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Lemurian Time Capsule Meditations

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Each meditation is accompanied with a gong sound bath to open the heart and mind and to touch the deepest part of your being. The frequencies of the gongs and Maya’s voice, lead the listener to experience changes to brainwave states, as well as assisting with the building of new neural pathways connecting the two hemispheres of the brain. The listener may experience cleansing and soothing of their being, bringing one back into balance and replenishing one’s soul. Whether you’re a Lemurian or not, the gentle, loving energies will take you on a journey of self-love.

Humanity has forgotten its multidimensional nature, instead it has opted for separation consciousness. Maya’s harmonics build a bridge back to our original multidimensional state of unity consciousness, which creates a space into which the listener can expand into. Collapsing the chakras into one chakra, the Heart Chakra, so that humanity grounds in a heart-centred consciousness.

​As we journey together, we merge our inner and outer, our physical and spiritual worlds, to create the world we all wish to live in for the well being of everyone.​

Item 1: Temple of the Sun MP3 – Guided Meditation with Gong Sound Bath and Light Language

This guided meditation takes you on a journey to the Lemurian Temple of the Sun, so that you may understand that you are sacred, you are the great I AM THAT I AM and contains frequencies and Light Codes that can restructure your energy patterns, so that you can begin to remember your Divinity.

Item 2: Initiation of the Sacred Waters MP3 – Guided Meditation with Gong Sound Bath and Light Language

A guided meditation with gong sound bath, Light Language codes and frequencies to activate the remembrance deep within your DNA. A rite of passage to assist you with your initiation into maturity. It was part of every Lemurian’s life journey!

Item 3: A Song To Whales MP3 – Soundscape with Gong Sound Bath and Light Language

A Song To Whales MP3 Soundscape with Light Language, Gongs and Light Codes.

Sit back and relax as you listen to this timeless soundscape with gongs and Maya’s voice. Connect to the energy of the whales, as Maya verbalises Light Codes to communicate with our beloved friends in the ocean and their infinite wisdom.

Item 4: Gifts of the Goddess MP3 – Guided Meditation with Gong Sound Bath

This guided meditation is designed to activate your Original Blueprint within your DNA which enables you to evolve to the next level of your evolution. The best version of you, as you begin to remember that you are a Divine Being of Light remembering your Divinity. What is possible for you? That’s up toyou and how much you will allow these energies to move through you.

Item 5: Love of the Mother MP3 – Guided Meditation with Gong Sound Bath and Light Language

A beautiful remembrance of the Star Mother in Lemuria as remembered by Alel’ha, a guided meditation to assist with nudging the Akash into remembering the depth of love felt from her. This guided meditation contains sounds, Light Language, Codes and frequencies channelled from the Star Mothers to bring forward those feelings within the listener, the remembrance of the unconditional love we are capable of for all beings, our planet, our galactic family, as well as for ourselves.

Item 6: Song to the Star Mothers MP3 (Free Gift)

This is a soundscape contains gong sound bath, Light Language codes and frequencies to assist with raising one’s vibration and opening your heart.

Item 7: 30 minute Personal Session with Maya

Maya works on a very intuitive and empathic level, so that the session evolves in an organic way. She facilitates her sessions with an open hearted energy, so that you can feel at ease and reach your highest potential that is available to you. Make the most of your time with Maya by bringing a specific issue or questions/s to be addressed during your session. You session will be scheduled at a mutually suitable time.

Item 8: Personal Gong Sound Bath Track

Maya will create your very own personal and unique, 15 minute Gong Sound Bath track! Guaranteed to not be shorter than 15 minutes, but can be longer, depends on what Maya is guided to do for you!

These personal tracks are verbal transmissions of Light Codes and frequencies that can enable people to awaken to their Divine Light within and remember their multi-dimensional nature.

Created especially for you, to assist you through your challenges and through to the next level of your personal evolution. Each track is as unique as you!

Let Maya know what you would like her to focus on and she will create your unique and personal gong sound bath track – yours to keep forever!

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What people have to say about Maya

“Emotions are revealed through the musically gifted sound healing work Maya is conducting. This work is clearly highly vibrational to assist you on your journey of awakening at all levels. Personally, I saw visions and memories of the sound healing calibration chambers of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt when listening to her work. This, in return, was confirmation for Maya of her connection to her soul work in this lifetime repeating itself again. I recommend listening and see where the harmonic vibrations of sound healing will take you. Blessings on your ascension journey.” ~Keleena Malnar, Ascension Wayshower, DNA Light Language Key Code Activator, Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer www.keleenamalnar.com

“Namaste. When I first heard Maya interviewed I intuitively knew I had been introduced to someone I really needed to meet. Her Loving Lemurian energy and the Presence of the Star Mother emanates from her as she gives the Circle of Oneness master classes, and during her guided meditations and CD’s. I have remembered some amazing Lemurian experiences and had other memories confirmed for me. Maya and the Light Language she channels from the Star Mother have connected me in profound ways with my Lemurian ancestry. Maya has created my own personal Gong Sound Bath. To immerse myself in this amazing soundscape, unique to me, is an absolutely sublime experience and I can feel and sense more understandings stirring within me each time I bathe in these frequencies…… Mmmmmmm. This has been the most wonderful blessing. Thank you Beloved Star Sister.” – Sue Daniels, Byron Bay

“I just did a class with Maya. It was incredible energy. I was seeing all kinds of colors. I felt the Star Mothers with me. I am still vibrating and my third eye is pulsating. Maya’s light language was so beautiful. It was a wonderful experiance. I felt and saw light Beings around me. I still feel the love and support. After I was done with the class. I needed to go outside and ground. I feel wonderful. Thank you Maya” – Shelley Hall, Utah

“Testimonial for Maya Boston 12.9.2018
I first discovered Maya through a radio interview, and was drawn to further connect with her. Reaching out, I found Maya immediately warm and responsive, which was the case in all our subsequent Zoom calls as well. The same depth, warmth, clarity and responsiveness to my concerns was consistent throughout our visits.
In addition to our coaching calls, I have three guided meditations and a studio album Maya created. I found each of them so beautiful, meaningful and resonant that I return to them again and again. Having made professional recordings myself, I could tell Maya had put a great deal of care and attention into her work.
As heartening, clarifying and supportive I’ve found all this to be, perhaps most meaningful is the personal gong track that Maya channelled for me. It is unlike anything I have ever heard, and utterly transportive. I use it daily, and find myself drawn into a resonant frequency that feels like coming home to my true Self. Best of all, I’m sensing a shift that brings hope this frequency is becoming more my ‘home base’ as I walk through my days. In gratitude, ” – Marilyn M., USA

“I don’t even know what words to use to thank you for the beautiful meditation experience last night. I felt so uplifted and full of light, and I still do feel this deep joy to have connected to the Star Mother and the beautiful Lemurian women in that way. I can’t wait to listen again! I feel it is like an initiation, and already gives me more strength and confidence to move forward in my light work this year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for entering my life, for sharing your unique gifts, and for just being the beautiful bright soul that you are!!” – Joan, California