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Everything we require to evolve is within each and every one of us. All we must do is take the journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness, and Self-Empowerment. The Boardway Family is pleased to offer their special package that will assist you to navigate your way as we ReAwaken to who we truly are. The special includes a two-part live Tele-Class entitled “Journey with the New Beings (Children, Teens & Adults)”, as they share all the information of who they are, why they are here, their gifts, obstacles in the 3D World, how they are showing us the way to create a World where every living thing Thrives. An Intuitive Reading and Spiritual Energy Blessing with Tristan and his parents, Michael & Janiece and also their ebook entitled, “Tristan S. Boardway: An Interview with a Star Being and his Parents” are also included in their special. Please join the Boardway Family in their exploration of consciousness, awareness and evolution with the New Beings.

Item 1: Journey with the New Beingsc(New Children, Teens & Adults)* Tele-class with

Michael, Janiece & Tristan Boardway

Is it time to traverse the Rainbow Bridge to Conscious ReAwakening with the New Beings (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star, Blue Diamond Star & Golden Pyramid Beings), leading the way as we co-create a World where every living thing THRIVES?

We are delighted to invite you to join our family for an informative and exciting Tele-class to learn how we can all assist our New Children, Teens and Adults (New Beings) on their journey and how they are preparing us for the New Earth.

Our two-part live interactive Journey with the New Children, Teens & Adults Tele-class is given every six months. Our first Tele-class begins:

1st Class:  Tuesday, March 26 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Pacific Time)


2nd Class: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Pacific Time)


Our Second Tele-Class is scheduled for:

1st Class:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (Pacific Time)


2nd Class: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (Pacific Time)


Please note that after the above tele-classes have completed, we will add more dates for the next year.

Included in the price of this two-part tele-class is our e-booklet, “Journey with the New Beings”.

During this Tele-class, we will explore the following:


  1. Who are the New Beings
  2. What are their Gifts and how they are ReAwakening you to your abilities
  3. Understanding their differences. How have the 3D Diagnoses of ADD/ADHD,  Autism, and many other labels limited the New Beings?
  4. How their Awareness, often mislabeled as sensitivity, is showing us what must change immediately in this World if we are to live vibrantly.
  5. How to connect more meaningfully with yourself and others in this busy  World
  6. Open up to the world of telepathic/energetic and heart-centered communication
  7. How to be aware of and discern the Non-Physical Beings.
  8. How other lifetimes affect us: The Good, The Bad & The Phenomenal
  9. How the New Beings are showing us how to lift our vibrations
  10. Integrating all the “real” new energies with ease, joy, and grace
  11. Tools that will assist you and your family on your journey of Self-Discovery,   Self-Awareness and Self-Empowerment

With over 25 years as parents of one of the new children, we are excited to share our experiences of navigating our way during a time when there was very little information to guide us.  Listening to our inner knowing, we have always trusted and allowed our son, Tristan, to take us on our journey of opening our hearts and living a life that we could never have imagined.  We look forward to sharing this information and everything we have learned to assist you on your journey.


Item 2: Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Energy Blessing

This service is for those who have one question that you would like to receive an answer to and receive a Spiritual Energy Blessing regarding that issue. Many times in life we may feel uncertain about our next step or have a question in regards to parenting, relationships, career, finances, or anything that you would like to receive and information that would be of benefit. If you would like to have more clarity around a particular area of your life Tristan, Michael & Janiece will use their skills to give you the information that will best serve you on your journey. Our Intuitive Reading and Spiritual Energy Blessing is sent to you via email.

Item 3:  eBook:  Tristan S. Boardway: An Interview with a Star Being and his Parents

Endorsements For Our E-book

Message from the Boardway Family: We truly enjoyed receiving this email from an amazing mom we have known for about 7 years. She and her husband are definitely some of the “New Parents” that are awake and aware and totally allow their very high vibrational and very aware 12-year-old son to express his gifts and abilities.

Message from Mom:

Thanks so much for sending the e-book! It’s really wonderful and a great support to a lot of parents like me and my husband. I have printed a copy out for my son to read. He really enjoyed it. He wants to say thank you to your family and wants me to pass his words to you all. These are my son’s words.

From her 12-year-old son:

“The e-book was very great and in every sense kept it interesting the whole way. I really enjoyed it, especially the part where Tristan mentioned the other beings. The e-book kept me engaged the whole way. I feel that some parts are very similar to some experiences I have had but never knew why I experienced them. Thanks for the e-book!” 3/23/18

YES! I want the Boardway’s Special Offer

What People Have to Say about the Boardways

I believe Janiece, Michael and Tristan are highly evolved “human angels” who have chosen to be here at this time to assist in raising the vibration of this planet through the healing energy they share with our Mother Earth and her people. They are truly of the Christed light.  Thanks to the Universe for the gift of this wonderful team!

Jan T. —US


The information presented in the Journey with the New Beings (New Children, Teens & Adults) Teleclass was some of the most extensive and helpful information I have come across. From the explanations of the New Beings, the misunderstandings, how their sensitivities are really awareness, how past lives affect us as individuals and as a family, the importance of being aware of the non-physical presences, all the helpful tools and so much more. I liked how you explained how important it is for us, as parents to be aware of our energy field, clear it and keep it intact and how we can teach our children the importance of being aware of their energy field and how to take care of it. You shared many examples that helped me understand how to bring all of this information into our everyday lives. That was very helpful. It was nice that you included your e-booklet. It was very beneficial in that as you shared all the information it was easy for me to follow along, take notes and stay focused. Thank you again for such a great Teleclass. I liked the way you shared your information as it was presented in such a caring and genuine manner.


Patricia F. — Canada


Thank you, Tristan, Janiece & Michael for the beautiful Spiritual Energy Blessing and reading. Everything you wrote in your reading made complete sense and clearly explained the reasons for many of the issues I have been experiencing. I was amazed by all the past lifetimes you wrote about and how you tied everything together in a way that gave me deeper insight and understanding. You even went back to a previous life where these issues began, discovered the reasons why and gave me the tools to move forward in my life. I also appreciate all the helpful suggestions. You seemed to tailor fit them to exactly what would be best for me as I continue on my spiritual path with more confidence than I have had previously. Your detailed and comprehensive notes were more than I could have ever imagined. I am so impressed by your clarity, compassion and the amount of time you devoted to my reading and Spiritual Energy Blessing. Reading my Spiritual Energy Blessing was such an emotional experience since I could feel the power in every word you wrote. I finally feel that I can go ahead in my life in a more productive and empowered way. Now I am on the path to expressing my true self more and more with each new day. I look forward to working more with your family.


Mary L. — Florida


My friend gifted me with a Spiritual Energy Blessing with the Boardway Family, and I am so glad she did. I have had readings before, but the one I received from this family was so clear and concise. They even gave me information that was beyond what I asked, and I am grateful they did because it helped me have a better understanding of myself.

In addition to the information they received intuitively that was sent to me, they wrote a beautiful Spiritual Energy Blessing. I read the Spiritual Energy Blessing every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep and each time feel the powerful energy flowing within me from their words. In every communication I had with this family through email, I could feel their care, love, and compassion and this shines through their work.


Geoffrey T.— UK


I’m not sure how to express my appreciation, but I am deeply moved and forever changed reading Tristan’s words.  I have been an “energy worker” for the past 4 years, and sometimes feel discouraged and wonder if I’m doing any good.  With my confidence waning, it was an immense uplift to read this! Thank you again for sharing this! I feel uplifted and encouraged!

  1. K.