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Remembering, Advancing and Mastering The Soul’s Experience

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It’s time to enjoy what your soul really has in store! Enjoy this collection of curated courses that you can use over and over again to open up into your potential. Moreso, finally access a body of work that’s been hidden away until the right time – The Ancient Templates of Wisdom. To understand what’s available beyond the standard skills of the soul, we need to embody the original skills we were gifted and claim our foundation for the next paradigm. I hope you’ll enjoy the power of the Ancient Templates and use them, and these courses, to launch into limitlessness.


Elizabeth Wood

Offer 1 Includes:

Item 1: LIVE CLASS Remembering the DNA – The History & Practicality of the Temple of Light

April 10th LIVE at 12pm EST

 As requested I’m teaching a class about the history and practicality of DNA. The true history of the origins of this magnificent technology is as dramatic, tragic, exciting and enlightening as any story you’ve heard! From this talk you’ll learn:

  • Who made DNA and why?
  • What happened to DNA over the eons before Earth
  • The gift of DNA to the planet Earth and the experiment in consciousness
  • How DNA works now for you to navigate the human experience
  • What will happen to DNA from here?

If you love DNA as much as I do, I know you’ll enjoy the true history and this exciting tale that we are all a part of!

Register for this class only: $33

Item 2: Instant Access Class: The 94 Ancient Templates of Wisdom

Friends, several years ago I was given insight into the most profound wisdom regarding our DNA and history – the 94 Ancient Templates of Wisdom. At the beginning of this experiment in consciousness we didn’t start out with a blank slate. We received the wisdom of our galactic ancestors as a homecoming gift. These universal templates of wisdom were embedded into our human DNA experience. We’ve played with, learned from and used each of these Ancient Templates of Wisdom for eons. To understand them is to understand the foundation of wisdom we’ll use to build the New Paradigm. Beyond them are other skills sets and more wisdom to be had. I spent several months working to describe the nature and energy of each and every of the 94 Templates. I hope you’ll dive into this body of work and enjoy it’s utility and light.

Item 3: Instant Access Class: Soul Skill Sets 101

Each soul has their own skills! Knowing which skill sets we have access to and how to use them in our daily 3D lives is vital. When we know how to use these well, then we can bring in and retain more light than ever!

  • What skills does the soul carry through lifetimes?
  • How do you know which skills you’re good at?
  • Can we access all soul skill sets as we serve in the world?

These and many more questions will be addressed during this special class. Let’s dig into the foundation of these skill sets so we can work towards enlightenment in a practical way.

Item 4: Instant Access Class: Body Oracle – Finding Answers Inside Yourself

Friends, we are taught explicitly to find answers outside ourselves. Even the adage “just Google it” shows us how little we know about inner discernment. This leads to long years of searching for answers from other people and other sources outside the self. However, we know that nothing is outside the self as the ancient teachings have pointed out. In new methodology you will learn how:

  • Understanding cultural elements, the creative human factor, can benefit you in deep self inquiry
  • Elements of culture and the body work together to give you clarity
  • Listening to the 3 Minds systematically is our natural guidance system
  • To use tools to unblock your self-judgement and negative programming that cause you to look for answers outside the self
  • And much more!

My intent is to aid you in using the magnificent body, the DNA, and the Soul to utilize the beautiful clarity available now. No other time on Earth has cultivated such possibilities for clarification of the self and human kind. Now you can truly trust yourself to be and know the answers you seek!

Item 5: Instant Access Class: Empaths & Entities Training

Friends, I’ve been explicitly asked to do this training by many people. The topic is simple:

  • What is an empath exactly?
  • What kinds of empaths are there?
  • How can that skill be truly mastered to end personal suffering, instead of being so sensitive we suffer?
  • Many people can feel entities on or around themselves or others – how do we cope?
  • What is the best approach to healing the issue of entities and attachments on ourselves and others?

I intend to cover, from my own experience, each one of these questions for you. I will also answer questions that might come up along the way! There is a beautiful path to healing that is possible, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Item 6: Instant Access Class: Quantum Healing for Infectious Diseases

*This class is not medical advice or advice on treatment of disease. This class is based purely on my opinion. Please consult a medical professional before making any changes to your health regimen.


The body is a universe. The seemingly infinite cycle of cells of all types that creates our physical reality has incredible layers. From our personal human perspective our body is one thing, but this is not reality. The body is trillions and trillions of different intelligent things working together. At it’s quantum core, the body is tied to the Source field from which it comes. In quantum healing we use all these layers to focus our attention, our ability to be conduits of light, and our Soul’s intent to manifest healing. To manifest we must see, feel and act to create healing. In this class you’ll learn about:

  • The layers of the body and how they are all intelligent
  • The concept of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast and their spiritual functions
  • Communication to the body and diseased cells
  • Using the Three Minds (Brain, Heart, Gut) to reprogram the body for healing
  • Being a conduit for qualities of Light and their uses

I love doing quantum healing and I’ve found wonderful things happen when we are able to use our beautiful bodies and spiritual will to heal! I hope you can experiment with this work and find results for yourself too.

