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Masters of Destiny 2020

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6 Part Masters of Destiny Program

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Empowering you through the Evolutionary Shift

It goes without saying that 2020 has been (and continues to be) a momentous time in human history. Recent years have been building up to this time and if you have been feeling that you are not resonating with some of the ‘spiritual’ communities or groups you used to align with, then you are not alone. They have served their purpose for you and you are beginning to resonate with a new layer of information – a new universal hologram that represents your true destiny. The more we align with the information of this advancing wave, the greater will be our contribution and the legacy we leave for future generations to create from the seeds we are sowing. We are awakening to a deeper knowing and actually adapting to an evolutionary upgrade that is challenging us at many levels to step up. This program will provide a new context for the extreme events we are currently experiencing.

This exciting, updated offering is aligned with the ever increasing energies, and the enormous shifts and changes that our planet is going through. As many of you may know, one of my greatest gifts is in researching, following higher guidance to relevant insights and connecting the dots to synthesize and build a cohesive and inclusive landscape for higher consciousness and frequency alignment. As such, what I do is fully aligned with what we may understand as the Ninth Wave of Creation – a wave of consciousness could also be defined as the true Ascension Wave. It is our destiny as a human race, and our individual Destiny is intricately intertwined with it.

To become a master of our destiny, is to understand and honour the immense human journey to this point in time where we are poised to set the course of human history on a whole new trajectory. What we see happening ‘out there’ is a direct result of the previous waves that helped to evolve humanity – yet have kept many of them captive in the patterning they introduced. To transcend all of this is not to bypass, but to include it, so that we can expand with the fullness and all of the gifts that each prior wave has brought to us. Ascension is expansion into the totality of a frequency that helps us to maintain a constant awareness and connection with the ALL – our Source, Power and the Divine Driver at all times. It is an expansion of the Heart AND Mind to meet the universal mind. It is our empowerment within the wholeness, purity and clarity of the ultimate Diamond Light.

This is our destiny.

In this epic 6-session program (with bonuses), I weave together deep insights directly from Source, balanced with some of the greatest minds and forward thinkers, to provide you with both an understanding and practical tools to navigate these incredible times and stay aligned with wave of destiny. Some of these include, Johan Carl Calleman, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Vernon Woolf, Randall Carlsson, Michael Tsarion and the indigenous First Nations peoples.

The ultimate impact of the program will :

  • Upgrade your mind and heart
  • Assist you to understand and navigate current world events
  • Activate dormant memories
  • Bridge Joy and fulfilment with practical responsibility
  • Connect you with the Freshness of the Future while allowing it to Unfold
  • Reconfigure the holograms of ancestral and other life timelines
  • Connect you more deeply with your own Source power
  • Align with the ascension holograms and timelines
  • Explore and re-create YOU and humanity
  • Create real change
  • Experience greater freedom
  • Transcend duality by embracing rather than turning your back on it.
  • Embrace the totality of your personal and the collective human experience

Each session will be 2 hours, bringing you the total equivalent of at least a 2-day workshop, packed with insights and practical exercises to support you through this loving evolution. The content is something you will continue to reference long after the program has been completed. I believe it is one of the most important series of consolidated teachings I have presented that goes beyond ‘new age’ rhetoric to bring you fresh insights, hope and trust in the future. Humanity’s new wave is here and cannot be turned back!

Session 1 : 21 November The Cosmic Vision

  • Laying the foundation
  • The Tree of Destiny
  • Ancient cosmology and modern findings
  • Nine – the sacred, holy number
  • The origin of polarity and the nine waves of creation
  • Prophecy and the Ninth Wave
  • Cosmic blueprints and your biology (you were designed for these times!)
  • What the universe wants for YOU
  • Personal creation vs Being created and why evolution isn’t what you thought
  • Ascension defined through the nine waves
  • Accessing the Spirals of Time
  • How the Universe upgrades itself….and YOU

Session 2 : 28 November The Cosmos Speaks

  • Tapping in to the Cosmic Guidance system
  • How you are impacted by the various cosmic operating systems
  • Is your mind your own? The operational holograms of universal mind and the realities they create
  • A perspective on the Akasha
  • Connecting with waves 1 through 5 and how they live within you
  • The cosmic cataclysms and origins of trauma
  • The birth of the human ego
  • Surviving (and thriving) through chaotic nodes and transitions (like now!)
  • Upgrading your brain to decode and reprogram outdated holograms

Session 3 : 5 December The 6th Wave (Epochs of Power)

  • Karmic clearing and reclaiming your power
  • Where the 6th wave still rules and how WE (YOU) are changing the rules of the game!
  • The origins of control, patriarchal societies, authoritarianism and formal religion
  • The lens of the 6th wave in our own (modern) cultures
  • Memories of Atlantis, Mu and Egypt
  • Re-programming the operational patterns of the 6th wave
  • The secrets of the California Redwoods (links to the cosmic tree and the Diamond!)

