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Saturday, September 7 – 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London/5 AM in Sydney (90 MINUTES)


We have all heard about the resurrection of the Divine Feminine energies on Planet Earth and how crucial this is to the Ascension process; but we also need to embody the Divine Masculine energies in order to become fully integrated Ascending Beings. In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of courage on the Spiritual Journey and how to find that courage within
  • The role of the Divine Masculine in moving out of the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Why logic and intellect are actually equally as important as intuition and how to use them efficiently and productively
  • Practical exercises for living a more structured and efficient life
  • What is the Shadow Masculine and how to eradicate it
  • What is more important…being or doing?
  • How to properly use the Law of Attraction (and what is the one huge misconception about the Law of Attraction that trips people up)
  • And MORE!

Matthew John will facilitate a group activation to awaken the Divine Masculine within all listeners, regardless of sex or gender. Matthew may take live questions at the end if time permits.

This is package contains all of Matthew John’s internationally-acclaimed webinars from 2018 and 2019! Not only are Matthew’s webinars filled with life-changing wisdom that could only come from the Higher Realms, but also clearings and activations to help you release lifetimes of stuck energy and to embody more of the Spiritual Wisdom and Maturity that your Higher Self naturally has. As a bonus, you will receive a guided meditation to meet your Spirit Guide and activate psychic gifts and a powerful transmission of healing energy called I Love You Regardless.

Item 2: Creating the 5D You 

Audio download: Length of Program 1:52:58

Eclipse season is an especially auspicious gateway in which the Universe tends to do whatever is necessary to reshape your life to get you back on your Soul’s Highest Path. We can take advantage of this powerful time of shifting and evolution in order to consciously remake ourselves on all levels and bring the quantum possibility of our 5th Dimensional Self into the NOW moment to create real, physical changes in our health, relationships, and finances.

In this 90-minute Mastery Empowerment Course, Spiritual Teacher, Starseed Guide, and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will lead you through a step-by-step process to create the 5D you in the quantum field and to anchor that into physical reality. The steps include:

  • Honestly taking stock of your life and identifying your blockages
  • Clearing your blockages
  • Rewriting your subconscious mind to include beliefs that will carry you forward, not keep you held back
  • Experiencing your Future Self on your Highest Possible Timeline
  • Bringing your Future Self’s subconscious patterns and prevalent emotions into the NOW
  • Identifying empowered action-steps to move onto your Highest Possible Timeline
  • Developing strategies to make the changes permanent

We will take take advantage of the amplified field that we will be creating as a group energetic container to make dramatic steps forward in each of our individual lives!

Please have a pen or pencil and a few pieces of paper handy.

Recorded July 20, 2019

Item 3: Dissolving the Ego Webinar

Audio download: Length of Program 2:07:32

The ego is one of the most misunderstood topics on a Spiritual Journey. This webinar will serve to clear up all of the confusion and misinformation about the ego and to give you the opportunity to dissolve parts of your ego self that you no longer need to take with you. We will be doing 12 group energetic clearings and activations to dissolve the ego and allow more of your SOUL ESSENCE to shine through than ever before. The intention is for you to feel totally different, lighter, and more present following this webinar.

You will learn:

  • What much of the spiritual community gets wrong about the ego
  • What is the Spiritual Ego and how do we avoid its trap
  • How life breaks down our ego
  • How to truly open your Heart to life
  • How to experience greater Harmony in your relationships
  • How to experience a lack of conflict in your life
  • How to truly become Aligned with the Present Moment
  • How to truly become humble
  • The 12 Pillars of Dissolving the Ego. Matthew John does a permanent activation for each of these 12 pillars.
  •  …and MORE!

Recorded April 25, 2019.


Item 4: Mastering Your Intuition Mastery Empowerment Course

Audio download

Length of Program 1:41:20

Would you like to strengthen and refine your intuition? Interested in channeling, tarot cards, pendulums, muscle testing, and dowsing? Unable to hear your guides? Want to make more intuitive decisions? Seeing lots of numbers and repeating patterns? Want to know what it all means?

Join Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John for this exploration into intuition, discernment, and better decision making. You will leave the webinar with a ‘backpack’ full of new tools to read your intuition, a greater confidence in your ability to make decisions using your intuitive mechanisms, and a stronger sense of discernment.

Matthew teaches specific tools like:

  • Exercises to make decision-making clearer
  • Visualizations to cleanse and protect yourself
  • How to identify your physical intuitive cues
  • Practices to refine your intuition
  • And much more!

Recorded with Lauren Galey on March 9, 2019.

