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Personal Healing Session

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Conference of Crystal Light Souls held in Toronto Oct.26th -27th 2019

Replay Recording both Audio and Video

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Both Option 1 & 2

Personal Healing Session and
Crystal Light Souls Replay Recording

Special Offer 1 Includes Personal 40 Minute Healing Session

NoraWalksInSpirit begins all her Sessions with the Highest Vibrations of STILLNESS There will be heightened Energies arriving onto her Crown Chakra, into her Inner Mind, as the Masters’ of Multi-Dimensions orchestrate Light Essences of Intelligences into her Heart and Soul. Once connected within her Body, Mind and Soul a beautiful Telepathic Thread of Intelligences weaves within her as the Master Consciousness transmits LOVE LIGHT into the awaiting open Mind and Awakened Soul waiting for Healing.

You, simply begin Breathing IN, Connecting, and then “HOLD” onto the LIGHT Vibration that shall pour within you of your own IAM Presence. The Light Languages spoken will deliver the Healing/Teaching during the entire Session.

A Teaching, Understanding of Clearing low Vibrations of Consciousness trapped in the body and mind will be expressed. A beautiful LOVE Essence Vibration will be poured into the Activation to completely Seal the profound Knowledge that will be delivered.

TESTIMONY from a Healing Session:
My Alignment with Nora was so helpful! As a result of our session, I felt renewed in my dedication to my Presence and received some very helpful guidance to get me past stuck places in my Meditations. (Active Mind) Most importantly, I had some confusion about how to pursue my own spiritual Sovereignty and I left the call clear and excited to move forward. Nora provided me gently guidance through her Masters. Highly recommend her!!

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Special Offer 2 Includes Replay Recording both Audio and Video from the latest Conference of Crystal Light Souls held in Toronto Oct.26th -27th 2019

This is a conference for those who are moving into the ASCENSION frequencies that is now unfolding onto the Planet. We will begin with the unlocking patterns and programs and unleashing your mind from all that WAS to all that IS to be of Mastery.

The first day will begin with a symphony of chimes and gongs and ringing in your ears elevating your Consciousness for the Medicine Teachings of Clearing the Body and Mind taught by Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard. I with the Infinite Masters of many Dimensions will align, balance and attune your Outer Bodies into your own Mastery Fields

We will be infusing and building the MATRIX Fields with LIGHT Strands and LIGHT Quotients of Higher Realms to amplify, electrify your own Bodies and Minds with teachings and healings preparing you for the following day of Activations. Magical Music pours through Michael Moon, as the Journeys and Activations will be delivered through both Pete and I for you to TRANSCEND into the All-Knowing state of your Crystal Light Soul and so begin your own journey into Ascension.

2 Day Conference  Audios to Integrate and Elevate your Journey

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Special Offer 2 Includes Personal Session and Conference of Crystal Light Souls

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Each month the Masters have asked to speak through ME to transmit the upcoming Knowledge, Preparation and Activation for the opening a new month ahead on a “Telepathic Tuesday” evening. I bring in the Higher Light Beings, Higher Masters of Multi-Dimensions, who will connect to YOU and your Spirit Guides, Masters, Angelic Ones and all other Teachers/Masters and Gate-Keepers who walk with  you. You will be receiving an Attunement with an Activation within their Knowledge delivered

This FREE Telepathic Tuesday taken from April 30th, 2019 Join the Masters and Nora to Balance, Align, and Connect “INSIDE-OUTSIDE and ALL AROUND” It is through the Alignment and Balancing of the Left and Right Brainwave Patterns blending of the Masculine and Feminine Frequencies into ONENESS that creates the “Golden Godliness Consciousness” to assist in Transforming into the Master Soul of All–Knowing, All-Being, new Human Light Soul. Align into the Essence of STILLNESS and Just be ME