Item 7: Instant Access Class: Healing the Masculine & Feminine

Friends, there is a doorway we need to open for our next steps in the unification of human mind and spirit. This is a double door that we must open within. One side is the masculine, and one is the feminine. They must work together to heal, love and rebuild our planet. In this talk I’ll discuss –

  • The importance of the end of the Patriarchy for both men and women
  • How we can understand the dynamic and living energies of the masculine and feminine – and where they are going
  • Communication and communion of the blessings of both energies
  • A guided meditation and techniques to help you fully embrace the healing of all masculine and feminine energy in your life

When we open the door within using compassion and love, we can cultivate an open heart and healed planet. An open door within you encourages others to work with the same heart opening. Join me to dive deep into this step in consciousness!

One Year Subscription to Monthly Community Call

Gather with a group of awakened individuals for a special experience.

Each month we will gather for two hours to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy.

When we gather as human beings we have great power!

We build a Pillar of Light to serve humanity and Earth together.

This is intended to be a community networking and spiritual focus where we can share ideas, projects, hopes and dreams for a New Earth!

LIVE on YouTube & replays available!

Bioluminescent MusicBonus: Bonus Music from Bioluminescent

Friends, my husband is a brilliant musician and has offered some bonus meditation music that I absolutely love for you!

Landscapes of sound to heal your soul – we hope you enjoy!


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What People Have to Say About Elizabeth

“Way more than I expected!”

“I absolutely loved Elizabeth’s 3rd Eye Evolution class! This class was way more than I expected! I came to this class wanting to learn to be a better seer and was surprised to find that even though I would like to continue to build my 3rd Eye, I am using my 3rd Eye in ways I did not realize. Now I have the tools to strength my 3rd Eye, but also the confidence and trust that I am already creating on the inner planes and did not realize. I can’t say enough about 3rd Eye Evolution, Elizabeth provides so much information beyond using the 3rd Eye and shows you how it all weaves together. I now have a firm understanding of all the possibilities available to me when I utilize my 3rd Eye. Elizabeth is a very gifted seer and teacher, this is a class I will continue to listen to and learn from.” – Nicole



“What a awesome session I had with Elizabeth! Her gifts are truly extraordinary! Elizabeth described a structure she saw around me that was very protective and she said I had built it. This structure also included two pillars of strong light, which Elizabeth said were my Angels supporting this structure. This was amazing to me, first it validated that my Angels were with me as I asked them to be. Second, as an empath I protect myself regularly or I get too overwhelmed by all the frequencies that I feel. Elizabeth described the structure that I put around myself and the frequencies that I add to it. W.O.W! Truly amazing that she could see this and I have validation that what I was doing was working and real. This was huge for me, as I do what I do and trust that it is working, now I have validation that it is real. This is all within the first 10 minutes of our call!


Elizabeth also took me through a process where I met and perceived the 5 Angles that are with me. I was able to sense each one and Elizabeth validated what I was sensing. A great experience that boosted my confidence and trust. Elizabeth also shared that there is more to learn about the structure I have built around me and how it ties into my purpose work. Elizabeth provided so much information about how I can help empathic children and their parents, it was so inspiring and really touched my soul. I now have confidence, trust and most of all clarity. I am so looking forward to working with Elizabeth to further develop my 3rd Eye and develop this work.” – Nicole



“Elizabeth’s 3rd Eye Evolution course was wonderful.  I’m amazed at how much great information she provided in each lesson. It was quite a bit to take in and I plan to listen to the full course again, probably multiple times. The course notes were a great add-on and very helpful. In addition to offering great information, Elizabeth created an perfect atmosphere for learning with her kind, patient, ask-me-anything teaching style. I highly recommend this course!” ~ Maureen Murphy


Elizabeth helped me reclaim my natural divine state…

“I have known Elizabeth as a brilliant and a reliable leader with full integrity in delivering intellectually and emotionally nurturing workshops. It’s been such a wonderful experience to be in her circle during the 3rd Eye Evolution Course, she is well versed in sharing techniques of utilizing 3rd eye and reflecting divine nature. During the workshop she has been such a conscious, wise, joyful, accepting and loving being. I believe she connects with each participant on such a level that dissolves the physical distance and speaks to our hearts and minds. In our personal session she has traveled beyond time and space in connecting with me and provided pristine medical intuitive scans, she has fully seen my subconscious desires, cleared my self-doubt energetic cloud and facilitated a healing space to transform one of my soul’s past life burden into a 4th dimension artifact. She has been very gentle and cordial during the session and her angelic support helped me reclaim my natural divine state. After the session she has provided a meticulous feedback about our session and what else I can do forward to satisfy my ongoing needs. She is an phenomenal example of how one can share their natural talent and learned skills with humanity. She has so much to offer to humanity in the ascendance of higher states so she is offering her wisdom to us so that we can claim our powerful stand and elevate human consciousness to higher states. What a blessing to be in her circle of trust!”  ~Ercan Erberk, Engineer, CA


Elizabeth Freed Me From Personal Bondage

“My life has always had spiritual energy. As a child I felt the spiritual world around me. Through years of meditation and energy work, walking on every path my chakras opened up, I found myself always on the edge of enlightenment.

