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Online Healing Retreat Compilation

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Real Quantum Change Package

2 Intimate and Activating Group Calls (of 6 people Max)

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PLUS! Applied Multidimensionality 3 Part Webinar Course

Option 1 includes:

Best of Online Healing Retreats Compilation –

8 Retreats + Bonus Call:

Quantum Healing and Remote Viewing

Are you a healer who would like to take their skills to the next level? Would you like more tools in your tool box for healing yourself and others? Learn the science and spiritual concepts behind many topics such as –

  • What is quantum healing and how does it work scientifically?
  • How does remote viewing work?
  • How to hone your remote viewing skills
  • Medical Intuition
  • The basic fundamentals of Quantum Healing and it’s theory
  • And much more!


If you have been interested in remote viewing and how it can be used to do quantum healing, this retreat will be looking at the mechanics of these techniques. Remote viewing helps us look at our 3rd dimensional world from a spiritual perspective only bound by time, not space. Quantum healing is the outcome of our consciousness finally being open to what we are actually capable of seeing. Learn how to move your remote viewing to different levels of reality in order to do healing work, understand reality better, or jump forward into higher consciousness states!

If you’re ready to refresh, refine and add to your skills as a healer, this online healing retreat is for you! Receive activations, practices, and masterful instruction from Elizabeth Wood, a world-class seer, scientist, medical intuitive, quantum healer and remote viewer. Create the New Earth using your incredible healing abilities now!


Bonus: Receive a worksheet to organize your notes and ideas!

The Science of Ascension

Have you wondered what science has to say about consciousness, the body and ascension? How do we actually ascend and reach higher levels of consciousness? Learn about the science behind the ascension process! From the depths of time and the heart of the Universe, we are given access to the most ancient tools for our ascension into the highest states of consciousness. The answers are all around you! Learn about:

  • The scientific and esoteric theory of ascension – science and spirit are intertwined!
  • A journey through he accessible dimensions of this Universe – the 12 Dimensions.
  • Cymatics – the frequencies which form the Universe and how to use them.
  • Light spectrums and how to use them to heal your body and mind!
  • The Laws of the Universe and how you can use them to ascend!
  • The power of your DNA and how it’s made for ascension.
  • The fields of limitation and their opposites for you to embody for limitlessness.
  • The 3 Minds and how they are built to help you attain enlightenment!

And much more!

If you’re a healer wanting more depth to your work, a seeker who enjoys both science and spirituality, or a student of life, this online healing retreat is for you! It’s easy to talk about ascension, but when we fully understand it, we get to take our journey to the next level. Join Elizabeth, world-class seer and anthropologist, in discovering the deep transcendent wisdom which lies at the heart of where science and spirit meet!


The Fields of Limitation and Limitlessness

Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, on a guided journey into limitless consciousness. Do you feel there are heavy energies blocking you at every turn? Nothing seems to work? You know that self work is the key, but you feel bogged down by the details. The fact is, most of the limitations you think you have all fall into 5 energetic fields. These ‘Fields of Limitation’ are false programs written in your DNA. You can change them! Once you identify them, you can shift them out of your body and step into fields of true limitlessness. In this workshop you will learn exactly how to do that and more. Learn to:

  • Identify the 5 Fields of Limitation so you can remove them from your life.
  • Use practical methods for erasing these limitations from your DNA and mind.
  • Step into the true Fields of Limitlessness and identify them around you.
  • Cultivate these Fields of Limitlessness in your material and spiritual world!

Watch the breakthroughs happen and the limiting beliefs melt away. No more bondage or slavery for human kind! We can all claim our sovereignty now.

Let’s be Limitless!


The 12 Dimensional Body

I want to connect more deeply into my body.

I want to trust what I’m experiencing.

I want to heal my mind.

I want to heal my future.

I want to fulfill my purpose.

~ These are the things I hear people saying right now. So how do we trust ourselves and move forward into this unknown territory of energy on Earth now? Ground into the body, guide it as a soul of intelligent light! Surrender to the limitless energy ready to move in and dissolve us.


In the thousands of sessions I do as a Seer and Oracle I can discern a pattern. People are wanting to use their bodies in new ways. One way to do this is to imagine the body as a technology. It’s our space suit for the 3D dimension. There are commonalities between space suits, and wonderful differences. The spiritual capabilities of this space suit are astounding just as the quantum physics surrounding it. This quantum anthropology is a bridge for scientific and spiritual laws to be perceivable to all of us.

The best way for us to ground in these bodies is to understand how they serve your soul. In this healing retreat let us take a fresh look at the Three Minds and gain a clear vision of how to best access what’s coming next energetically. Using a guided meditation we will examine these Three Minds and grounding techniques closer than ever before while ultimately welcoming the power of the 12 Dimensions on Earth. We are called to dissolve into Oneness, so let’s utilise the tools we have to end the painful resistance to this dissolving.

Join me in welcoming the 12 Dimensions into the body…


Understanding Soul Skill Sets 1&2 + Bonus Call

The most common question I receive as an Oracle and Seer is “What am I here for?”

