SO Octavia Brooks Spirituality Toolkit

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Love, Money and Balance
Energy Balancing for Confidence and Protection
10 Mini classes + PDF

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Amplify Inner Magnetism for Relationships and Achievement
Business Soul Retrieval – guided visualization
+ Option 1

Offer 1 Includes:

Love, Money and Balance

Item 1: Energy Balancing for Confidence and Protection 

Audio .Zip file of 10 daily mini-classes + PDF

Be the calm center in the eye of the storm. This mini-class series covers simple yet profound energy balancing techniques that are quick and healthy for your daily practice.  These visualizations help you feel centered, clear and empowered in any situation, such as for speaking, meetings, teaching, selling, etc.

Release distracting energies and overwhelm and prevent over-giving and over-doing.  Drink in rejuvenation and stabilize yourself.  Learn how to cleanse and protect your energy, and give blessings.  A must for anyone on the Lightworker path.

As a Weight Loss Coach I thought this Energy Balancing class could help me with my members. What an impact you have had on my membership. I’ve listened and listened again and again. Membership has increased the message is getting through. It’s as though a light turned on. Wow wow wow I’m sure it must be you Octavia. Nothing else has changed. Synchronicity is now a daily event. I was drawn to you and have had a huge success. Perhaps one day I will meet you in person. Blessings my friend. 💖💖💖” – Caddie

“Great to have these tools; I enjoyed the practice with real-world scenarios in the last class — that was really helpful. Thank you.” -Julie

“My deepest gratitude for this life-changing class. In the midst of craziness in my life, it has been a lifeline.” -Deenan

“I really loved this course because it gives you tools that you can use both during meditation and in everyday life. I feel calmer, more confident, and more graceful after having done this course.” -Roberta


Item 2: Meet your Inner Money-maker – guided visualization

MP3 Audio

Travel to an astral temple where you and your guide encounter the Money gods.  These gods rustle together a part of you who represents all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money, from this life and any past lives.  As you drop into your compassion and listen to this part of you, Inner Money Maker transforms, heals and comes into full vibrancy. Richly blessed by all the divine beings and your own self-love, your Inner Money Maker opens your way to wealth and abundance.


Item 3: BE the One you Love

MP3 Audio

Learn what Octavia discovered in her journey of developing her complex skillset of self-love.  This ceremony includes the full invocations of the energetic container, 7 directions, and divine energies to rejuvenate you.  Within the support of divine guides, nurture the hungry parts of you.  The learn how to awaken and use your own divine heart to fulfill your deepest needs and bring yourself into wholeness and re-birth.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Item 1: Amplify Inner Magnetism for Relationships and Achievement
Business Soul Retrieval – guided visualization

MP3 Audio

Use this guided visualization to resolve current business issues or amplify your business skills to open up your pathways to greater achievement.  Choose a specific intention then go into ceremony.  Find, heal and re-integrate a part of you who gives you what you need to move ahead and make progress.  You’ll take a walk to a sacred temple and within the Chamber of Lost Souls you will be supported by divine spirit helpers.  Notice how much easier it is to take your next big step toward business success after this internal re-integration.  Repeat this process with different intentions and bring yourself into greater focus.

Item 2: Make your Life Vision Come True – visit the Pool of Imagination

MP3 Audio

Visit (and re-visit) the Pool of Imagination and see your dream life reflected in 360-degree rich fullness to magnetize it to you.  As you indulge in a full sensory experience of your dream life, you pre-program your subconscious to become an ally that inspires and motivates you in the fulfillment of your desires.  Play this audio daily for best results.

Item 3: Receive Great Connections and Grow your Influence

MP3 Audio

This ceremony includes the full invocations of sacred space, the 7 directions, and divine energies.  Then in a guided journey, visit three inner chambers inside the Temple Without Boundaries. Release your invisibility in the Chamber of Cleansing. In the Chamber of Learning, recognize you already know how to meet the right people and connect authentically.  In the Chamber of Expansion, grow comfortable with being more influential.