Item 5:  Putting the Past in the Past Webinar download

Audio Format

Length of Program 1:34:54

Do you live with regrets? Find it difficult to move on from the past? Stalked by guilt? Can’t get over that heartbreak? Haunted by memories of abuse?

In this 90 minute+ webinar, Matthew John helps you to:

  • End the illusion of regret
  • Understand why there truly are no mistakes
  • Dissolve guilt and move to a new vibrational frequency where you no longer feel inclined to feel guilty about anything
  • Understand that there are no mistakes in life
  • Finally move on from heartbreak

Matthew John facilitates three group energetic healing processes on the call! Recorded January 22, 2019.

Item 6: Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul Webinar download

 Length of Program 1:26:52

Value of Program $33.00

Do you feel like you’re in a Dark Night of the Soul, or have you been in a Dark Night of the Soul? We’ve all been in at least one and usually more than one. The Dark Night can be an incredibly confusing and frustrating time. It can feel like God or the Universe has turned against you. But is this really true, or is there another side of the story? Regardless of your existing beliefs, Matthew John helps you to navigate through the Dark Night, so you can help yourself or a loved one make it to the other end. In this 85-minute+ webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the Dark Night of the Soul happens and why it can’t be avoided
  • What is the Shadow and why it comes out during a Dark Night
  • Why the Dark Night is NEVER your fault
  • How to get out of the Dark Night
  • And MORE!

Matthew John facilitates a group activation to help you energetically move to a timeline where you can move through the Dark Night with greater ease and perhaps in less time. Recorded August 7, 2018.

Item 7: A Deeper Level of Forgiveness Webinar download

Length of Program 1:26:32

Value of Program $33.00

In general, what we are taught about forgiveness by the 3D world just scratches the surface of what true forgiveness really means. Would you like to be able to truly, deeply, and permanently forgive those who hurt you, those who didn’t give you what you needed, and yourself? In this 85-minute+ webinar, you will learn:

  • What it means to relinquish your grievances and how to do it
  • How to finally cut energetic chords so that they won’t come back
  • How Soul Contracts create circumstance that we don’t necessarily like but give us opportunities to practice forgiveness
  • How to finally, totally, complete forgive yourself!
  • And MORE!

Recorded May 21, 2018.

Item 8: Guided Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guides & Activate Psychic Gifts

Length of Program 12:40

Value of Program $11.00

Matthew John guides you on a 12-minute journey to meet one of your Spirit Guides and to activate new psychic gifts!

Item 9: I Love You Regardless – A Healing Transmission

Enjoy this brief transmission of Unconditional Love energy. Listen multiple times for best results.

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This is package contains everything in Package A, plus a 40-minute PRIVATE Soul Plan Reading with Matthew John! This is an exclusive offer only to Quantum Conversations listeners and only 20 readings are available. Matthew John connects with his and your Spirit Guides to read you Life Plan and channel details about your Soul Lessons and relationships during this incarnation.  Why did your Soul plan certain events and relationships for you? What are you meant to learn? How can you best move forward? What are you meant to bring forth onto this planet? Which type of Lightworker/Indigo are you? *Note: availability is limited and is first-come, first-served.

40-minute Soul Plan Reading

Private Reading

Value of Reading $111.00

This is an exclusive offer only to Quantum Conversations listeners and only 20 readings are available. Matthew John connects with his and your Spirit Guides to read you Life Plan and channel details about your Soul Lessons and relationships during this incarnation.  Why did your Soul plan certain events and relationships for you? What are you meant to learn? How can you best move forward? What are you meant to bring forth onto this planet? Which type of Lightworker/Indigo are you? *Note: availability is limited and is first-come, first-served. You may be booked out to April or May.

 PLUS Everything in Option 1

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What People Have to Say About Matthew John

“WOW! I am in awe and complete reverence to your gift: can’t be more spot on! I am not certain if I can, or am I actually expected to comment on the report. Just want to say that you have a true and rare mastery. Thank you for sharing it with me!”

– M.M., Michigan

“The webinar…was amazing and life changing. I’m so grateful I was able to join in and for the purge of the attachments I held onto that has only held me back. I am fully ready for my new path and cycle to begin. Love you and thanks so much!”

– Desirae, Colorado

“I cried the whole time tears of relief and letting go…So glad I found you…your call did more to help me in 1 hour than 4 years of everything else.”

– Sharon, Virginia

“It’s almost staggering how spot on Matthew was when he explained my Soul Life Plan and Spirit Guides to me. Everything he said were already future goals and ideas I had rolling around in my head but was unsure of.”

– Anthony, New Jersey

“I appreciated the level of things he knew that I didn’t tell him but have been weighing on my mind…Overall a great reading and experience looking forward to more.”

– Qwain, Chicago