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Career Empowerment Meditation Playlist

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Career Empowerment Meditation Playlist

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Meditations + 60 Minute Call

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Option 1: Career Empowerment Meditation Playlist

This playlist includes three powerful meditations designed to help you re-program your mind and emotions for career success. Let go of fear and self-doubt and step into a new, fulfilling career that is aligned with your soul’s purpose. Titles include: Manifest Your Ideal Career, Setting An Intention For Your Job Search and Self-Confidence Boost.

Setting An Intention For Your Job Search

When you set an intention, you set a direction and every job search needs a direction. Until you have a clear picture of what you want, your job search hasn’t started. In this twenty-minute meditation, you’ll start your job search off with a powerful dose of positive energy and thoughtful intention that will dramatically improve your results. This meditation is a must for anyone looking for work and desiring faster results.

Manifest Your Ideal Career

Changing careers can be an overwhelming process. Many people worry that they will have to “start over” and settle for less. Others don’t know exactly what they want to do or what they are good at. This fifteen-minute meditation will help you gain clarity on your path and prepare you for the career transition process.

Self-Confidence Boost

Many people lack the confidence that it takes to be successful in life. They are afraid to speak in front of groups, ask for a raise or otherwise “put themselves out there.” In order for you to reach your potential, it’s critical for you to own your success, claim your value, and be your own advocate. This meditation is a brief, but intense dose of self-love that will supercharge your career and every area of your life

The Temples of Golden Light E-Book, the temples of golden light are a gift from source to rebalance Planet Earth with goddess energy and raise the vibration through ascension. As these are etheric temples, each may be visited during meditation, contemplation, or one’s sleep state for healing, relaxation, upliftment, inspiration, cellular renewal, and release of any blocks stopping you from moving forward. They are surrounded by the Rainbow Angels and overseen by three Goddesses, Lady Nada twin flame of Jesus Christ, Goddess Lathinda of Cosmic Universal Golden Light, and Goddess Jacinta, a Mayan Elder connected to nature and mother earths heart center.

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Option 2: Option 1 + Private 60-Min Career Discovery Call with Lorraine Rise

In addition to the Career Empowerment Playlist, take advantage of a 60-minute private Zoom call with Lorraine as your personal career coach. Her unique blend of practical and spiritual guidance will help you jumpstart your next career move. If you are lacking clarity or confidence in any area of your career, Lorraine can help you.

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What People Have To Say About Lorraine

I found Lorraine when I had hit rock bottom in my position and truly could not see a clear future because I was so clouded by my unhappiness. Lorraine’s coaching and mentoring not only helped me through that immediate situation but helped me to unlock some hidden desires and dreams, changing my perspective and career objectives altogether! Highly recommend Lorraine!!

— Tara, Director of Human Capital Management, Virginia


Lorraine was tremendously helpful while I was figuring out my career change plans. She asked the relevant questions and gave a lot of insight as to which types of positions to apply to and how to strategize my job search. Also, her resume services helped me address a 2+ year sabbatical I had taken for learning which was helpful in my job search. I highly recommend her career coaching services

— Sara, Software Developer, Virginia


Lorraine helped me to find my dream job after 5 years of searching on my own. She had the tools and advice to help me change my resume and my interviewing approach. She is amazing!

— Martha P., Education, Chicago, IL