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Audio or Video Format MP3 Length of Program : 1:00:25

A powerful Circle of Light call to step fully into your Mastery, letting go of the old storylines that keep you in a limited consciousness. It’s time to let go of doubt, uncertainty and unworthiness and to believe in your power. The time is now   to make this powerful choice, and to support the uplifting of  the planet through stepping into your Mastery. This was was your intention when you incarnated into this lifetime. Outlines the roles Master Consciousness play in freeing the planet of the old “stories” of war, disease, violence etc.

Energetic Attunement:

  • Activation of resistance to your Mastery
  • Heart activation and centering
  • Activation and clearing of all lifetimes where you have been in a state of forgetfulness of your Master Consciousness, in order to play the game of
  • Silent energy attunement
  • Cellular and DNA clearing of hereditary and ancestral memory of limitation
  • Clearing of storylines of poverty, lack, heartbreak, devastation
  • Silent energy Attunement


Audio or Video Format: MP3 Length of Program :58:40

This powerful Circle of Light teaching explains how all the stories we struggle with in our lives, are  actually  just creations to keep us distracted from seating fully in the knowingness that we are Master Consciousness’ and that while these “Toys of the Mind” can be very compelling, they can never be more powerful than the Master Consciousness’ that created them.

Energetic Attunement:

  • Sun Energy Frequency clearing to “burn away” all the 3D Grid Planetary Frameworks that supports the story of these “Toys”
  • Brain Merge with Master Consciousness
  • Pineal Gland Merge
  • Rewiring of the Neural Pathways to Align with Master Consciousness
  • Central Nervous System Merge
  • Skeletal Structure Merge
  • Cellular, DNA/RNA, Molecular, Atomic, Sub-Atomic levels and beyond Master Consciousness Template Override
  • Heart Centered Download of all programs supporting Master Consciousness Creativity and fulfillment of the Divine Heart Blueprint


Audio or Video Format Length of Program 56:34

In this recording the Circle of Light explains how you have already attained Mastery over energy throughout many lifetimes, many planetary realms, many dimensional planes, and that the consciousness that holds this wisdom is available to you to download, integrate and operate from.

Energetic Attunement:

  • Learn how centering in the Heart through you life experiences has allowed you to gain access to this Mastery for your personal joy, and to raise the consciousness of the
  • Integrate wisdom and energetic intelligence from all trainings, initiations, rites, teachings, energetic alchemy ever experienced
  • Realignment of brain functioning with the Master Consciousness energetic intelligence
  • 6 Step Love and Acceptance Integration to Dissolve Egoic Resistance to Master Consciousness
  • Alignment of the Heart with Mastery Consciousness
  • Align with all experience that supports the unfolding of the Master Consciousness Awakening
  • Softening of all resistance in the body to Master Consciousness Integration
  • Ground with Earth Energy


Audio  Format:  MP3 Length of Program 1:07:56

This Circle of light teaching explains how the Earth Grid has shifted to allow more Master Consciousness Energy to “Incarnate” here without you having to “Reincarnate”.

Talks about the incredible work the “Little Me” (your current limited egoic identity) has done to get to this point of Master Consciousness integration through its limited perception and limited access to creative power.

Explains how the struggles faced on this journey has been to harvest the energy that is in the resistance you’ve faced in order to build the energetic framework to support the “Incarnation” of the Master Consciousness.

Explains the importance of the softening the body and listening to it to discover what you need physically to support this integration. Explains how any mind agitation or “Toys” maybe getting stirred up in order to surrender it over to the Heart center and Master Consciousness Creator.

Energy Attunement:

  • Create resonance in your body to anything physical on the planet and can support your integration like supplements, foods, teachings
  • 3 Step Love and Acceptance Integration dissolving any resistance on a physical level to the Master Consciousness Integration
  • Heart centered merging of the Earth Consciousness and Master Consciousness
  • Cellular, DNA/RNA, Molecular, Atomic, Sub-Atomic levels and beyond Master Consciousness and Earth Energy Integration
  • Surrendering “Little Me’s” Alignments and embracing new energetic framework
  • Merging of supportive energy for Master Consciousness Integration and the new multi-dimenisonal potentialities for the 5D Grid
  • Upgrading of everything that creates your physical reality e,g, home, people, places you visit regularly , suburb
  • 30 minute silent energy integration transmission



Audio Format: MP3 Length of Program 57:26

Circle of Light teaching on why it’s so important to take any and all “Toys of the Mind” to the Heart and the Master Consciousness, before taking any necessary action, even though the Mind may be trying to distract you from doing so. Advice on how to build trust in surrendering to the Heart instead of staying stuck in the distraction of the Mind, especially when you’ve ben caught up in the “heavy lifting” of processing energy for the Planetary Shift in Consciousness. Discusses how linear Mind goals that helped you learn about energy may now have become distracting “Toys”, and why   it’s time to surrender (not give up) them.

