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Dormant DNA, DNA Activations, Sacred Key Codes, Star Code Markings, Ascension
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Special Offer Includes:

This package contains a total of 7 different and entirely unique Speed Activation, Sacred Key Code and Dormant DNA Activation Calls, totally over 7 hours of actual Sacred Key Code Activations.

In addition, there are 4 additional extra bonus calls with over 10 hours of additional content to assist humans and animals in this evolutionary process well underway on planet earth – these calls will both enlighten, educate and entertain as highly advanced information and energy from the non physical realm is translated into easily understandable, digestible and applicable information, knowledge and wisdom.

All together, this package has over 22 hours of highly advanced, completely original and relevant evolutionary content not available any where else.

Sacred Key Code activations for activating the ascending body of light/light body for the 5D reality and timeline.  These key codes are stored in our DNA and our dormant blueprint which must be activated to align with 5D.

All the Sacred Key Codes are fully explained during the call as is the complete information regarding the Lion’s Gate Portal and other significant portals and gateways, which happen every year to assist us during these Ascension timelines.

There are many, many additional activations included in the calls which are not listed below; all Sacred Key Code Activations are fully explained on the call recordings before they are provided.

Some of the Solar Code Activations In This Call Include:

  • 1-1-Portal Codes
  • Star Tetrahedron
  • Double Star Tetrahedron
  • Still Point Zero POINT Activation
  • Anchor Point Activation
  • Schumann Resonance Activation – from mother earth -Gaia
  • Earth Star Code Activation
  • Councils of Light Activation
  • Soul Star Living Light Codes
  • Photon Belt & Heliosphere Activation
  • Stellar Gateway Activation
  • Universal Gateway Activation
  • Cosmic Gateway Activation
  • Aquamarine Living Light Codes
  • Double Rainbow Ray of Living Light Codes Visionary Consciousness
  • Codes of Eternal Rejuvenation
  • Codes of Timelessness
  • Codes of Self Regeneration
  • Codes of Immortality
  • Codes of Eternity
  • Codes of Infinity
  • Green Tara’s Activation
  • Codes of The {Amplified} Emerald Ray
  • Codes of The {Amplified} Magenta Ray
  • Codes of The Silver Ray
  • Codes of The Golden Ray & The Golden Christ Ray
  • Codes of The Diamond Ray
  • Codes of The Platinum Ray
  • Codes of The Rainbow Ray
  • Solaris Activation
  • The Crystalline Codes
  • The Codes of Liberation & Sovereignty
  • Krystal Codes
  • Diamond Codes
  • Emerald Codes
  • Magenta Codes
  • Plasma Light Codes
  • Merkaba Body Activation
  • Melchizedek Order Activation
  • Flower of Life Activation

PLUS MANY, Many other additional Star Code. & Sacred Key Code Activations

Package Item Mp3s:

1. Speed Activations ~ Sacred Key Code Activations for The New Year, Valued at $99

2. 11-11-11 (2018) ~ November 11th 2018 ~ Triple Portal Star Gate Speed Activations Call, Valued at $99

3. Lion’s Gate Portal, 8-8-18, Valued at $99

4. Speed Activations & Sacred Key Code Activations, May 2018, Valued at $99

5. Speed Activations Stargate Portal Call, 12/12 to 12/21 2017, Valued at $99

6. Lion’s Gate Speed Activations Call, August 8th, 2017, Valued at $99

7. Speed Activations & Sacred Key Code Activations, March 2017, Valued at $99


8. Communicating with Crystals, The Crystal Grids & The Crystal Grid Network, Valued at $99

9. Intro to Exiting The Matrix: ‘Vibing Out’ of 3D and Into 5D, Valued at $75

2 Hour Mini-Course and Intro to Exiting The Matrix: Anchoring Into and Aligning with The 5th Dimensional Reality.  Learn what it really means to live in 5D without thinking you are crazy or losing your mind.  Get the most cutting edge information which will break you free from mind control and the delusions of 3rd Dimensional reality during this insightful and extremely progressive intro course.  This radically transformational information is provided in grounded, easy to understand ways to help you navigate your way out of the Matrix of 3D Dimensional Illusion.


10. ’Vibing Out’ of 3D and Aligning with and Anchoring Into 5D, Valued at $75

This is a follow up class to Exiting The Matrix Intro as described above.  This call will help you to better understand and navigate the 3D dimensional reality, the 4th Dimensional Reality and The 5th Dimensional Reality.  It will help you to ‘level up’ so that you can really anchor into 5D and beyond.

‘Vibing Out’ of 3D and  Aligning with and Anchoring Into 5D mp3s:

11. Cosmic Solar Gateway Healing Call, Valued at $75

Brand new content: Ascension coaching, guidance and support for the current shifting of realities from 3D into 5D.  Live Energy Healing for the Ascending body and for activating and awakening the light body to align with 5D.

Cosmic Solar Gateway Healing Call mp3s



Lori Ann Spagna is perhaps most well known for her recognition of the deep and intimate animal~human connection in terms of how animals mirror their human’s behavioral, physical and emotional tendencies and for her programs that focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.

Lori’s holistic approach is not simply about and/or for the animal, but also for the humans in their world and for the deep bond between them. Moreover, Lori’s service provides to the humans that which their animal friend and the greater animal kingdom wants and desires for all humans.

Lori’s tools and methods focus on the interconnectedness of all beings, and the recognition that everyone and everything is connected, and so, in solving so many of the animal related issues, problems and illnesses, she is also solving the human’s issues, problems and illnesses in the home. This is what is so radically different about Lori’s work.

Lori is also serves an Ascension Guide who assists others to awaken to their alignment with their true Divine Source and align with and anchor into the 5th Dimensional Reality ~ a brand new paradigm of existence for all beings on Earth ~ so we can all live our best life ever.

As this global and universal paradigm shift continues to unfold, people and animals need support, guidance, assistance and clarity regarding these dramatic changes they are experiencing. This is part of Lori’s role and service as an Ascension Guide and Lightworker.

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