Offer 1


3 Different Sessions with Bryan Rawls

Offer 2


2 Readings with Bryan Rawls

Offer 3


Offers 1 and 2 Combined.
3 Sessions and 2 Readings

Offer 1 Includes:

Item1: Pyramid Healing Session 30 minute Remote Reg Price $75.00

This session is performed specifically by Rev. Bryan Rawls in a Ritual setting allowing for healing energies that are connected directly to Portal within The King’s Chamber where you may even smell the beautiful scent of Blue Lotus

Item 2: 30 Minute Personal Intuitive Session Reg. Price $65.00

This 30 minute personal intuitive session with Rev. Bryan Rawls will be packed with information pertaining to your Finances, Career, Relationships, Spirituality.

Item 3: 30 Minute Light Language Session Reg Price $65.00

Rev. Bryan Rawls will perform this session in a ritual setting activating your highest potential with Light Language that speaks directly to Your Soul. Each activation received in this session it will be coded to all energies that are within this now matrix.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Item 1: Spirit Guide Reading Reg. Price $150

In this 60 minute reading, you will receive names and descriptions of your designated guides that are here to help you in this life time. Please note that your guides will and can change from time to time, due to your ascension level.

Item 2: Past Life Reading Reg Price $150

With this 60 minute reading, you will discover your past life lessons and lives that your soul has had in many bodies. People that have accompanied you in the past will also manifest themselves to help you learn about their many lessons they have come back to complete with you. Blocks for moving forward will also be removed.

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Offer 3 Includes Offers 1 and 2 Combined!

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for only $333