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Psychic Angelic Channeling

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60min Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session


2 Payment Plan Available

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Embody Your Higher Self From Within Package.


2 Payment Plan Available

Option 1: Psychic Angelic Channeling & Healing Session ($175)

Total Value: $200

You Save: 12% Off!

During your psychic angelic readings & healing session, I will be answering any questions you have in complete alignment with the intentions you had expressed with me before your session started.

I will give you answers, bridge connections, and offer spiritual alignment with what you want to experience and create in your life. Followed by cord-cutting from old programming clears any out-of-tune energies and attachments with an angelic frequency tune-up that will align and sync your entire energy body.

YES! I want Peter’s Special Offer #1 for $175

2 Payment Plan Available in Cart

Option 2: Embody Your Higher Self From Within Package ($499)

Total Value: $600

You Save: 20% Off!

Connect with your higher self with divine guidance – a Unique one-on-one three 1-hour sessions ascension package that will accelerate your transformational process and prepare you for multidimensional access.

We focus on identifying and releasing old unconscious selves, establishing the deeper inner connection, creating understanding and alignment with high-frequency energy, light codes, and downloads.

An angelic frequency tune-up is an integral part of each session to align and sync up your entire energy body.

YES! I want Peter’s Special Offer #2 for $499

2 Payment Plan Available in Cart

What People Have to Say About Peter

Peter is a living Christ incarnate. He fully embodies Divine frequencies and radiates them out 24/7 in such a way that is a constant blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to receive his services, and because we are all One, he is constantly blessing the entirety of humanity, the whole world, and even the cosmos! I am so inspired by his complete devotion to the Divine in himself, in his clients, and in all life. He blesses his clients with a beautiful variety of gifts and abilities that are uniquely applied to each according to their needs and desires in any given moment. The most powerful and healing attribute that he gives is pure unconditional Divine Love, which infuses all that he gives. There is also a Divine Power in his Presence, which always guides one back to their most fundamental Truth that we are all expressions of God; we are already whole, complete, and perfect; we are One with All Life, and in Essence we are Love. There is a beautiful Graciousness in the way Peter shares his Presence, and he always listens deeply and responds accordingly.

I love Peter’s clear multidimensional connections with ArchAngels, Angels, Masters, and other Divine Beings that resides in other realms, and they all bring countless Blessings, Guidance, and Support to his clients. On a practical note, Peter is very professional in handling his business, and absolutely the most punctual person with whom I have ever had sessions. Overall Peter’s sessions have been deeply clearing, healing, enlightening, inspiring, empowering, uplifting, loving, and transforming.
Infinite Gratitude, Love, and Blessings!
Tempril – Mentorship Client

“What I noticed immediately was Peter’s sincerity. Then I found myself inspired by his life choices. It’s apparent that he’s chosen to align with the guidance from his inner Being, from on high, and to share Truth that is universal but not that commonly accepted. He’s a great example of being true to the Self and therefore true to humanity, and also someone who shares with purity. There are many who talk a good talk; it’s a rare joy, however, to find someone who lives and breathes their teachings.”
Ivy Norris
Doctorate of Divinity
Holistic Health Counselor

“I’m a woman with a fairly long history as a channeler, reader, healer. It was a satisfying life until I began to feel stuck. I knew there was more for me but I didn’t know how to access it. I asked my team of spirit guides. And up popped Peter into my awareness! I am now one-third of the way through a 12- week mentoring program and loving it. Development is coming fast now. In the 1-hour sessions, Peter has helped me connect to Spirit at a much higher level, has introduced me to new Ascended Master guides, and is teaching me to integrate the highest beings/energies into myself and ultimately into the Oneness. That’s a lot in four sessions, folks. A lot happens in the days between sessions and sometimes my body demands extra sleep, but I am always looking forward to the next session and new revelation. Top tip from Peter: Stop watching the news! (Makes a huge difference in achieving Peace).”
-Robbie (Mentorship Client), Austin, TX

“If you are looking for guidance in any area of your life, especially now with everything that is happening in the world, I would highly recommend sessions with Peter Hansen! I’m doing a mentorship with him, and it has helped me on all levels, including ones I wasn’t aware of: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, with healing old wounds and ancestral trauma, with work and my career, with relationships and probably many more areas.

He has taught me how to use different tools in order to deal with difficulties that arise and turn them into healing opportunities, increasing my growth exponentially. I’ve gone from being ungrounded easily and unsure of my inner self to being firmly grounded at all times and deeply connected to my inner self and all parts of myself that I wasn’t even aware of. Whereas I felt somewhat disconnected before, now I feel very connected in my own power and truth.

He has helped me be me, more me than I’ve ever been. He has helped me raise my consciousness immensely, and I’m deeply grateful. The healings are very powerful too and bring up all sorts of things to be cleared. The drum, the sound bowls, the chakra clearings, all of it is absolutely amazing!

Peter is an amazing embodiment of the divine masculine and divine feminine, intelligent and humble, kind and supportive. He is an Ascension Guide of the highest caliber, and he truly wants to help you shine your light nice and bright. If you’re ready to shine your light, contact Peter!”
By Shayna (Mentorship Client), Austin, TX

I want to thank you so much for such a precious experience. You gave me a reading on my Birthday and the connection was nothing short but ELECTRIC! The alignment that occurred was at such a high vibration that not only did our phones and electronics heat up but beautiful spiritual physical manifestations occurred before, during, and after.

On a deeper more profound level the insight and confirmation of soul fragments that were able to flow in at such a heightened state of awareness were super empowering. Few people are able to align with the Angelic Kingdom and allow that level of Divine Energy to manifest forth with such clarity and insight. I so appreciate reconnecting with Soul Family and the alignment you maintain. Your gifts and service to humanity contribute to raising the vibration of our planet and humanity overall.

I highly recommend a reading from Peter Hansen. As a facilitator of Life Between Lives spiritual exploration, I see more and more how imperative it is that we wake to our fullest potential NOW! So much is happening and the increase in the intensity of the challenges that our humanity is facing can be balanced by each of us doing what we can to grow and learn how to move into those Higher States of awareness. Many of us are asleep to owning who we really are as powerful sovereign souls that have a Divine purpose for which we incarnated here and now. Peter, you can help people see, feel and embrace this very thing. Thank you.
-Claudia Hilton