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Experience a 1 Hour Radiant Love Soul Growth Session

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Experience a Radiant Love Soul Growth Session

Every Radiant Love Soul Growth Session is completely unique and guided by Spirit. It is the divine stream of energy that comes through for each person in the moment.

Michelle works with many people from all walks of life and belief systems who are transitioning from the old world model to a new world embodiment that is more fulfilling and aligned with our divine birthright. It is an expandable framework for the infinite expression that we are harmonizing into our everyday lives.

Michelle’s spiritual toolbox includes; Sound, Music, Touch, Aromatherapy, Soul Gazing, Earth Medicine, Oracle Divination, Crystals, Dolphin & Whale Oceanic Energies, Angelic and Ascended Master Illumination, Galactic Insights, Grounded Life Guidance.

Radiant Love Soul Growth Sessions with Michelle Anderson, via Skype or phone

PLUS! Music of the Orchid (Audio MP3) by Lauren Galey (2.5 hours)

Music of the Orchid is a 2.5 hour audio download of the actual Music of an Orchid. Lauren Galey captured the energy signature of her birthday gift Orchid and used a special MIDI instrument device to convert the sound into Music. This is a high-frequency sound infusion that offers you the Love, Beauty and Grace of the Orchid which is of Lemuria. The most orchid is highly coveted of ornamental plants. The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

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