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Akashic Enlightenment & Extra Terrestrials MEC Bundle #1

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Akashic Enlightenment & Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing Bundle MEC Bundle #2

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Offer 1 Includes:

Item 1: Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session: Hawaii Lemuria Roots and Whales and Dolphins for Higher Knowledge and ET Contact

2 Sessions  Audio Download 

This Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session pair we’ll be connecting to your Akashic Records/Book of Life and the Book of Truth/Multiverse Knowledge of the Akasha to bring in Light codes reconnecting to the ancient oceans of Hawaii to the crystal skull there and alignment with one’s greater abilities.

Ancient Hawaii has a deep history of rebirth and reforming. While connecting to this place we’ll travel through time to visit the necessary timelines that allow us to gain greater Knowledge through the ancient crystal skull located on one of the smaller islands only those of the indigenous bloodline can visit. We’ll be initiated by Pele the fire earth goddess to enter this sacred land and its lineage that goes all the way back to ancient Lemuria acting as a portal for humanity when it first arrived to this dimensional version of Earth. Reconnect to those origins to again understand who you Truly are as a Divine Universal Light Being.

I have spent quite a bit of time on the Hawaiian islands and feel and have a deep connection there. Last year during the retreat there on Kauai I was initiated by the spirit Shamans, Pele and the cetaceans that are there to live there and connect to the energy there. Prior to this I was contacted by Pele in a shamanic journey where I was initiated to connect with the land there and guided to do the retreat there, Kauai in particular which is known to be a vortex location and a place of death for rebirth as this is where new souls are said to come in. A portal or gateway to enter this dimension of Earth.

For the second session we’ll be connecting with the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) for their ancient and higher Knowledge and abilities to connect with extra terrestrial beings. These are wise, kind and playful creatures we have much to learn from. This session will allow us to connect back with these aspects of ourselves and learn new ones and gain higher Knowledge while we connect to their energy frequencies and collective mind in this timeline and the many other timelines they have existed in. As us they too have incarnated in many other lifetimes and on many other planets.

There will be a short introduction, then a 30-40 minute Light Language transmission followed by sharing and Q&A.

Item 2: Face to Face ET Contact Prep

2 Sessions

These two transmissions will activate and clear these fears on a biological level creating the DNA knowledge of how to interface with extraterrestrials in third dimensional face-to-face contact. This will assist one in not moving to panic or shutting down the experience taking place due to fear and will allow for clear telepathic communication to occur so you can meet and greet your new extraterrestrial neighbor. Most, if not all, of these initial meetings, will be with beings you know from prior Starseed incarnations, meaning your experiences on these other planets. These beings will connect with you in a familiar family way. You will learn to be open to receiving their name and what planet they are from and how they know you. After this you’ll be able to arrange meeting with them in ways that are good to both you and them and that allow for a benevolent and helpful relationship to form. These will be the first steps to extraterrestrials becoming a part of normal day-to-day existence. They have knowledge and gifts to share with you, they can offer healing and ways of doing or accomplishing things you’d otherwise never conceive of. This will advance human civilization in ways it has needed to for a long time but has been controlled by collective fear of which you are now moving out of.

For this event, there will be an intro, Q&A, and sharing after each of the 2 30-40 minute energy healing and alignment transmissions that will be working with Akashic Enlightenment, your Akashic Records, and the Book of Truth (or Multiverse Knowledge) and the Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing from the 9D Aqualorians Sherry met and was attuned by in Mount Shasta California. Their healing Light technique swiftly shifts DNA to its highest frequency available, corrects toroidal energy fields, and brings in and establishes Light frequencies to be carried in your aligned Merkabah and life or soul path that aligns with this highest alignment.

These sessions can be replayed anytime to assist you in aligning with your highest and best extraterrestrial contact session.

Item 3: ET Contact & Reconnection

3 Sessions with Activations
Reconnecting and Visiting Your Benevolent Extraterrestrial Existences, Families, and Friends

This will be a 3 session experience where we work with your Akashic Enlightenment (Your Akashic Records and the Book of Truth/Multiuniversal Knowledge) and the Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing for 3 different types of energy transmissions related to benevolent extraterrestrial contact. These will all be high frequency transmissions due to the high frequency healing space we’ll be in with Akashic Enlightenment, a 12d fully Ascended Master and Source connecting frequency.