Six years ago on a random spiritual path through Oregon I happened upon a muse (Elizabeth). With clarity and an aura larger than the car we rode in, she said to me, “Did you know your spiritual animal is a blue heron?” Shocked, I see an open beautiful soul who would share with a total stranger all her being. No fear of judgment, ridicule, religious or social boundaries. True to her energy she would manifest beautiful truths.

Elizabeth has been a friend, spiritual leader and guide. Elizabeth’s path has shown me not to fear what others might think, but to bring enlightenment to the collective. And the strength to go there. Elizabeth’s knowledge of the chakras set me free. Freedom to get out of my own skin, and open my eyes.

As an empath and spiritual healer Elizabeth is one of the best. Not once but twice has Elizabeth showered her energy on me and worked with me to heal the chakras. She freed my energy from personal bondage. The second session was remote and just as effective.

I have traveled this land in search of what energy may pull me, like a gypsy some say. The ocean of souls I have swam, from the pagan witches to the enlightened Yogis. Elizabeth would be one of these souls I would wish you to meet.” ~Namaste, Wil L. Twomey


Happiness, Clarity and Breakthroughs!

“I’m so excited! Elizabeth, you really spoke my language and really hit on many areas that needed healing, yet were difficult for me to pinpoint. Of all the work I have done, it seems I still had the shells around my body around my heart not letting people in…. I’m so glad they are dissolved! Each area of healing you chose really resonate with me!

One week after your healing templates: I am feeling more happy, I am singing, I am loving myself and talking to myself in the mirror hahaha… I feel much more clear on what I want, and less afraid to exert authority when situations at work arise.

I finally got my butt up to get some exercise in, I am practicing doing things that I’m not ‘comfortable’ doing! I felt myself stepping out into new territory. I went out on a ‘date’ and I was very open, very myself, and not afraid to express!!! That was new for me! Thank you so much for acknowledging all these parts of me through your work. Thank you for the healing. I’m so excited to continue working with you!” In Love and Light! ~Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac, CEO/ Lead Physician


Increased Synchronicity and Light

“Elizabeth is in incredible seer and teacher. I am so very grateful for her and our session together. I feel more balanced than ever. Even though I have been an energy healer for over 20 years, there was something still blocking me from doing what I came here to do to share with the world. Now I do not have to work so hard to bring in the light through my body. There is a large column of light with me all the time. Since our session my prosperity has picked up.  My artwork is selling better. In addition since my time with Elizabeth after just one session, I am moving forward with writing books which I had had blocks with before.  My life is flowing better each and every day as my intuition is clearer than before. Her teaching has brought me joy and a clearer understanding of my body and the world beyond. My life has also had much more synchronicity. I look forward to learning much more from Elizabeth in the near future. Thank you Elizabeth!  I am blessed with you in my life.” ~ Catherine, Artist, Creativity Coach, Energy Healer, Author


Life Changing!

“Working with Elisabeth has been a life changer for me. She has a rare gift, the ability to connect with source and help facilitate the embodiment of our true nature. She is kind, loving and refreshingly truthful. She has helped me to remember what is most important in life.” ~Leo McFee, Crystal Master and Founder of Crystal Sun Academy


Feel the Body in a New Exciting Way!

“The benefit from this work is ever-unfolding. A remote 3 Minds session and basic tune-up with Elizabeth has made me feel like I’ve lost ten pounds. There’s been a definite energetic shift, as if some old structure has fallen away, allowing me to feel more present in the day to day of my life.  It’s such a gift. The Gut Mind – well, I hadn’t been able to quite see it, but now I feel the body in a new and exciting way. I love your voice, so genuinely comforting. I love you Elizabeth for the amazing courage you have.” ~Fay Hart, Life Coach


