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Monicor is the only device in the world with a database of acupuncture points and meridians and pathogens’ frequencies!

And is the only device which is able to detect and to correct such frequencies. It’s easy to use and much cheaper than other bioresonance therapy devices.

Learn about a NEW device with functions that will blow your mind!

Introducing Monicor!

An entirely NEW system for comprehensive health checks and correction

This health check and correction system is:

  • Very Informative
  • Very Fast
  • Very Simple to use
  • Scientifically proven and without side-effects!

Monicor offers:

  • A 3 minute diagnostic evaluation of organs and systems in real time, showing up to 1170  functional stress conditions
  • Assessment of up to 70 psycho-emotional states.
  • A clear picture of the condition of your meridian system:  Detects weak energy flow or lack of energy in the meridians and then corrects and balances these meridians back to health
  • Detection and then a correction of weak acupuncture points –  effective acupunture WITHOUT needles!
  • Shows potential disease risks and lack or excess of energy in organs and systems
  • Symptom analysis
  • Symptom correction which normalizes, balances, corrects and detoxes organs and systems (immune, nervous, lymph, endocrine, spiritual balance etc.)
  • Color and music therapy which improves the brain’s functions by balancing the brain rhythms, which in turn balances the nervous- and the hormone system.
  • Checks which foods, nutrients and supplements suits your body
  • DNA repair
  • Real time analysis of the effects of OTHER therapeutic methods
  • Chakra diagnostics
  • Showing your biorhythms (when you are strong/weak intellectually, physically, psychologically, intuition-wise)
  • Adaptation status in real time, i.e., how how well your organism copes with challenges at the time of measurement

Monicor is the only device in the world with an extensive database of frequencies for acupuncture points, meridians and pathogens, and which is able to both perform detailed analyses and  corrections in real time mode.

Monicor can be used by anyone with moderate computer knowledge, treating anyone from the age of 7.

Scientifically proven to be very effective and without side-effects.

Monicor has been an integrated part in the Russian health care system for over 10 years.

Monicor MR

Who can use it?

Professional therapists and individuals like you and me

Sphere of application:

Medicine for Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Naturopaths:

  • To detect energy imbalances;
  • To authentically localize pathological processes;
  • To observe the process of a patient’s state and change in the course of treatment;
  • To control any physio-energy and other procedures in real-time operation mode;
  • To control the efficiency of people with paranormal features treatment in real-time operation mode.
  • Monicor allows for study of the dynamics in rehabilitation .
  • Detecting diseases of organs and systems at a pre-clinical stage – at the stage of functional changes;
  • Comparative supervision of a patient’s state in dynamics with assessment if rehabilitation procedures are efficient;
  • Detecting predisposition to various diseases
  • Detecting backbone’s and musculoskeletal system’s functional state;
  • Purposeful approach to laboratory diagnostics. Testing parasitosis.

Many therapists in Sweden have already been able to double and triple their client base in only weeks!

Monicor treatments are becoming highly sought after and clients are traveling long distances to find therapists.


Psychologists can use Monicor for the following purposes:

  • Assessing psychophysical innate abilities and suitability for certain kinds of work which demands high energy spend, risk, high responsibility;
  • Detecting psychological compatibility in a teams (sport, professional);
  • Part of professional human resources recruiting process.

MONICOR can help on-site psychologists to:

  • Monitor the functional and emotional condition of personnel in order to identify the degree of emotional fatigue,
  • Prevent nervous breakdowns,
  • Identify the level of risk before a critical task (job clearance),
  • Screen for tendency to anti-social behavior patterns (i.e. suicide, drugs) and identify persons in need of psychotherapy

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  • e-book ”Effective Breathing for Modern People” (Value: $19) Learn how effective breathing can heal and rejuvenate the entire body, release stress and much more…
  • Healing THM MP3 transmission for your nervous system (Value: $49) Balance this important regulatory system which is the first system to become imbalanced prior to disease.
  • 10 Steps Module ”Cardiovascular System” (Value: $87) Video + pdf to help you learn all you need to know to create a healthy and strong heart, blood vessels and blood.
  • Access to our private FB group (Value: $77) Where you can ask user questions and get many extra tips and information about all our quantum wellness tools.
  • 21 Day live THM Healing transmission ”Boosting your Joy & Happiness Levels!” (Value: $200) (starts June 30th)

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Technical Requirements

In order for the device/system to work on your computer, you need the following:

  • PC or Mac with windows
  • System requirements: Min. processor speed : 1.66 Ghz, RAM-memory: 4 Gb
  • Operative systems for both PC and Mac: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Hard drive with a free capacity of 500 Mb
  • One USB port
  • Sound card with one port for earphones (only Monicor MR)
  • Basic knowledge of working with a PC
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