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Money Magick Mandalas

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Money Magick Mandala

A Sacred Geometric Code & Mandala

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Prosperous Magick & Conscious Wealth Creation


Prosperous magick is the ability to use the resources of the Earth and the Cosmos to positively influence a situation or event. It reflects the power of the Universal forces to illuminate, shift or partner with the intended reality. Prosperous Magick speaks directly into the potentials of abundance, good fortune, conscious wealth creation, soul magic and money magick mandalas. 


In this Podcast, Shekinah and Sananda teach about true abundance, as the ability to access the full potency of light within the cellular construct and pull that into physical form. It is the ability to manifest from a mere thought and bring that thought into physicality. Living in abundance in all forms, through this same energy has the potential to actualize metaphysical states into the material world. This translates as an abundance in good health, wealth, love and selfless service to the planet.


Shekinah and Sananda know that so many beloveds have the purest of hearts and deepest of intentions to serve this world in a great capacity, yet, they see that for many, there may be a sense as if there is something missing, something that disallows the consciousness of abundance to flow into life as easily as the water flows upon the shores of Earth.


Because of this, they have brought the Cosmic, Universal, Solar, and Earthen forces into physical form to support your journey forth on the multiple levels where prosperity is able to be experienced. 


It is time to crystalize Golden Age physiology and create the space for prosperity and creative abundance to occur and make certain that the entire cosmos is supporting you. Join Shekinah and Sananda for this very special “Prosperous Magick” offering. 


Special Offer: $222


Money Magick Mandala 

A Sacred Geometric Code And Mandala to support your conscious wealth creation.

It comes with a specific frequency and design especially crafted for a specific purpose to enhance your Abundance. The Prosperity Amplifier increases the magnetics of your energy field to attract wealth with ease and grace. 

The Money Magick Mandala is a downloadable and printable image in jpeg format which can only be downloaded onto a computer (or laptop), but not onto a phone. This also includes an audio mp3 with information about the ways of connecting with and using the Mandala.

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