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7 Audio VIbrations

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Karma Cleansing
45 Minute 1on1 Session + Bonus Audio, plus everything in Option 1

Offer 1 Includes:

ITEM 1: Entities & Implants

The basic issue for the majority of us keeping our energy matrix from being clear are negative energies in the form of entities in all forms.

This energy infused MP3 will help you remove any entities and all negative implants from your entire energy matrix leaving you to think and function in life freely as you and not by invisible forces controlling you

ITEM 2: Optimum Chakra Health for Clarity & Wellbeing

Chakras play a fundamental role in the health of our energy system, including our physical health and well-being. This dynamic energy infused MP3 will guide you to ensure your chakras are fully cleansed, healed, purified, open and vibrating at optimum vitality

ITEM 3: Realign Assemblage Point

Known as the “Seat of our Consciousness”.

The epicentre of our energy system – the assemblage point – powerfully balances our physical, psychological and energy matrix health.

This energy infused MP3 helps to align the assemblage point back to its position for optimum wellbeing.  Being fully grounded is a wonderful result of our Assemblage Point being in place.

ITEM 4: Release Genetic Blockages

Heal the past and free your entire bloodline for the future

We unconsciously carry the effects of our ancestors and lineage – whether that be disease, trauma, curses, vows or emotional issues. This speaks volumes of the complexity of our physical and energy DNA. This energy infused MP3 will help to identify, clear and release any carried over family issues or traumas.

ITEM 5: Clearing Your Environment

House, Land, Cars, Animals and Furniture

Buildings, lands and furniture can carry unwanted energies; this could be a combination of spirits or negative energies that accumulate in old buildings or where wars have been previously fought on the land.

This energy cleansing MP3 will help to clear the energies in physical objects within the house, land, cars, your animals and all furniture and fixtures too that are part of your reality

ITEM 6: Geopathic Stress

Known as Earth Sickness Cleared

Our lives can sometimes be disturbed by “earth sickness”; weak electromagnetic fields in the land and waters, fault lines, underground streams and earth ley lines. When a house or office is built on top of these energies the occupants can fall prey to severe illness, irritability etc and our immune systems become weakened and illness can manifest in our lives.

This energy infused MP3 can help to clear and repair these earthly stresses to ensure you are unaffected.


ITEM 7: EMF Energies Cleared

We can all guilty of wanting the latest IT, gadgets and mobile phones yet today’s technology and wireless frequencies are exposing us to unprecedented levels of electromagnetic radiation

This energy infused MP3 helps you to clear and protect your energy field play this mp3 to shield your electronics, alchemising their effects on you and your home.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Through the Grace of the Lords of Karma

Past lives can be debilitating in our present lives and can hold us back unknowingly from moving forward on many levels, health, wealth, happiness. This energy infused guidance MP3 will help you to work with your own past lives and let go of any past-life issues you no longer need to carry.

KARMA CLEANSING: 45 Minute 1 on1 Session with Virginia

Karma released through the Grace of the Lords of Karma
Live Session with Virginia

The majority of souls who are alive today come to earth with unresolved karma that needs to be addressed from past lifetimes. These karmic issues are essentially lessons which we need to work through in order to grow spiritually and achieve resolution.

I have the honour and privilege to work with the Lords of Karma, also known as the Karmic Board. The Lords of Karma are allowing more people than ever before to release their personal karma and help evolve our species and the planet – it is only through this grace that I am permitted to do this work.

What is paramount and must be respected is I MUST seek permission for each and every individual from the Lords of Karma, before I am able to release ALL their karma. Sometimes permission is not granted for reasons specific to a soul’s journey. All sessions with me, in conjunction with the Lords of Karma, need permission to be cleared.


If Karma Cleanse not permitted by the Lords of Karma then 45 mins with Virginia 1on1 on any other issue that you need. will be addressed

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