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1 hour Personal Coaching Session + MP3s

ITEM 1. You Are So Much More Than You Think MP3 

39:45 minutes

You are a multidimensional Being of Light and yet you cannot see this about yourself. There is far more of you than you are currently aware of, or even are able to access. Your energy signature is unique and is known among the vast number of other Light Frequencies on the planet. Discover your magnificence during this talk, includes a guided meditation, Gong Sound Bath, Light Language and channeling by the Star Mothers. To assist you to expand your awareness, so that you may navigate these challenging times with ease.


ITEM 2. Your DNA is Designed To Evolve MP3

51:08 minutes

There will be biological changes along the way that create quantum changes to the dormant parts of your DNA, as it awakens and becomes more active. We are already noticing changes in our bodies as our cells are recalibrating. Find out what’s possible in this talk with Maya. Includes a guided meditation, Gong Sound Bath, Light Language transmission and channeling by the Star Mothers.


ITEM 3. The Significance of 2020 MP3

47:24 minutes

It could turn out to be the most important year for humanity’s Ascension Process! Great changes are being created as we have so many planetary alignments during 2020. Expect the unexpected and expect change! Watch as many of humanity’s broken systems are revealed and seen for what they are. Includes a guided meditation, Gong Sound Bath, Light Language frequencies and channeling from the Star Mothers.


ITEM 4. The Importance of Viruses For The Ascension Process MP3

37:23 minutes

Our world will never be the same again. This is the first of many changes to come, as we birth our brand-new world. Are you experiencing FEAR or LOVE? What is the message from the virus? See the bigger picture and begin to hold a higher vibration. Includes a guided meditation Gong Sound Bath, Light Language to raise your vibration and a channeling from the Star Mothers, as well as the collective consciousness of the virus.


ITEM 5. One Hour Personal Session with Maya

If you’ve been stuck, anxious or uncertain, you are not alone. Now more than ever we are living in uncharted waters with rapidly changing energies. Most just suffer needlessly and remain stuck. Starting today, you can make a positive shift! If you want to create conscious change in your life so you can align with who you truly are and begin to live the life you always wanted to live, then this is for you! Maya uses a combination of Light Language and Gong Sound Bath (Light and Sound, the two creative energies of the Universe), along with her unique intuitive coaching style to assist you to bridge into Oneness, where you are aligned, body, mind and soul.


ITEM 6 Personal 15 minuteGong Sound Bath Track 

Experience an awakening and transformation in your life and allow Maya to create your very own personal 15-minute gong sound bath track to assist with your accelerated awakening! After your one-hour personal session, Maya will begin to create your very own track. Maya will tune into your Higher Self, then utilizing the two creative frequencies of the Universe, Light & Sound, Maya weaves together a multidimensional soundscape that not only raises your vibration and keeps you in the flow of the fast moving energies of today, it also activates the original Divine HU-man Template within your DNA. You will receive the song of your soul sung back to you as an MP3 file, to remind you of your Divinity, so that you can remember your multidimensional nature. This track is as unique as you, it will assist you through any challenges you may be facing, whether it’s health, financial or relationships.

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