Special Offer


Quantum Healing Messages & Tools

Personal Session – two sessions for the price of One!

Special Offer Includes:


Experience Two private sessions, back to back days, for the price of One!

We will schedule the same time for two days for shifting with ease and grace.

The session will include a second day, one hour call, to answer any questions that will arise after the first session.

No two sessions are alike.

On The first session you will clear inner grids and collapse any PAST timelines not in resonance to your personal goals. Quantum multidimensional tools will be shared to collapse timelines that evening and while you sleep.

The second session the next day will assist to anchor you to your new ascension timeline and help you gain further clarity so you can manifest your soul’s mission and live your Best Life Now!

Benefits of Two Day Session:

-Quickly Aligns personal Affirmations and provides clarity of individual work done up to now.

-Quickly releases all that is not in alignment.

-Assists in discerning personal timelines of ascension and releasing that which no longer serves you and The New Earth.

-“Q” Tools and Tips for further activating your personal DNA.

-Assists in understanding your intuitive spiritual gifts and powers.

-Discern your Multidimensional  relationships and how they affect you, how to move forward.

-Increase your multidimensional Language of Light so you can better communicate with your Light/Galactic Teams.

-Understand your inner/outer grids and prepare you for planetary gridwork if that is your calling.

-Attain Clarity in self-energy discernment and quantum physics so that you can master quantum jumping and quantum stasis in your life and live your Best Life Now, while helping to usher in the New Era of Peace on Earth.

-Develop new Quantum Healing Tools to assist you in assisting others.


I provide private sessions through Skype Video,which are each intuitively guided from Within to assist in your ascension process as I am an intuitive quantum healer and empath.

Together We create Sacred Space and join from our Hearts to communicate messages and affirmations from Source.

I assist in High Heart Chakra activations and soul communication with your Higher Self, so you can follow your Souls’s Passion.

I support you by giving you specific tools to assist you in Your journey as You connect further with your Heart, your Source.

I incorporate aromatherapy and angelic oracle card readings into my sessions. I have nine oracle decks and they all work together, yet are different energies, for a multidimensional message.

*Also, I will make a YouTube video answering a chosen topic to further assist you and others.

Here are Comments from Sessions with Maria

“Maria, thank you so much for our connection. I felt a knowing and was called to get in-touch with you.That intuitive gut-feeling gave me so much. I feel so blessed and grateful for our time together. The shifting has begun…  I truly loved and enjoyed all the spectrum of the information and deeper gifts/knowledge that came through. I wish you a wonderful blissful Christmas and a magical sparkling glittery Happy New Year. From your angel soul sister. Much love to you.” T. G.

“When I was visiting around Christmas time, Maria gave me one of her intuitive readings. She is very sensitive to energies and can read your auric field with ease. The use of cards and essential oils just adds to the experience. Maria is funny, self-taught, bright and articulate. You will shift as a result of experiencing a reading with her… that’s a given and a blessing for these rapidly changing times. I am blessed to have her in my life, as a soul SiStar and as someone with whom I can share anything. Trust your feelings. If you are ready for the next level, book a session with Maria. You won’t regret it.” Eliza

“Dear Maria,  Your assistance to me in my shifting and multidimensional path is precious to me since you taught me Things, about the matrix and how to heal, release and escape from it and integrate it into my daily life with important decisions etc. The most important Thing for the moment I learnt is, that we cannot fix 3D issues with 3D solutions being already on 4D-5D.    Your assistance is a great support on my multidimensional path sister. Happy that the universe made us meet physically after a long time of Separation . Thank you for your precious service, light & love you are letting me feel. I’m feeling more confident now that ALL IS FINE.  Your declaration of sovereignty is just a gift that everyone should invoke for raising frequencies and shifting!       Thank you si STAR”                –  Lhamo

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