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Ancestral StoryClearing

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Ancestral StoryClearing + Private Session

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Ancestral StoryClearing is an advanced healing technique enabling you to energetically travel back into your family’s past to energetically release an unwanted embedded family story thereby allowing you to experience more happiness, health, love, prosperity and more fulfilling relationships.

What Ancestral Stories and Current Stories are disrupting your happiness, relationships, finances, and well-being?

Learn how the Nine Karmic Stories passed down from your Ancestors are impacting your life!

StoryClearing benefits your children and all your descendants.

Did you know that the sufferings, life experiences, gifts, strengths, traumas, and heartaches of your Ancestors are embedded in your DNA?

You may be unconsciously reliving their stories!


This may explain why you keep falling into the same old patterns with your WORK and RELATIONSHIPS and why you often feel empty and confused about your life.

The Karmic stories of your Ancestors influence your life, decisions, relationships, soul’s purpose, health, and career.

Your Ancestors are ready and willing to provide you with guidance.

They may no longer be alive in their bodies, but your Ancestors continue to exist in yours.

Your DNA includes the gifts, blessings, and traumas of the many thousands of loved ones who came before you.

So, not only are your Ancestors alive in your body, their mission from the Spirit World is to help you with your life journey.

Your Ancestors 14 generations back can assist you with all that you face in your daily life.

Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are always with you.  Their wisdom is a profound source of guidance.

Learn how to partner with your Ancestors to create incredible relationships, experience profound self-love, release the past, and embrace happiness.

Clearing the Karmic Stories experienced by your Ancestors up to 14 generations before you will help you experience a deeper level of happiness.


Start your Ancestral StoryClearing Journey with Dr. MoNique’s new Four -Week  Guided Ancestral StoryClearing Program to help you achieve your 2020 vision.  This Guided Soul Journey Begins on December 5.


Your Guided Ancestral StoryClearing Journey includes:

Week ONE: December 5

Creating Your Healing Ancestor Altar – Learn techniques for creating an altar that welcomes the Ancestors into your life.  Create a small or large altar of your choice. Design an altar that will help you achieve your 2020 Vision

You will receive:

  • Honoring Your Ancestors – Designing Your Ancestor Altar – PDF – A step by step guide for designing your altar
  • Email tips for creating your unique altar
  • What is your vision worksheet


Week Two: December 12

Ancestral StoryClearing Session – Receive channeled messages from your Ancestors in this live online StoryClearing Circle.  Ask your Ancestors questions, receive spiritual practices, and tips to support you with clearing stories that are disrupting your happiness.

You will receive:

  • December 12 – A Live Online Group StoryClearing Session
    • Attend live or listen to the recording
    • Ask questions and receive guidance
    • If you can’t attend the live session, email your question before the session, and I’ll do your healing during the live call. You can listen to the replay at your convenience to experience your Ancestral StoryClearing and messages.
    • Everyone will have the opportunity to receive healing messages and guidance from their Ancestor/s.


Week Three: December 19

Honoring and Welcoming the Ancestors – Learn how to use your Ancestor Altar to welcome guidance, wisdom, and protection from your Ancestors to achieve your 2020 Vision.

You will receive:

  • A Live Online Session with Dr. MoNique: December 19 – During this session, you will receive tips, tools, and techniques for creating an Altar that calls your wise, ascended ancestors closer to you. You will receive spiritual practices that you can use to welcome Ancestral Guidance into your life and home.

Week Four:  January 9

Healing Through Forgiveness – Begin Clearing Karmic Stories in your Lineage with these powerful healing meditation audios.  When we release the Ancestors of their burdens, they can support us and provide us with profound wisdom.

You will receive:

  • January 9: You will receive by email two powerful audio meditations to help you release karmic stories from your lineage
    • Forgiveness Meditation
    • Poverty Clearing Forgiveness Meditation

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Offer 2 Includes:

Ancestral StoryClearing Sessions- with Dr. Monique

In your private session, you will be guided to the Ancestors whose stories might be negatively impacting your life.  During the StoryClearing session, you will receive Spiritual Practices that will help you release the stories and partner with your Ancestors to bring more joy into your life.

  • One Private Ancestral StoryClearing Sessions – 45 minutes
    • During your Private Session we will uncover your most challenge Karmic Story.
    • We will connect with your Ancestors to Clear the Story
    • We will receive guidance and wisdom to help you clear the stories from your life

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What People Have to Say About Dr. Hunt


“Words don’t describe what Dr. MoNique has done for me but I’ll give it a go. She’s released me and my ancestors from generations of burdens which relieved me from physical, mental and emotional pain in my body and mind. She’s opened and cleared a pathway for my life to transition. She has connected me with The Grandmother’s and helped to heal relationships affecting my relationships today. She has confirmed and validated my being an Intuitive Empath and is gently initiating me into this new world. Dr. MoNique has changed my life. “


“Before working with Dr. Monique, I was angry, sad, and heartbroken after my boyfriend betrayed me. She helped me clear betrayal from my ancestral lineage.  The pain was released, and I was able to attract my true soulmate. I have a relationship that I could never have imagined!  Thank you, Dr. Monique, you are a gift!”   Kim C, California


“Dr. Monique’s Ancestral StoryClearing sessions have changed my life.  Poverty, money struggles and financial disasters have always been part of my family. She told me about one of my Ancestors who earned millions but lost it all.  She also connected with a grandmother who was disowned by her wealthy family and lived a life of poverty.  We were able to heal poverty stories these Ancestors experienced. I have tried for years to stop what has often felt like a curse on my family and me.  After working with Dr. Monique, I was offered a new job and promotion that included a salary increase.  My son won a scholarship to pay for 90% of his college tuition.  My husband found a job after searching for over eight months.  My family is thriving like never before.  Thank you, Dr. Monique.” – Karen Smith


“With this message, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Monique E Hunt for a wonderful healing session with me today. As a healer and intuitive soul myself, I can really appreciate many things that she does during her Ancestry Healing sessions. First, she is excellent at offering a very clear structure together with all the needed flexibility during the whole session according to how things develop.

She has a tremendous natural rapport with the Ancestors, and she can connect with them in a very profound and loving way. All the messages she shared resonated with me, my family and my life. The healing space she offers is filled with respect, empathy, and compassion.

You just need to make sure to remain open and to let this wonderful woman guide you throughout the session. It will be not only painless but a source of wisdom and inspiration for yourself.

I am really looking forward to our next session together in two weeks’ time. In the meantime, I will be reflecting on the objectives we set together during our first session. My ancestors and I feel grateful for your support and for helping us to connect deeply. Lots of love and respect for what you are sharing.” ~ Joy Bliss


“When you are a trusted leader, it is important to have those trusted advisors that you turn to, Monique is one of those trusted advisors.  I was experiencing some stuck energy and was having a hard time shifting it. I spent exactly an hour with Monique, and everything shifted.”   ~ Jennifer Urezzio – Soul Language Founder