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3 Sessions Plus 1 LIVE Group Integration Call

“Step out of the spiritual closet and into your role as a powerful lightworker.”


Ready to ascend into the New Earth Paradigm?

New Earth Coaching sessions are an immersion into Ascension.

I will guide you across the bridge from the limitations of the old earth matrix into New Earth 5D Consciousness.  

Sessions offer personalized support to guide you to experiencing a more awakened life. For you to realize the truth of your untapped potential, to spread your wings and to shine your light! 

These are not psychotherapy sessions.  However, they are balanced with boundaries, ethics, and grounded discernment as a result of my work as a Licensed Psychotherapist for over 15 years.

Being awake means knowing the truth. A truth that is in alignment with your heart and allows your inner light to shine brightly.

People will notice your new glow and that spring in your step, and they will wonder what you’re doing!

However, so many of us are not living our truth.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • not feeling seen for the real you
  • uncertain of what your life purpose is
  • expending lots of energy where you’re not supported
  • feeling like you are in a rut or burnt out
  • staying in situations that lack joy
  • feeling successful in a material sense…yet feeling terribly empty
  • listening to what everyone else thinks
  • being afraid to let go of what’s comfortable
  • feeling generally uninspired by your life

These are symptoms of not living your awakened life.
Believe me I have been there!

Awakening is no easy task and can require deep work and making
some difficult changes in your life.  However, in the New Earth energies this process is becoming easier.

This is where I come in.

I help you move successfully and efficiently through this process.
I combine my knowledge of the energetic world with practical techniquesbased on 15 years of psychotherapy experience.

This helps you resolve blocks, rise above your current reality, and live your best life.

You can also count on me to be an emotional support and a loving cheerleader through your transformation.
(I love this part of my work!)

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In our sessions we:

  • identify and clear out what is holding you back
  • learn how to break from unhealthy situations and relationships that are draining you
  • learn and practice boundaries
  • practice self-sourcing – not feeling dependent on people or external sources for validation and fulfillment
  • clarify the life you want to live
  • learn to envision and manifest your goals successfully
  • create a daily lifestyle that supports your mind and spirit​

You will:

  • go from feeling burnt out to feeling energized and inspired
  • identify old habits quickly and replace them with newer, more positive ones
  • break from unhealthy situations and relationships that are holding you back
  • know how to focus on and create the life you want
  • ugrade your game – personally, professionally and spiritually
  • experience extraordinary living as your new normal

If you are ready to step forward, our work will help free you from what
holds you back from having your new and shiny life!

“No more holding back. Let your light shine. Live the life you were meant to live!” ~ Tracy Kenline


Since working with Tracy, I am the happiest I have ever been. I feel a deeper and more meaningful connection with my own soul and with those around me.

— Alicia.W, Pharmacist


Working with Tracy has changed my life and how I see myself. I am confident in my decisions, and I’m living the life I want to live. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I am able to maintain it. I use Tracy’s tools daily.

— Hannah M, Fitness Instructor

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