Learn about the energetic power of Gratitude. How to surrender the “Bus Driving” to the Master Consciousness and how to soothe the “Little Me Kids” through acknowledging what you are creating well.

Explains why the Heart has to be the guide through the New Reality, and why the Mind has had to be “cracked” for this to surrender to happen.


Audio Format:  MP3 Length of Program : 55:07

Circle of Light teaching that breaks down the 3 spaces we   can operate from, The Little Me, The Witness and the Master Consciousness, and what can be done at each level to move into merging consciousness more  completely  with  the Master Consciousness.

Breaks down some of the thinking that indicates when you are in the egoic illusion of the Little Me, teaching you to become the Witness of these states rather than being swept up in it’s drama.

Energy Attunment

  • Progressive body relaxation and opening
  • Silent attunement of “Little Me”, “Witness” and “Master Consciousness” awareness
  • Pineal Gland Attunement with Master Consciousness Templates and Downloads of Knowledge Base
  • Silent Attunement

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Offer 2 Includes Offer 1 Plus:


Video Format:  MP4 Length of Program : 44:28

This teaching by Georgia Jean  distills  more  information about your integration with your Master Consciousness. It breaks down several fundamental principles in more depth to support you understanding of the process.

  • Mastering the different stages of consciousness you bounce between from “The Little Me”, to “Witness”, to “Master Consciousness”, and what to do at each
  • Holding different levels of awareness as you continue to operate through life – “Singular Egoic Identity”, “Multi- dimensional, “All Consciousness”
  • The importance of Surrender to the Master Consciousness
  • Understanding the Infinity 8/ All Consciousness clearing, and other Tools to harvest and purify energy
  • The Now Moment as the gateway for your Master Consciousness to operate through



Audio Format MP3

Length of Program : 1:02:25


Step up to your role as a Planetary Healer embodying your Master Consciousness Creator Self and participate in the planetary healing of the theme of War.

This guided energetic clearing by The Circle of Light unites you with other embodied Master Consciousness Creators to clear the earth of this Planetary Template.

By participating in this clearing you will gain a deeper understanding of the role of being a Master Consciousness Creator incarnate on earth, and experience one of our deepest level clearings to dissolve this planetary template.

By working on the template of war, you  actually  clear multiple levels of conflict in your personal life, community, as well as the larger planetary consciousness.

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Offer 3 Includes Offer 2 Plus:


Experience all the energetic potency and wisdom of the Circle of Light live for four consecutive weeks, during our Monday Night Awakening and Wednesday Night Planetary Healing Master Group calls.

Receive the very latest in energetic upgrades available for humanities consciousness and transition to the 5D Grid.

Receive support in the major areas of Relationship Joy, Body Wellbeing and Rejuvenation, Prosperity and Abundance, Personal and Spiritual Evolution, through teachings and high vibrational attunements.

Gain a deeper understanding and Mastery of Tools used for total Soul Consciousness Integration and Ascension.

Every call is unique and created for the collective energy of the participants. What you need to receive will come verbally or energetically.


You will also receive the conference call line at this time.

Conference calls are held the first 4 Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm PST USA, 9 pm EST USA

To determine the time in your timezone you can check here



 Work directly with Georgia to discover what planetary templates you might be holding, and clear energy around a specific chronic physical condition, or other personal issue.


