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Step into Unity Consciousness Activations & Healing Frequencies

18 Mp3 Audio Activations & Mastery Empowerment Course

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These activations will open you to living your life in Unity Consciousness and Ascend with total ease! You will expand your capacity for Infinite Love, Activate your DNA and Merkaba Lightbodies, Learn how to channel the Healing Energies Christ Used to Heal, Learn What Your Purpose Is, Enhance Your Intuition, Connect with Your Lemurian Spirit Guide, Learn to Channel Sacred Geometry and Arcturian Healing Energies and so much more!!!

Item #1 Activate Your Infinite Love, Peace and Bliss MP3

Step into Infinite Bliss in Every Moment. Clear Your Blocks to Receiving and Giving Infinite Love All the Time. Experience and Continue to Live from Infinite Peace

Item #2 Activate Your Galactic Lightbody MP3

Activate Your Connection to the Power of the Galaxy. Connect Your Lightbody with the Power of the Galaxy. Clear Your Blocks to Oneness

​Item #3​​​​ Activate Your Christed Healing Energies MP3

Learn to Heal the Way Christ Healed. Activate Your Christ Eyes. Receive an Attunement to the Christ Healing Energies.

Item #4 Activate Your Light Codes of Ascension MP3

Activate the Ascension Light Codes in Your DNA. Activate Your Spiritual Gifts. Activate Your Infinite Ascension Blueprint.

Item #5 Activate Your Infinite Consciousness Connection MP3

Learn to Channel the Energy of Infinite Consciousness for Blessings and Healings. Feel Infinitely Connected in Every Moment. Create a Direct Line of Connection with Infinite Consciousness.

Item #6 Activate Your Unity Consciousness MP3

Experience Oneness with Everything in Infinite Consciousness. Clear Your Ego Blocks to Oneness. See Oneness in Everything.

Item #7 Lemurian Bliss and Love Attunement MP3

Upgrade Your Life to Have Bliss and Infinite Love as Your Natural State. Experience a Direct Infinite Love Transmission from the Lemurian Masters. Learn How to Radiate and Receive More Love Than You Ever Imagined Possible

Item #8 Lemurian Intuitive Abilities Activation MP3

Activate Your Intuitive Abilities. Learn How to Receive Messages from Your Guides. Connect with and Receive Wisdom from the Continent of Lemuria.

Item #9 Lemurian Guides Attunement MP3

Connect with and Receive Messages from Your Lemurian Guide. Receive a Lemurian Guide That Will Walk With You in Your Daily Life. Receive a Healing from Your Lemurian Guide.

Item #10 Lemurian Healing Energies Attunement MP3.

Learn to Channel the Healing Energies of Lemuria. Learn to Go into the Quantum State Instantly (a space beyond space and time). Upgrade Your Energy Systems and Body to Infinite Health.

Item #11 Lemurian DNA Activation MP3

Your DNA Light codes and Strands. Activate Your Immortality Codes. Increase Your Vital Energy.

Item #12 Lemurian Merkaba Activation MP3

Activate Your Merkaba Lightbody. Accelerate Your Ascension Process. Make the Jump into 5D.

Item #13 Pleiadian 5D Inner Sight and Intuition Activation MP3

Activate Your Ability to See Energy and Enhance Your Intuition. Activate Your Intuitive Abilities to Hear, Feel, Sense, Know, Taste and Smell Energy and Intuitive Messages. Enhance Your Internal Guidance Systems.Experience 5D Infinite Love from the Pleiades.

Item #14 Sirian 6D Sacred Geometry Activation MP3

Learn to Channel the Energies of Sacred Geometry for Healing. Connect with the Sacred Geometric Energies to Enhance Your Manifestation and Spiritual Gifts and Abilities.Activate New Grounding Pathways.

Item #15 Andromedan 7D Interdimensional Harmonic Upgrade MP3

Upgrade Your Energy Systems to Hold and Radiate More Light. Open Your Spiritual Abilities Even More.Step into Infinite Health.

Item #16 Orion 8D Intergalactic Rememberance of Your Place in This Universe MP3

Learn Why You Decided to Come to This Universe. Remember Your Sense of Purpose. Align Your Energy with the New Earth.

Item #17 Arcturian 9D Energy Healing Upgrade MP3

Learn Advanced Energy Healing Techniques for Changing Physical Things. Learn to Channel Arcturian Energies for Healing. Enhance Your Ability to Channel Energies for Healing.

Item #18 Lyran 11D Divine Feminine Integration MP3

Learn How to Expand into Infinite Receiving. Clear Your Blocks to Receiving. Receive the Light of Divine Feminine Energies.

BONUS Item: The Accelerated Light Healing Tools: RICH and RACE (PDF)

Learn to Clear your limiting beliefs in 10 seconds or less and Quantumly Manifest everything you desire with the RICH and RACE Tools of Accelerated Light Healing

BONUS ITEM: Mastery Empowerment Course with Macaya Miracle – 2 Hour Live Webinar of Activations

recorded Nov. 2019

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