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Pet as Portals

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Pets as Portals 5-Module Course
+ Free Month to Our Private Membership Center

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Pets as Portals 5-Module Course
+ Free Month to Our Private Membership Center
+ 30 Minute Intuitive Reading with Numerology Assessment

Offer 1: Pets as Portals 5-Module Course
+ Free Month to Our Private Membership Center

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit higher realms and dimensions alongside your animal companion, and go deeper with each visit?

Our animal companions are experts at hopping from one realm to another, whereas most of us humans are still taking the scenic route. The simplest way for us to travel to higher realms is by leveraging portal codes and access points — our pets being some of the strongest access points we have to help us go deep.

Whether embodied or transitioned, domesticated or in the wild, animals and our pets awaken our interdimensionality by serving as beacons, guides and travel companions to help us access different dimensions and realities.  By anchoring energies of different realms, our pets help us acclimate to higher frequencies so that we can more easily access that dimension’s vibration and go deeper with each visit.

Join me and your animal companion on a transformational journey to the realms of Earth, Fire, Water and Sky, where we will retrieve our soul’s remembrance to come back into wholeness, ignite our soul’s spark, play in diamond light, and expand our perspective of Self.

At this moment in our ascension path, our animal companions are inviting us to play with them in the realms, so that we may journey deeper, tap more fully into our multidimensionality, and become more joyful in our expansion.

  • Learn how your pet’s behavior in this 3D reality is helping you lighten your vibration so that you can travel deeper into each realm.
  • Understand the valuable role your physical body plays to anchor in the wisdom and frequency of higher realms at even the cellular level.
  • Explore how portal codes can help us tap into a specific vibration of a realm, retrieve multidimensional aspects of ourselves, and help us get reacquainted with our star families.

Join me, your animal companion, Snake and the energy of the Red Rocks on a transformational journey where we will access the Earth realm to heal, shed and leave behind that which no longer serves you on your path of ascension.

Join me, your animal companion, Dragon, Phoenix and the energy of Rio de Janeiro where we will access the Fire Realm on a quest to reignite your soul’s spark and tap into the most creative and joyful version of yourself.

Join me, your animal companion, Whale, Dolphin, and the energy of Atlantis on an adventure to the Water realm, where you will play in the cosmic light, immerse yourself in diamond energy, and activate or expand your cosmic connections.

Join me, your animal companion, Eagle and the energy of Horseshoe Bend on an energetic expedition to the Sky realm where we will shapeshift and soar on the wind, admiring the true soul’s expanse through the perspective of our higher self.

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Offer 2: Everything in Offer 1, + 30-minute Intuitive Reading Session with Denise, which includes a numerology assessment and recorded audio

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What People have to Say…

“The Pets as Portals course was everything I needed and hoped for. During the first 2 journeys with earth and fire, I found resolution and peace in regards to my cat’s sudden passing from 18 months ago that I was still grieving. During the last 2 journeys with water and air, I felt like I met and embodied my true power with an open heart. I highly recommend this safe, fun, enlivening, and adventurous journey to one and all.”

“This exceed our expectations. Such wisdom from Denise-insight for both myself and my pets.”

“I really liked Denise’s deep and wide knowledge! I got a feeling of being cared for and safe when listening!”

“Denise’s insights are invaluable and the journeys are amazing! I am shifting into a more positive, supported and nurtured life. Loving the journey!”

“I heard Denise speak on a telesummit and just knew in my soul that I needed to take this journey. The journeys and our individual session have been very healing a deep soul level. Thank you! I am finding it very healing and affirming.”

“I always receive so much from Denise’s courses and the idea of journeying to gain information & wisdom that is already a part of me was very appealing. This course provided me with very important insights that are key to my spiritual growth right now.”

“I love animals, and the course is so much fun. Traveling each week to the different realms with my animal companions is too cool!”

“I joined the course because I wished to connect with other realms and learn more about my existence. This course is excellent. Thank you for this beautiful offering! Please continue bringing us courses like this that are informative, enlightening, loving and fun! “

“Love the meditations –the structure, the support and of course the Journeys. The meditations have been super deep for me. Really love it –especially grateful for all the structure around the experience and all the support at the end of the journey! Beautiful guidance and feedback!”