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New Earth Rising

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$333 USD upfront

The New Earth Rising Package

$177 USD per month by 4th month

Activations, Education and Community for New Earth Leaders

How to Activate your Energy to Rise in your LEADERSHIP, Help Others Awaken & Increase Your Abundance

(without wasting time on methods that don’t work or getting lost in the matrix!)

Weekly Live Channelled Energetic Activations ($2561 Value)

These energetic transmissions hold the key to raising your frequency, which enables you to clear your energetic blocks and step into alignment. This means you will finally be able to activate your highest potential, the one you were born to live, that’s aligned with your highest soul purpose.

90-Day Alignment Map ($397 Value)

This is a 90 Day Online Program that guides you through the step-by-step process of Calm, Connection and Clarity which empowers you to make intuitive decisions from the heart. This allows you to align yourself with universal flow to live a life with more ease, grace and harmony.

5-Day Money Challenge ($297 Value)

This 5-Day Catalyst Program makes it a snap for you to unblock your money flow, blast through your money limits and expand your money flow. This allows you to receive money with ease so you can finally experience true abundance.

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses…

Bonus #1: 90 Day Access To The Premium Meditation + Activation Suite (The Value of this first Bonus Piece is $1388)

This is the ultimate collection of every meditation and activation Eesha has recorded in the past 3 years. This makes it easy for you to integrate and maintain your new vibrational state, setting you up for long-term results.

Bonus #2: The Ascension Webinar Series (The value of this second bonus is $594)

This is a collection of workshop style webinars that gives you the framework to access our multidimensional universe. This means you can finally understand how our universe actually works to then do incredible things like connect to your spirit and galactic guides.

Bonus #3: Exclusive Access to Earth Rising Facebook Group with Weekly Q & A (The value of this third Bonus is **priceless**!!)

This private Facebook group with weekly live Q&A with Eesha makes it simple for you to get your burning questions answered in a relevant and timely manner. This takes away the stress of trying to navigate this mysterious journey on your own. The tribe, support and guidance means you will finally be able to make accelerated progress in your spiritual journey.

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