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Ascension Healing & Activation Series

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Audio Mp3s

Special Offer Includes:

Item 1. Ascension Healing & Activation Series for People and Animals, Valued at $599

This is a series of 7 45-60 minute recordings of ‘live’ energy healing that you listen to at your leisure ~ from wherever you are, whenever you want, as often as you want.

These 7 Day Healing & Activation Series will each focus on different and unique areas of the human experience. Each series is designed to heal, resolve and transform the issues in the 3D Reality and upshift and realign your Divine Energetic matrix into its original Divine Blueprint.

Through the various 7 Day Healing & Activation Series, the LIVE Sacred Energy Activations and Transformational Healing Energy will assist you to raise your consciousness, expand your awareness and integrate more light into your physical form, allowing you to more effectively navigate The Ascension and Awakening Process and most importantly, fully activate your dormant potential, integrate with your High Self~God Self, as well as ascend into the New Earth~5D Reality.


Each call will also include our beloved animal companions and the Animal Kingdom on Planet Earth (as applicable) so they will also receive the gifts associated with the Healing & Activation Series.


Ongoing participation will also accelerate the benefits and results you experience.


During this particular series, the focus will be on Aligning YOURSELF with the EMBODIMENT of LOVE, JOY n BLISS.


Receive this series of downloads, activations and attunements specifically designed to activate and awaken the cellular codes within YOU for Self and Other LOVE, JoY ‘n Bliss…and align with LOVE, JoY ‘n Bliss & attune to these energies & frequencies so you FULLY embody them.



After only 7 short weeks of only about 45 minutes per week, YOU WILL BE and FEEL TRULY TRANSFORMED….Mind, body, heart, soul and spirit….

EVERY HUMAN NEEDS THESE Downloads, Uploads and Activations to ALIGN with the NEW 5D Reality…


EMBODY & TRANSFORM and ALIGN with SOURCE Consciousness and the new 5D Vibrations


Experience the Profound and Life Changing Results that Others are Already Receiving and Benefiting from!


7 DAY Activation Series Actual Product Mp3s:

Week #1: Introduction Speaking & Set Up for Success:

Week #1: 2nd mp3: Healing Energy:

Week #2: Recording #1: Talking & Teaching:

Week #2: Recording #2: Healing Energy:

Week #3: Recording #1 of 1:

Week #4: Recording #1 of 1:

Week #5 Recording #1 of 2:

Week #5 Recording #2 of 2:

Week #6: Recording #1 of 1:

Week #7: Recording #1 of 2:

Week #7: Recording #2 of 2:

Item 2. Lion’s Gate Speed Activations with Dormant DNA, Sacred Key Code and Star Code Markings Activations Call, August 2019, Valued at $100

Introduction to the Codes, Keys and Activations, 90 Minutes:

Mediation with Activations, 1 hour and 15 minutes:

Item 3. Post Eclipse Portal EXTRA Bonus Wrap Up Call to Navigate the Post Eclipse Ascension Timelines, Valued at $75

Item 4. Merging With Your High Self and Your I AM Presence, Valued at $75

This is a 20 minute introduction followed by a unique and separate mp3 with a potent 40 minute meditation to help you to literally call in and merge with your high self and your I AM Presence. Learn how to call in more of your full soul so that you can embody way beyond 10% of your potential (which is what the average human is currently embodying). In fact, you can embody your full soul and have and experience as much as 100% full soul embodiment.


Merging With Your High Self and Your I AM Presence Mp3s

Part 1, 25 Minutes:

Part 2, 50 Minutes:

Item 5. Vibrational Energy Healing & Meditation for People and Animals, Valued at $75

Learn all about how to use vibrational energy healing and meditation for you and your animals too during this 90 minute content rich class. This is a great call to expand what you already know about energy, vibration and applying 5th Dimensional energy for healing for people and animals. It is a content rich energy healing course in and of itself.

Vibrational Energy Healing & Meditation for People and Animals mp3, 1 hour and 45 minutes:

Item 6. Impromptu Vibrational Energy Healing Call, Valued at $75

This is 75 Minutes of vibrational energy healing and support to the Ascending Light body. Also geared towards animal companions; this potent and effective energy will assist you and your animals in navigating to, aligning with and anchoring into 5D.

Impromptu Live Vibrational Energy Healing Call mp3, 1 hour, 15 minutes:

Item 7. Self Love and Forgiveness Energy Healing for People and Animals Call, valued at $75:

This is a 75 minute live energy healing call for people and animals. It includes live energy healing for you and your animals plus a full meditation for all animals of humanity.

Self Love and Forgiveness Energy Healing Call mp3, 1 hour 10 minutes:

Item 8. Sacred Energy Healing Transmissions Calls for People and Animals, Valued at $100

This particular call includes sacred energy healing to assist you and your animal companions in remembering more of the highest truths, raising your own vibrational frequency, embodying the lightest and highest light. These energetic attunements are designed to allow your Spiritual transformation and Consciousness expansion to be easy, graceful, benevolent, effortless.

Part 1 ~ Live Class Discussion, Coaching, Q&A, 1 hour and 15 minutes

Part 2 ~ Healing Meditation for People and Animals, 50 minutes

Item 9. Sacred Government Healing and Alignment Call, Valued at $50

Lightworkers, Starseeds, Way Showers and Change Agents around the world take part in this incredibly potent call to elevate humanity and shift all beings into higher dimensional alignment as well as transform the collective consciousness into 5D.

Learn potent and powerful tools to help all of Humanity as a Lightworker.

Full Call, 60 minutes

Item 10. New Year , New You! Create Your Best Life Ever Meditation, Valued at $50

This is a sweet and lovely 40 minute meditation to help you to really manifest and fulfill your dreams, goals and desires for 2019 and beyond so that you can live your best life ever!

New Year, New You! Consciously Create and Align with Your Best Life Ever!, 40 minute meditation, 40 Minutes:


BONUS Item 11.

60 Minute LIVE Group Coaching Call with Lori, Valued at $333

Scheduled for After the completion of Lauren Galey’s Summit so all purchasers will be able to get on the live call. All purchasers will be emailed with the live call access information at the end of Lauren’s Summit

YES! I want Lori’s Special Offer

Lori Ann Spagna is perhaps most well known for her recognition of the deep and intimate animal~human connection in terms of how animals mirror their human’s behavioral, physical and emotional tendencies and for her programs that focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.

Lori’s holistic approach is not simply about and/or for the animal, but also for the humans in their world and for the deep bond between them. Moreover, Lori’s service provides to the humans that which their animal friend and the greater animal kingdom wants and desires for all humans.

Lori’s tools and methods focus on the interconnectedness of all beings, and the recognition that everyone and everything is connected, and so, in solving so many of the animal related issues, problems and illnesses, she is also solving the human’s issues, problems and illnesses in the home. This is what is so radically different about Lori’s work.

Lori is also serves an Ascension Guide who assists others to awaken to their alignment with their true Divine Source and align with and anchor into the 5th Dimensional Reality ~ a brand new paradigm of existence for all beings on Earth ~ so we can all live our best life ever.

As this global and universal paradigm shift continues to unfold, people and animals need support, guidance, assistance and clarity regarding these dramatic changes they are experiencing. This is part of Lori’s role and service as an Ascension Guide and Lightworker.