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Here’s what people are saying about Georgia and The Circle of Light:


“Working with Georgia and the Circle of Light is a true blessing. I had been challenged with back pain for over a year before I began working with them. I had been to see a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, had several massages and did yoga every day. Although I would feel temporary relief from the other modalities, it was only when I began to work with Georgia and the Circle of Light that my back fully healed. I know that it is due to the deep work in consciousness along with the high vibrational frequency of the Circle that contributed to this healing experience. Over the 3 month period, I felt the pain subside and finally go along with a lot of emotional baggage and old beliefs that served me no longer. It was such a gift, that I decided to keep working with them just to stay in the energy. Their collective wisdom and loving is truly miraculous!”
​S. Teiger, Los Angeles – Chronic Physical Conditions Package



“It’s been about 6 years now of calling in twice a week to receive the benefits of your Channeling, as well as being part of your Psychic Development Group and now the Awakening Master Program. I realize I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been guided to your program and express my gratitude every day. 

I have other teachers and healers who I have known for years who have offered retreats and/or intensives: James Van Praagh, Hollister Rand, Howard Wills, Ron Roth and Paul Funfsinn of Celebrate Life, Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church, Rev. Tracy Parker’s Touch Healing, the So. Cal. Psychic Institute, Master Mantak Chia, and Gurumayi Chilvanasananda. The work over many years with these teachers, has brought me to you and The Circle of Light.

The level of the work you offer is absolutely amazing! 

You and the Circle have worked with us in getting to know our own energy within and without and our connection with the energy of Spirit through the Circle of Light. You’ve worked with us through meditative journeys and processes that take us deeper and deeper within to feel. We become aware of and feel the patterns of energy that we have created, as we then let go into even deeper levels and experience that energy moving, setting us free from our patterns and their manifestations in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Every time we work, we are left filled with so much Light and Love, and peace.

Your work has touched me and moved me in new and profound ways. I am finally moving more quickly with greater awareness and clarity. The beauty is that we learn to apply this work ourselves as situations and relationships present themselves – in other words, we have a way to really “deal” with our lives.

I’ve said it before, but I want to say it again: Thank you so much Georgia, for Everything!

Elyse Smerling, Los Angeles – Awakening Masters Program


“I met Georgia and The Circle of Light three year ago. During the first few weekly conference calls, I received a miraculous healing and regained complete mobility with my frozen shoulder. I later enrolled in private sessions with Georgia and the Circle of Light and that’s when my life really began to heal and change. I now live my life with an open heart and overflowing vitality, joy and love that I share with others! Georgia and the Circle are a profound healing experience one needs to have: mind, body and soul!” 

Anna Maria, New York – Awakening Masters Program


“When I first found Georgia and the Circle of Light, I, too, had many questions and doubts–what is energy work, who are the Circle of Light, this “magic” stuff can’t be real, nothing ever gets better, I don’t have the time/money etc. But, I am so glad that I tried a session with them, because the benefits I have gained are truly priceless. I’m more relaxed, happier, and through working one-on-one with Georgia and the Circle, I finally found a job closer to home that now gives me more leisure time, more opportunities for growth, and more ownership of the product. 

In the very beginning, I only sought out Georgia’s services during low points when the situations were just too overwhelming (death in the family, heartbreak, unemployment). But now, after making the commitment to work consistently long-term with Georgia and the Circle, I am able to see my old rooted beliefs and daily habits that ultimately cause my own unhappiness, and by using the tools that Georgia provides, I am able to move past these to create a happier, healthier lifestyle. The Circle of Light takes the time to answer all questions, and they are very helpful in illuminating the best path to take during major changes in life (in career, relationships, etc). They educate and explain what is happening on a deeper level, but even if you don’t understand everything the first time through, the results are very evident and sometimes can be immediate.

Invest the time and effort into learning about yourself. Work with Georgia and the Circle of Light to accelerate this process, and once you break down those psychological barriers, you will experience so much more freedom and joy. “

Brittany Ko, Bay Area CA – Conference Call SubscriberOne-on-OneAuthentic Positivity System Boot Camp



“I’ve had chronic digestive problems for most of my life and after having a highly stressful year it flared up more often than usual. My sessions with Georgia have helped my stress level become more managable and since beginning 4 months ago I haven’t had a problem.

It’s not always easy as she helps bring to the surface the emotional blocks that contribute to my chronic issues, but its worth it and I look forward to my private sessions each week and the jolt of positive energy it gives me.
I would recommend the chronic physical condition program to anyone struggling with a physical ailment that is getting in the way of your daily life. Don’t just treat your symptoms, deal with the cause.
Connect your energy to The Circle of Light.”
K. O’Byrne, Vancouver – Chronic Physical Conditions Package