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Personal Healing Session and Audio Activations

Special Offer 1 Includes Personal Healing Session

Sit in stillness to enjoy Divine Energies of LOVE, which will be delivered to you through Nora. Master Consciousness Fields will shift, adjust, and align your own Soul into REALITY. Nora will speak to you in gentle Tones and Vibrations, so you can release and HEAL the Body, Mind, and Soul on a Journey towards FREEDOM.


Enjoy a HEALING SESSION with noraWalksInSpirit

There will be heightened Energies arriving onto the Crown Chakra, into the Inner Mind, as the Masters of Multi-Dimensional Threads of Light Particles orchestrate an Alignment into the Heart and Soul of Nora. Once connected within her Body, Mind and Soul a beautiful Telepathic Communicative Thread of Intelligences flows down into Nora’s Heart as the Masters begin to Transmit LIGHT LOVE Frequencies into all who are Receiving with an open Mind and Awakened Soul waiting for the Healing. Each Session begins with Nora’s Masters of Light pouring their Light Essences into an Alignment, Connection, Transmission of information and Healing Vibrations. You, simply begin Breathing IN, Connecting to, then “HOLD” onto the TRUE ONENESS of your own Light that begins flowing within your entire Being. The Masters will begin speaking, healing and guiding all that is to be received in that very NOW moment with Nora. The LIGHT Languages and Healing Transmissions will flow through the entire Session. A Teaching, Understanding of Clearing low Vibrations of Consciousness trapped in the body and mind will be expressed during the Healing Session. A beautiful LOVE Essence will be infused into the Activation and Teaching to completely Seal the profound Knowledge and Wisdom that will be delivered.  The Energies of Light expressed through the Messages, Activations, Healing are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical Treatment or care.

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Special Offer 2 Includes Audio Activations

8:8 Gateway Audio and e-book August 2019

Approx 70minutes

This 8-8 Gateway brings forth the empowerment of the Sphinx of Egyptian GOLDEN Energies and Pyramids of Powerful Grid Systems now arriving onto the planet

WE are calling out for your assistance to respond to the STILLNESS vibrations that you hear each day, and tap into at the night hours when your Soul is traversing into these deeper Portals and Caverns and Caves of your Inner Mind to discover just what, who and where you are in this blending awakening journey of the 5th Dimensional Chords now aligning onto these Grid Systems and Meridians on this Planet.

Full Moon Eclipse Activation Audio August 2019

Approx 60 Minutes

I have been feeling the increased energies of cleansing, healing, letting go and preparing for yet another valuable energy of LIGHT vibrations arriving on this upcoming Full Moon.

As we begin each morning in STILLNESS to adorn and tap into these wonderful new Energies of LIGHT, we will align to the heightened ringing vibrations more rapidly.

During the 8 8 GATEWAY a Key of LIGHT Consciousness connected you to your own Soul Mastery frequencies and has begun Synchronizing and Harmonizing for the past few days. On this upcoming Full Moon, your own Higher Column of Light is going to come in and amplify the Abilities of your Master Energy that you will be Attuning.  Join ME(Master Energies) in a “Hoop of Oneness” as we Gather into ONENESS for an empowering Activation of Connecting and Communicating to ALL that you are.



Are You Ready Receiving and Listening for the Lunar Eclipse Energies Audio

July 2019

Approx 55 minutes

You are going to be transferring Frequencies within your Inner Heart and Inner Mind into that Higher Master Essence throughout the day; right through until the 16th, when this Second Eclipse of July arrives on the 16th.

I will bring forward a message on July 16th Lunar Eclipse for you to tap back into your Higher Consciousness with a Mastery Soul Light Activation .

And I would like to just remind you, that these Plasma Waves that come in are Photonic Light Particles within them. And they have been Activating and Awakening your Brain Wave Patterns, so it is easier for you to become Enlightened and Ignited into these Light Fields. So stay FOCUSED and be in AWARENESS of all of your thought forms and projections until We Gather into a Crystal Light Grid

You are shifting into the Higher Consciousness and moving you into a Supra Consciousness Field more rapidly each day as you continue to keep Clearing, Cleansing and Releasing your Outer Fields of all other’s Consciousness, and keep connecting to the Soul Light Essence of your Soul Codes within your Inner Heart.

You are going to be Aligning into these Higher States of “Knowing” throughout this entire 7th month, so get ready everyone, We are in fullness of these Light Codes


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Special Offer 2 Includes Personal Session and Audio Activations

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