Session 4 : 12 December The 7th Wave (Amnesia)

  • Recognising the challenges and harnessing the gifts of the ‘dark’ 7th wave
  • When ‘God’ left the building (so to speak)
  • How the material world was recreated with science and technology and the dangers of ‘Scientism’
  • The seventh wave holograms & how they have influenced your biology
  • Where the 7th wave still hides ‘undercover’ and continues to influence what is perceived  as reality
  • The economics of the 7th wave, and how this is slowly changing under the influence of the 9th wave
  • Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater – harnessing the gifts from the 7th wave and overcoming the challenges
  • Ancestral healing and clearing

Session 5 : 19 December The 8th Wave (The Great Awakening)

  • Initial awakening and tools for staying awake!
  • Honoring the rising Feminine, mystery schools and inclusive spiritualities
  • The rise in healing arts and links to earlier ‘waves’
  • The shift from west to east and what this means (personally and collectively)
  • Why the children ARE different & abstaining from ‘labels’
  • Changing educational approaches to align with the shifts (and why current educational methods will become increasingly ineffective)
  • From mind to heart, superpowers and being human
  • Mastery : from externalisation to internalisation
  • Trigger codes for the 8th wave holograms
  • Age of Aquarius vs Leo, the hazards of the limitless mind, the 8th wave and being discerning

Session 6 : 2 January The Ninth Wave (Coming Home)

  • The ultimate power of the Ninth Wave : From Me to WE
  • Keys to aligning with the Ninth Wave and Internal Self-mastery
  • Self-resourcing through the current planetary turmoil. Building TRUST.
  • Bringing it all together with a new coherence
  • Wholeness vs Healing
  • Accessing new Realities and Birthing the New Earth. A time of no filters and seeing the perfection in the entire journey of humanity
  • Redefining your life purpose and destiny
  • Embracing polarity, critical thinking, mind and heart
  • The timing and emergence of Light languages
  • Grooming and being the Leaders of the future
  • The links between Africa, the Maya, the Ninth Wave and the re-emerging Diamond Light Consciousness
  • Why the sacred White Animals are becoming more evident and how to work with them

This new series presents more than a decade of my own personal work with the Diamond Grid of Light combined with cosmological and additional research into alternate histories of humanity and the journey we have taken to this stage. We were born for this critical juncture in human history as we bear witness to, and indeed participate in, a living evolutionary process.

Join us for an adventure on the cosmic ocean as we set sail and surf the ultimate wave of destiny.

Bonus 1: Diamond Template Activations

I am thrilled to be sharing these special new activation processes with you as they will support and assist you in taking your spiritual journey to a whole new, expansive level.

Activation 1 : Deconstructing redundant patterns and Reconstructing your Diamond matrix for activation of the templates

Activation 2 : Activating your templates for Cosmic Heart Merge

Activation 3 : Activating your DNA Informational Templates and opening to receive the Diamond Light Codes

Activation 4 : Balancing polarities and activating the inner Alchemical Marriage

Activation 5 : Activating your inner Cathedral of Light

Bonus 2: One month free membership to Golden Diamonds

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What People have to Say…

“Following the Ninth Wave might be more important than you think. More important than following the Tzolkin.

Evolution has reached a fully mature time now that to find a balance with we need transcend the duality of. We need to transcend the Tzolkin and follow the frequency of the NINTH WAVE, being a fully mature Divine frequency that is in resonance with the Heart’s pure Light of flawless truth and Sacred Love. When you make time to absorb the understandings you wilt and reseed your mind with a new perspective, your mind is upgraded with the LIGHT that lives by the memory of a Cosmic reality. Your capacity to understand expands beyond what you might have been limited by. Most importantly you see new understandings for yourself, you awaken your dormant memory to activate your inner truth over the outer illusions that try capture your Soul.
Hence, by following and understanding the Ninth Wave’s Light Frequency, we can see how CONSCIOUSNESS is transcending duality, this is what the Divine Plan of Creation is allowing for. Creation is evolving the Global Mind to transcend duality so it can be freed from the outer illusion that captures the Soul to be its SLAVE.
Its important to hold our own inner LIGHT in trust and belief of truth, everything that comes into your life comes on purpose to teach us all and make us strong. It comes as an opportunity for your own life to grow in maturity, especially on a spiritual level, and we can unblock the stuff in our mind that stops our evolution.
Once you understand this, you find a balance in the together mix.
The Ninth Wave holds the memory of the DIVINE CODE, it is the SEED for the Diamond Mind to grow and pull all into right relation with Creation.Let go and allow your seed to grow…
Sean Caulfield, Universal Frequency


“I have been able to constantly refer back to what I learned on this program to help me navigate some of the events this year, and it has supported me in staying aligned and positive despite what is happening. Thank you for all of your amazing work and sharing. You are awesome!!” Paula, UK


“I am loving this program! It is stimulating, thought-provoking and takes us beyond the boundaries of much of the ‘New Age’ thinking. I just wish there were more people ready to hear this”  Elyse, USA


“I rank you right up there along with Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza. Your work blends the science with consciousness in a unique way”, Laurie, USA