  • 1st session Extraterrestrial onboard astral experience. We’ll astrally board an extraterrestrial craft you have a benevolent connection to at this present time.
  • 2nd session – Visit your other home planet from other extraterrestrial timelines.
  • 3rd session – Connect you with your Highest Frequency Benevolent extraterrestrial friends and family. A reunion for extended future contact.

Each session will have an intro followed by a 30-minute energy healing and alignment transmission after which we’ll share experiences and Q&A.

In this powerful training with Sherry, you will discover:

  • Assists in preparing for extraterrestrial and interdimensional being contact here on New Earth
  • Ascends your awakening process through connecting with your extraterrestrial and interdimensional being existences
  • Remember and reconnect with your extraterrestrial families and friends, something we started in the Face to Face ET Contact sessions
  • Feel again connected with these beings in positive Light and frequency
  • Gain high knowledge and healing from these benevolent extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings and existences, contacts, and connections
  • Assists in building your upper pillar of Light chakras for a continuing and strengthening ascension column

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Offer 2 Includes Everything in Option 1 PLUS:

Item 1: Aqaulorian Transmission Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session

Introduction, 30-40 minute transmission

Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing heals the body mind spirit on all levels of healing as it reconnects to one’s 9th density Original Encoding reversion by time cell maturation rate for allowing your highest form to reform and learn again to repair itself to this Original Incarnation Level of cellular memory in this current incarnation. Thus returning your cellular DNA back to its original frequency upon incarnation, and before, slowing down the cell aging or degradation process and slowing aging and illnesses on all levels connected to this. Accelerates one’s consciousness to its highest levels thus healing where illness and disharmony begins.

30 minute light language with Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing session with introduction and Q&A afterwards. Come with intentions of what you’d like to be healed especially that which has fully manifest into the physical level of dis-ease. Always drink plenty of water to allowing any detoxification to occur as well as energy integration.

Sherry met the Aqualorians first in 2018 during extra terrestrials contact at Mount Shasta California. Since then she has met with them their annually growing this seed of their Crystalline Light Healing they seeded her with then. In her last trip there in 2020 she was attuned to their 9th density Crystalline Lotus Light Healing that assists us in resetting our DNA structures back to their out of linear time state and back to the timeline of the soul out of the physical body. She was told now to bring this healing modality back to teach and attune others and use in the healing work she does. These will be a healing sessions with these 9th density frequencies.

Session 1: Personal Healing Session

The first session is a personal healing session of whatever one thinks of wanting to be healed or what needs to healed in their highest and best. The session will bring one’s body mind spirit back to their Original Resonance allowing healing on the physical, emotional, and mental levels allowing for an overall well being and healing of any ailment one wishes to bring in for healing during the session. One’s encoding will be reset on why this misalignment has been appearing to serve them and what it is like without it allowing one to grasp this understanding in their super consciousness and release it and thus their cells and DNA structures will be returned to or reminded what it is like without this version of reality they have been allowing or choosing to be experienced.

This session can be played up to 5 times in a frequency of a week for optimal performance and healing activation. More will only drown out the frequencies. Allow them to assimilate between applications. Repeat any time in the future should occurrences try to reseed or come back due to fear of being without this old way of being.

Session 1: 12D Omega Ascension Accelerator Session

The second healing session will allow to accelerate one’s well being to a higher level of being. This means an upgrade to body mind spirit being on all levels of physical, emotional, mental as well as star level. This will allow one to connect to their star lineages and apply that ancient knowledge to their being as well as use the Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing to apply it in a way that most accelerates their well being and Ascension grwoth. This is an advanced acceleration of ascension application allowing one to fast pace their awakening process to the fastest rate they can readily assimilate into their incarnated life frequency at this time that will be accepted on all levels and frequencies.

This is a 12 dimensional density upgrade allowing all levels of Light to be advanced to 12D and the Grand Omega Light Frequencies via the Councils of Light, Gold Christos Sun Omega frequencies and the Aqualorians 12D rays of Crystalline Light Healing. This is for super accelerated soul advancement and will change the trajectory of your given timeline to the most beneficial and accelerated accounting for all present appeared incarnated life experiences.

Repeat any time one is feeling ready for major soul advancement in this incarnation and others.

Item 2: Advanced Ascended Human Series

For both of these sessions we’ll be working with Akashic Enlightenment (Your Akashic Records and Universal Knowledge in the Book of Truth), connecting to Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing and the 12 point 12th density biogenesis grid of amplified Source frequencies for the New Light now available on New Earth. This includes bringing in and/or enhancing you to your new crystalline skeleton allowing you to hold and advance with the New Light energies.

