So very much more!

So, bring yourself, your readiness and we shall rock it out as love! How exciting! More for everyone! WE LOVE this! So much fun! See you there!

Some Course Testimonials & Reviews

Awesome! I have been listening to Lisa’s information for over a year. I wonder if this course would give me any more additional information. The answer was YES!! If you have never listened to Lisa or are a long time follower of her work, this course is going to Quantum push you to the next level! Buy it!!!

~ Annette Shaner

Thank you Lisa! This call was fabulous! Loved being able to hear everyone’s questions and she sharing. Some of the questions asked were ones I had over the past few years but had forgotten about. Lol! I am excited for the next adventure you take us into. Thank you so much for doing all you do to help us understand.

~ Heidi Ross

Thank you for amazing guidance in such super key subject! This course clarified the concepts of timeline jumping and collapse with crystal clear clarity. As a matter of fact Just after the course I experienced having awareness of timeline jumping. I take care of my orchids so they keep reblooming. I looked at couple of vases and thought to myself that it would be so nice of they bloomed soon. Literally only few days later I was very surprised when I saw that both cases had grown flower buds… I jumped timelines and it was clear by the physical evidence of the orchid blooms, and apparent changes in the quality of what was happening in my life. I highly recommend this course and any of Lisa’s courses. I’ve been working with her for couple of years now and can attest that her guidance does help me grow, quantum style, in my awakening and Ascension journey! Mahalo Nui Loa!

~ Rose Prem Sarit

Intense! This course was so intense I could barely keep up with the info, but the cool thing was I didn’t need to. The realizations I had after the course keep flowing and I didn’t have to do anything other than be present as much as possible every day as I went about my day.

~ Lola Young

Another amazing class by Lisa! To be able to finally understand timeline jumping! Like always Lisa is helpful and giving in the sheer number of information that she shares. With everything that is happening in life right now, it is a very important class , teaching how to get there, where we want to be.

~ nadege pinardon

Great help for going through our ‘growing pains’. This course has been a great help for me. It has been very tough for me to go through each timeline jump as my human has been resisting a lot; trying to hold on and thus creating lots of fear. Through this course you get many tools and tips on how to go through all of these huge timeline jumps and collapses that we currently experience. This is very important because this jumping will probably be part of the rest of our lives; we keep on going more and more into freedom and love through these jumps. For anyone that feels resistance with the jumps; this is an absolute eye and heart opener

~ Love, Simon da Soursa

Wonderful! This course provided many answers and much needed guidance. I feel more expanded, present, and more aligned with my high heart space, and soul. I feel more confident to navigate timelines, and I am excited about more awesome adventures. Thank you Lisa!

~ Susan Williams

An Excellent, Must-Take Course! Lisa does an amazing job explaining how quantum timeline jumping and collapse works. Her words are direct and to the point, cutting through the fog and bringing clarity. You feel every word and every thought coming directly from her heart. I highly recommend this course to everyone, no matter where on your journey you may be.

~ Scharlene Robson

Empowering! Wow what an amazing course!! I learned so much and my life has changed so much already just after a couple of days! So many lingering questions have been answered, and I understand the “why” of so many things much more now. Very empowering course! Thank you!!

~ Meagan Schlegel