Whether it is about career choices, purpose, understanding yourself or just wondering why you’re here at this crazy time, everyone wants to know why! This is where your Soul’s Skill Set comes in.

The Soul brings in a specific skill set, always the same for each lifetime.

Whether you’ve been in a body on Earth or another body elsewhere, the skill set is the same. Like a unique ray of light, we come in from Source shining with our nuanced energy. In this online healing retreat we will talk about what Soul Skill Sets I’ve seen over thousands of sessions. Skill sets compliment each other. They can be advanced from your experiences too. For example, a Soldier Skill Set can become a Warrior, and a Warrior can become a Commander. A Psychic can become a Seer, and a Seer can become an Oracle. I’ll talk about how we can advance ourselves by removing ego and density in this lifetime as well, and some easy ways to do that.

Let’s take a look at what is available in the Library of Skill Sets!  We can all use the skill sets available, even if we have a specific set working in our Soul’s light. Understanding Skill Sets can help you understand a lot about why we are all here and what purpose we can fulfill! Why not delve into what’s available and try a few on?

In Part 2, we will look at what the skill sets look like when they are fully advanced, and exactly how to advance them!

In the bonus call I address how to tell which skill sets are yours. Don’t miss the special gifts I offer there.


Full Body Discernment

How do we tell what is Truth and what is not? This is a universally human problem! Some of us are better at seeing or feeling energy than others, but that doesn’t always allow us to know the full truth. So, how can we truly discern in this age of information? We can depend on the body!

In this online healing retreat you will learn:

  • How to tell what is false light and what is truth.
  • Basic ways to use the Brain Mind and 3rd Eye for discernment.
  • The power of the Heart Mind to help differentiate truth from false.
  • How to use the Gut Mind for intuitive discernment.
  • Other mystical ways of using the body for discernment!

Our bodies are like wonderful receivers of fluid information and frequency! Let’s journey together in learning how to fully use them to make our way in this world.


Healing Polarities – Unlocking the Inner Realms

One of the wonders of this Universe is the existence of polarities – opposite energies which help illustrate and illuminate reality. The existence of polarities in our lives can be a precious tool for self examination and healing! Instead of causing us suffering and keeping us in a “spin” we can learn to use polarities to make huge breakthroughs in our bodies, lives and spiritual development. Join Elizabeth Wood on a journey to discover the Master Polarities she’s been uncovering in the hundreds of sessions she does for individuals and groups. Of course there are hundreds of polarities, but the special polarities which will be examined in this online retreat are the most common she’s found. Learn about:

  • How polarities have been used to control our inner realms.
  • The way that polarities can be used as a template to understand deeper programming and limiting beliefs.
  • The special process Elizabeth uses to heal them with wonderful results!

If you are a healer looking for another useful tool, or someone who would like an easy way to continue their healing and spiritual journey, this is a retreat you will certainly enjoy. Get off the “hamster wheel” of polarities and stressful spinning, and feel the peace and balance you desire!

YES! I want Elizabeth’s Special Offer Option 1 for only $167

Option 2 includes:

Item 1: 2 Small Group Calls – 2+ hours each – Many available dates/times

Gather with a group of a max of 6 awakened individuals for a special experience.

Benefit from the healing and counseling of others while feeling connected!

Receive clarity about your situation and how shift blockages from a Living Library and Oracle.

Be met where you are at and receive the tools and light you need to move ahead!

Incredible light from focused, conscious people can illuminate and dissolve nearly any obstacle!

Reports from these group calls have been profoundly helpful and healing.

Get on the second call for a deeper look, follow up or get another question answered!

Calls are recorded for later listening, and there are many convenient times for those overseas!

You’re precious feedback for others is greatly valued.

Experience something that can really open you up into new realms!


Item 2: NEW Mastery Workshop – The Equations for Enlightenment

Are there equations – simple sets of steps – to access an enlightened state? There is indeed! And they work wonders for reaching higher consciousness. This is the first class in the series Applied Multidimensionality where we learn the foundation of the mystical science of higher consciousness and co-creation. Learn about:

  • The precise mechanisms which create egoic structure and how to identify them.
  • Important steps to take for the shifting of egoic structure and negative programs.
  • How to bring in more light and retain it.
  • Practical tips, ideas and easy practices which will change your life!

If you needed a basic road map to follow easily each day for real, measurable transformation – this is a class you will use over and over again.


Item 3: Access to the Sacred Network Circle Monthly Call –

Gather with a group of awakened individuals for a special experience.

Each month we will gather for two hours to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy.

When we gather as human beings we have great power!

Find new friends, feel heard and feel connected.

This is intended to be a community networking and spiritual focus Circle where we can share ideas, projects, hopes and dreams for a New Earth!

Replays are always available.

Meditation Music Compilation for Awakening by Bioluminescent

Receive an exclusive collection of meditation music written by Elizabeth’s husband Drew – Bioluminescent – who has been writing music his whole life. Capable of creating landscapes in the mind, Bioluminescent makes music for higher consciousness! Listen to more free and new music at bioluminescentmusic.com!

YES! I want Elizabeth’s Special Offer Option 2 for only $222