The first session of this series will be Ascended Soul Path alignment with who you Truly are in this incarnation and present time. This session will help you align on your soul’s path and stay aligned so you can relisten to this at any time to help you stay on your soul’s path, clear any blocks, get out of fears and ego triggers blocking you from this path. It will also help you keep Ascending on this soul path or move you to a new upgraded soul path opening to you your highest understanding of who you Truly are along your soul’s path, your experience in alignment with Source, and your highest and happiest experience.

This second session will allow you to activate and unfold your gifts and abilities in this current incarnation as well as move you to your superhuman embodiment and manifestation of them. This includes assisting your energy bodies and field to expand to hold more high-frequency Light so you can ascend, accelerate and supercharge your higher abilities as an enhanced and advanced human. There will also be DNA structure advancement to assist with your higher enhanced abilities to awaken and grow in their strength and ability.

Item 3: The New Light & Ancestral Roots Virtual Retreat

Audio & Video Download 

The New Light & Ancestral Roots, Maui, Hawaii

This 4 day intensive will be Akashic Enlightenment work and Light Language with Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing transmissions for healing, to bring in the New Light of this Aquarian Age we are now in and understanding your ancestral roots and clearing ancestral karma.

You will be powerfully realigned with who you truly are in this New Light, download powerful codes, and ascend to higher versions of yourself accelerating your spiritual journey and awakening. We will be connecting with the island and its powerful transformative energy.

Retreat Schedule

  • Session 1: Connect with Akashic Enlightenment to Maui and Mount Haleakala for Light Language and/or Aqualorian Crystalline Healing Light transmission.
  • Session 2: Connect with Akashic Enlightenment to Maui and Mount Haleakala for Light Language and/or Aqualorian Crystalline Healing Light transmission. We’ll also work with Akashic Enlightenment to do ancestral work for enlightenment, healing, soul alignment, enhancing abilities, and clearing karma.
  • Session 3: Connect with Akashic Enlightenment to Maui and Mount Haleakala for Light Language and/or Aqualorian Crystalline Healing Light transmission. We’ll also work with Akashic Enlightenment to do ancestral work for enlightenment, healing, soul alignment, enhancing abilities, and clearing karma.
  • Session 4: Connect with Akashic Enlightenment to Maui and Mount Haleakala for Light Language and/or Aqualorian Crystalline Healing Light transmission. We’ll also work with Akashic Enlightenment to do ancestral work for enlightenment, healing, soul alignment, enhancing abilities, and clearing karma.

Item 4: Great Conjunction Online Retreat

Five Session Audio Download

The major cosmic reset of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius of 12/21/20 (like in the movie and series the Dark Crystal, a very deep movie if you haven’t seen it, watch it!) is closing out 2020 and many old energies as we move forward into a new 20 year cycle, so new energy, new world and new you. 2021 will be a revolutionary year. It has been a journey this year and now it is time to take stock, recoup, and see what is in store for you. This conjunction will call to align and step forward with this new energy so it is a very good time to go deep within, especially because it is winter and time for deep meditation and inner reflection. I’m grateful to spend this time with you doing this deep spiritual work.

In this online retreat we will be using Akashic Enlightenment to see where you are going next as well as receiving energy transmissions to support this. If you’re new to using Akashic Enlightenment I suggest doing Level 1 either in the Akashic Enlightenment book and doing all the practices in there, or doing the Level 1 personal one on one training or doing the Akashic Enlightenment Level 1 training webinar recording (with 25% discount). I will briefly go over working with Akashic Enlightenment for this class, but the more you are familiar with it already the better, so practice, practice, practice.

  • Day 1 – The great conjunction transmission to allow it to bring in what it needs. This will be an Akashic Enlightenment Light Language transmission accessing your Akashic Records and higher to Multiverse Knowledge working with the Elohim and other high frequencies of benevolent being that the Divine bring in to transmit what this conjunction and solstice has overall and for you.
  • Day 2 – Clearing transmission to help you clear out anything remaining as a block for this new energy and new cycle.
  • Day 3 – Resourcing transmission will resource and rebuild you from all the shifts and changes that have taken place.
  • Day 4 – Highest and best transmission will be to align you with your highest and best self as this conjunction is inviting you move into in the year 2021.
  • Day 5 – Akashic Enlightenment work to help you understand this new path before you.Day 6 – Tuesday, January 5th
    We will do a check in with Akashic Enlightenment to see how everything is sitting, address personal questions and concerns, and a final full integration transmission to settle everything.

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