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Your Heart Knows the Way Home

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Your Heart Knows the Way Home

13 guided meditations & affirmations

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Private Sessions with Nedda Wittels

Animal Communication or
Spiritual Empowerment Ascension Coaching

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Everything in Option 1 & 2
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Offer 1 Includes:

Your Heart Knows the Way Home

This powerful series of 13 guided meditations and affirmations is designed to assist you as you navigate the path of transformation into full 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness.  These mediations and affirmations help you clear away the debris left over from 3-D living.

In this series, you have opportunities to release pain, opportunities to eliminate memories of experiences holding you back, and opportunities to choose freedom.  You can also choose to experience the Golden Heart Qualities, such as Self-love, Self-worth, Gratitude, Compassion, Generosity, Contentment, and Forgiveness.

All 13 mediations were created by Higher Guidance as Divine Offerings to assist you on your path to restoring Unity Consciousness and Divine Love within you.  Each recording, has a special focus, such as your chakra system, one of your 7 primary chakras, or one of 3 organs of your physical body that cleans out toxins:  your liver, kidneys, and lungs.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Private Sessions with Nedda Wittels

Choose ONE of the following private sessions to experience the benefits of working with a skilled, compassionate, supportive, heart-centered Ascension guide and teacher.

Animal Communication.

Your animals are experiencing the ascension process, too.

In a private Animal Communication session with Nedda, you will:

  • Experience “live simultaneous translation” of your animal’s perspective received telepathically.
  • Participate in the conversation as it happens.
  • Expand your awareness of your animal’s perspectives, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Deepen your connection with your animal companions as you work together to resolve issues and make decisions affecting your lives together.

Spiritual Empowerment Ascension Coaching™.

You experience in life whatever you choose.  Are you choosing Consciously?

In a private coaching session, you have an opportunity to take significant steps to:

  • Restore your personal power and create clarity, harmony, and balance within so that your world will reflect your new choices.
  • Discover that you can follow your Soul path and achieve your personal goals.
  • Connect with and receive guidance from your I Am Presence, your own Divine Self.
  • Experience the power of the Emotion Code™, a system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to clear away emotional blocks that are holding you back.

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Offer 3 Includes Everything in Option 1 & 2 PLUS:


Combination of Offerings #1 and #2 PLUS Bonus Recorded Meditation 

Make a leap forward on your personal path.

You will receive everything in Offer #1 Your Heart Knows the Way Home AND you will choose the type of private session you receive; either Animal Communication  >>OR<<  Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™.

BONUS:  “I Am Perfectly Healthy.” Free MP3 recording valued at $25.

Don’t let fear, anxiety, and panic about the Corona Virus take over your life.  Experience a free Healing Meditation and Immune System Boost-up.  This program is designed to help you:

  • Shift your beliefs about how illness is created.
  • Shift your beliefs about your body’s ability to protect itself.
  • Shift your consciousness to a place of love, calm, peace, harmony, and compassion for yourself and others.
  • Shift your physical body’s ability to restore and maintain Divine Perfection.

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Animal Communication Testimonials

Courtney Wren-Mabbutt, British Columbia, Canada

My husband and I reached out to Nedda regarding our dog Anu, a 15-month old Great Pyranese/Akbash, who had hurt her leg and was lame.  Nedda was clear, fun, informed, so spot on, and very responsive.  She so easily connected with our dog and our 2 cats. They all felt relaxed and open with her. She captured and related with their personalities so clearly and helped us gain clarity into what was happening for each of them.

Nedda’s energetic scan of Anu indicated an energy jam around one of Anu’s vertebrae. A distance healing in a separate session energetically shifted the jam to facilitate healing.  Most importantly, Nedda was able to communicate with Anu how important it is that she rest in order to heal.  This made a huge difference in her attitude and eventual recovery.

Karen Durochia, Pennsylvania

I just wanted you to know that my dog, Millie, is doing much better since our telephone call last Thursday.  She has started to take some interest in playing with her toys and not spending so much time sleeping and being sad about Maggie’s death last year.  It was so good to hear from Maggie during our session.  I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.  I really miss her so much.  It makes me wonder if she will come back to me someday reincarnated, but I guess that is up to her.

Jack Gerster, Connecticut

I’ve been meaning to get back to you regarding our cat, Purr-cy  our 12-year old cat who had urinated on rugs, furniture, beds, etc., and since there was no medical reason for this behavior, we had decided to work with you. 

I’m happy to report that Purr-cy has been doing MUCH better.  The biggest change we made that you suggested was getting a bigger, topless litter box.  Purr-cy has not had one “accident” since we spoke with you!   Thank you so much for your help.

Spiritual Empowerment Coaching™ Testimonials

Halina Baranowski, Ontario, Canada

Thank you again and again for your wonderful session on December 22nd, 2008. Your loving gentle approach facilitated a profound healing of long-standing issues that were ruling my life since early childhood. What was most impressive to me was your quick zeroing on core issues and amazing number of issues that were brought to light.

Just as I said in our conversation of today, your work is valuable, important, and makes profound change for everyone that can experiences it.  This is accelerated approach for the new time.  Please keep doing what you are doing and more of it.

Doreen A. Agostino, Ontario, Canada

Guided by Nedda’s gentle and loving energy yesterday, I had an expansive and rewarding experience.  I connected with 2 hidden aspects of myself:  the Perfectionist and the Self-Saboteur, both male and both very powerful.  With loving support from Nedda, new awareness and deep gratitude for my aspects who did their job SO VERY WELL, my 2 male aspects willingly accepted new supportive roles in my life.

Maryfran  Korb, Ohio

Today my miracle is having a session with Nedda.  For me, she coached like an experienced doctor guiding sextuplets out of darkness and into a conscious world.

Nedda addressed the wounds so nature could do the healing.  Lovingly, she connected separate (rejected) parts, so wholeness can blossom fully.  My heart is full.  THANK YOU, NEDDA!!!