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The Birth of the Golden Race & The Resurrection of Humanity

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The Birth of the Golden Age Programs

11 MP3 and Videos

This Special Offer Includes:

This package contains a total of different and entirely 11 different and unique items, all totaling approximately 20 hours of actual content in the form of video and audio classes, tutorials, healings, meditations and activations. In addition, it also includes two ebooks in pdf formats.

All of the content is designed to assist humans and animals in this evolutionary process well underway on planet earth – these calls will both enlighten, educate and entertain as highly advanced information and energy from the non physical realm is translated into easily understandable, digestible and applicable information, knowledge and wisdom.

The Content, Information and Activations are light encoded frequencies of energy, vibration and consciousness gifted to Lori from the Higher Realms as part of her original divine service and contribution to HUmanity.

These Activations and Codes are UNIQUE to her Star Family lineage, but they are available for ALL of HUmanity as part of the UNIFIED Star Family Races who are assisting to awaken and evolve the ENTIRE COLLECTIVE on planet earth as we ascend into The 5th Dimensional Reality and beyond. All together, this package has over hours of highly advanced, completely original and relevant evolutionary content not available any where else.

1. 4-4-4 Triple Portal Dormant DNA Activations Call with a Focus on the 13th Strand of DNA, valued at $222+
Focused on healing HUmanity and there will be tons of DIVINE GUIDANCE and DIRECT CHANNELED information and guidance from our team in the non physical, including our Angels, Ascended Masters, Divine Goddesses, Star Family Races, Mother Earth~Gaia, The Animal Kingdom and Our Sub Collective’s Higher Consciousness, to help support us and to help us navigate these very challenging times.

Simply put: This is one of the MOST PROGRESSIVE and ADVANCED Full Coverage Videos of The Ascension Timelines, The Star Family Lineages, DNA and The Sacred Key Codes; you will love it.

Mp3 Recording #1, with Sacred Key Code & Star Code Marking Explanations,
Approximately 1.5 hours:

Mp3 Recording #2, with healing meditation and activations, Approximately 2 hours:

2. Full Course: Reclaiming Your True, Divine, Authentic Power and Potency 5 hour private video tutorial class, valued at $500

Pre-Call Set Up for Success, Approximately 15 minutes:

The Reclamation of Personal Power as It Relates to Ascension & Evolution, Approximately 15+ minutes,

The Key Areas of Life where We Give Our Power Away and The Four Areas for Reclaiming Our Power and Potency, Approximately 45 Minutes:

The Hidden Obstacles to Ascension & Reclaiming Our Power, Approximately 30+ Minutes:

And a Quick PS, Approximately 5 Minutes:

2020 & Repeating Patterns ~ Cycles of Repetition, Including Numerology, Astrology and Past ~ Parallel Lifetimes, Approximately 20+ Minutes:

Full 100 page ebook which goes with the course:

Class #1: Reclaiming Your True Divine Authentic Power & Potency, Approximately 3 hours, 15 Minutes:

Class #2: Reclaiming Your True Divine Authentic Power & Potency, Approximately 4 hours:

Class #3, Reclaiming Your True,Divine, Authentic Power & Potency ~ Your 8 Great Powers, Approximately 1 hour:

3. Meditation: Reclaiming Your Power Through The Experience of Forgiveness,Transmutation, Transformation, Completion & Resolution, Approximately 20 minutes, valued at $50

4. Meditation: Reclaiming Your GOD Sovereign Being and The Infinite Nature of Your Being, Approximately 15+ minutes, valued at $50

5. Meditation: Accessing Other Dimensions of Reality, Approximately 25 Minutes, valued at $50:

6. Calling Back Our Soul Fragments for Unification, Approximately 25 Minutes, valued at $50:

7. Ebook: The 8 Things We All MUST Adopt to Align with and Live in The New Paradigm, valued at $25:

8. Coupon Code: SAVE $100 on The Illumination and Awakening of Humanity and The Birth of The 3rd Wave of Ascension, valued at $100:


9. Guidance & Sacred Energy Healing Webinar for CoVid, valued at an additional $111+

Part 1, Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes:

Part 2, Sacred Energy Healing Meditation, approximately 1 hour:

10. Healing, Resolving, Channeled Guidance & Support for Transformation & Change Through This Transformational Time on Earth ~ Ascension aka, Healing & Guidance for HU~manity Through CoVid (For people and their animals too :), valued at $111+

Approximately 2 hours:


11. The Crystalline Realm, Arklantis, Ascension and The Star Family Races, 2 hour private video tutorial, valued at $111

Topics  Include:

  • The Consciousness of Crystals
  • Crystalline Kingdom and Their Role
  • The Christos and Christ Consciousness
  • The Star Family Races and The Crystal Record Keepers
  • Crystals as Record Keepers and Their Role in and with The Akashic Records
  • Crystals and Your DNA
  • Using Crystals to Activate DNA
  • The Role of Crystals as Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Record Keepers

Approximately 2 hours:

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What People Have to Say About...

I work in a busy acute hospital in the UK which has become completely overtaken by C-virus chaos this last week. I have held my power because of your fantastic teachings on Reclaiming Your Power. I have gone through the whole course again…I could not have held this ‘power; without your help. When I listened to the course today I had 2 huge realizations that suddenly hit me which I had missed before. FANTASTIC. Lori you are a gift to humanity!….. I just know that with your guidance I WILL GET THROUGH THIS and bring my two young children along with me. I have signed up for your next course and I am about to join your sacred membership. Lori, you have changed my life, I love you so much. Sending you so much love.
~ Justine

I recently bought your DNA activations and listened to most of them as well as participated in few live calls recently. The sense of peace and expansiveness that I feel during and after participating, and now more and more on a regular basis is unimaginable. It truly feels like heaven on earth. It’s interesting that my brain usually wants to grab onto something to fear or worry about and after doing the activations, I feel that those pathways have dissolved and there is just peace. It’s like my brain forgot how to worry. When you channel the star families and masters I feel like my heart lights up with a familiar sense of Home that is indescribable.
~ Allie

The call 4-4-4 was SO awesome! THANK YOU!!! I have been participating in the Speed Activation/DNA Activation calls for several years, I can’t tell you how much they have helped me and have transformed my life for the better. Even my family has started to notice the difference. I am becoming a new me because of you! Thank you!
~ Kerry

The energy and Information like a love bomb dropped in and cleared out the crap you didn’t even know you were carrying around. Wow! Lori, you’re amazing! Thank you! You Rock My World! ~ Janice