Item 4: Call in your Star Supporters

MP3 Audio

Meet the shining stars of your life in the astral and call them into your life with your heart so you can meet them in person. In sacred space and through guided journey, send out your heart call and connect with the divine star beings who are in your soul family for this lifetime.  Commune with your community of beloveds who help you expand and grow into the greatest possibilities of your life.

YES! I want Octavia’s special offer Option 2

What People have to say about Octavia

Alyssa Johnson, Personal & Business Growth Catalyst
Working with Octavia was wonderful! Her connection with the Divine is extraordinary and she provided me really helpful information about a project I’m working on. The Shamanic journey was crucial in my efforts to overcome my fears and play bigger. I clearly experienced a reintegration of a part of me that desires to experience life differently than how I’ve been taught. It was as if the “should” in me was calmed down and I could see the creative aspect of me coming forth. The dreams I had when I started my work with Octavia felt small and I started dreaming and desiring in a bigger way. It’s really exciting to feel boundless, expansive and like anything can happen. It feels magical and in alignment with how I desire to experience life. Working with Octavia was phenomenal and I strongly recommend that people who feel called to experience her gifts and magic listen to that inner calling and move forward with her.

Pearl, Canada
I met Octavia at few months ago, at a peer-to-peer gathering exploring the overlaps between design and other disciplines, where I was introduced to Shamanic Journeying for the first time. I am also undergoing a personal transformation, and discovered Shamanic Journeys to be an insightful tool for personal growth. Be it in person, or digitally, Octavia created a safe environment to place me safely within myself, to retrieve emotions and memories. She guided me to be comfortable and vulnerable with myself – body, mind, heart and soul – and in turn, I became open and receptive to accepting changes in my life. I learned that I have the courage and strength within myself to change the trajectory of my life, and live a life of abundance. Octavia’s facilitation is deeply rooted in kindness, non-judgment and love, and I am grateful for her gift of deep connection and spirituality. I would not hesitate to reach out to her to further your growth, personal and/or professional.

Ilse Noppen, Career and Life Coach and Author of Crafting the Authentic You
Before I started working with Octavia, I struggled with finding a balance between my assignments and finding a positive outlook. I felt drained. Since my sessions with her my energy has shifted, I feel in touch with myself, I am finding the energy to do the things I want with positive energy. Didn’t think this could be possible at all! Thank you very much, Octavia!
Lee Drozak, WordPress Teacher, Doer, and Fixer
Before I started working with Octavia, I struggled with perfection and showing up in uninterrupted mind space. I was failing to produce social live broadcasts and video recording because everything was not “perfect” for the recording or session. Octavia got right to the root of the matter and helped me work through what was blocking me while giving me the energy to move forward. She also confirmed that I was meant to be a teacher based on past experiences. After just one session, I feel more at peace when working on presenting and have tackled a few lives while chaos was happening behind the scenes. I was able to focus on the screen and not on the disruptions. Octavia is a calming force who is kind, gentle but a little tough. I find her beautiful soul put me in a space I needed to be so that I could be open to what she brought to our session. If you’re stuck, give Octavia a try.

Carole R Gill, President, Carole Gill Consulting
I’ve been in business for myself for over 20 years. I’m spiritual but had no idea what Shamanism was before I met Octavia. I asked her to help me get off my plateau…for years I wanted to put an online revenue stream in place and follow some other dreams to make money easier and plan for my future. I would start these projects and keep stalling out.
Octavia has such unique talents – she is business-savvy and can also read the energy of my business. She identified a childhood part of me who made my website project seem overwhelmingly big, instead of just a step in the plan of launching my revenue stream. After we cleared that and through some other processes, I gained clarity, creativity and focus, and attracted the help I needed to get that thing done! Octavia has dragged me out of the rabbit hole of distraction more than once. She also helped me walk in right relationship in complicated family dynamics that were draining my energy.
It has meant so much to connect with Octavia consistently, to help me take consistent steps to play bigger in my life and business. I recommend Octavia to anyone who is struggling in their business or personal lives.