Healing Decades Old Issues and Answers to Life Long Questions

“My session with Elizabeth was extraordinary – very healing, empowering, educational, and fun! As Elizabeth went through my chakras, the stuck, false beliefs and ‘programs’ she found were issues I had been trying to heal for decades. She walked me through how to clear and transform them – teaching me the steps so that I have them to use in clearing other energies / issues throughout my life. I learned more about how to use the Ancient templates and received new ones. We also opened up my 3rd eye more and Elizabeth taught me ways to further my seeing. She helped me better understand energy and the spiritual world and answered some life long questions I’ve had. Elizabeth gave me ‘spot on’ nutritional suggestions and taught me simple practices supporting greater ease with manifesting. All this in just one session – amazing!!  I’m sooo grateful – thank you Elizabeth!!!”  ~ Linda, in Oregon


Quick Transformation and Potent Processes

“Clearing the root of an issue instead of just peeling the seemingly never ending layers of it is really the way to go for quick transformation. Teaching how we can do it ourselves has immeasurable value. As my mind races ahead and thinks of the possibilities this process holds for everyone is – huge! Thank you for the Divine work you do and for the bright light you hold in the world. Ah, so young and already so wise especially conquering the ego! REMARKABLE.” ~ Gizel


“Hands Down the Best Program I Have Invested In So Far…”

“First of all, I had to wait a few days after my session with Elizabeth before writing this to make sure I wasn’t having a placebo moment. Hands down, this is the best program I have invested in thus far and believe me when I tell you have I bought many programs from “healers & holistic practitioners” since I embarked on my spiritual journey in 2010.

The templates are lifetime tools I suppose but what I know have changed my life for the better is that 60 minutes with one of the most authentic being I have ever encountered in my life. I called her phone number not expecting anything, honestly I only called because I had already bought the package but I was home sick and just didn’t feel like being bothered. I mustered up my strength and decided to put on an act just to get through this 60 minutes with someone who I had only heard on a telesummit call once. As soon as she got on the call, I instantly knew something good was in store. Her voice was very warm and compassionate. She was very bubbly and kind, she was funny…she made me laugh and about 15 minutes in the call, I started feeling better from head to toe. She took me on a process and taught me a simple tool that I can use whenever. She even told me a story that connected with me at soul level. She told me things about my past that I already knew was true and I was amazed at how gifted and original she was. Ain’t nothing normal about Elizabeth or her gifts. She is a true Seer in every sense of the word. Her healing powers are authentic because right now for someone with bronchial pneumonia, I only took the medication prescribed for one day and I had an allergic reaction but I am feeling at least 90 % better only one day after my session. I am currently using her healing template along with the tool she guided me through and my body is at ease, grace and joy. I feel good! I was supposed to be on sick leave from work for 3 days but I am on my way to work. Elizabeth is the real deal and these templates get the job done at a very fast pace. Thanks a lot for stepping into your power and doing the damn thing as awesome as you do.” ~Donna


“Best Intuitive, healer, one-in-all, all-in-one, I have ever encountered”

“Dearest Elizabeth:

Thank you sooooo much for our wonderful session together, Angel 1 and I were so grateful! Finally, an aspect of myself that I saw in you of genuine heart-centered towards helping another. There was a great kindredness about our conversation, a feeling of being back home, a feeling of the warmth reaching down to my very core. In particular, I admired the letting go of linear time, the being in ‘allowing’ and not feeling rushed. Felt like one of those nights during high school slumber parties where you talked for hours, excited, riveted by what could come next…awake so long morning came and went and time just drifted. Before I knew it, time was up…..savoring every moment of grace and laughter. All we needed were pillows to bonk each other over the head! There was anticipation, happy, quiet, giggles, and many ahhh haaas! Oh yeah!

It feel whole again, hugged and held by gentle words that entered all the many armors of distrust that have been set in the memory layers of 3rd dimension. There is a new start, an excitement and a beauty that I can only feel, but can’t explain. I must be aligned, cuz I feel grrrrreat! My tale is wagging…you just don’t see it, ahh man, take that back, YOU, just might!

Thank you for your love, your kindness, generosity, compassion and your healing. Today was incredible, much more than I could have ever expected. The love I feel for you is beyond words. A connection, who knows to what lifetime, but a connection made at a level of heart love that one feels which is unconditional.

Hands down, you are the best Intuitive, healer, one-in-all, all-in-one, I have ever encountered. My thanks go to Lucia too, for her part in my healing. You both are quite an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being you.

Squeeeeeezes (ok, trying not to squeeze to hard). Can’t wait to try out the inner planes. I may not have all those neurons of yours, but hey, I have will! I know I can help you, let me know how. You are BIG, and getting bigger! Weee-hoo girl, watch out!

Meanwhile, I look, forward to walking around in a diamond. Damn, just call me bling-bling! If I say more I might just beam you up and we need you here…so, again, Thank you. I felt blessed today and felt like Father/Mother God answered my prayers.

In gratitude & appreciation,” ~Angel O’Connor


Immediate Results

“My private session with Elizabeth was really a lot of fun.  Working with her the templates became very accessible, the colors very vivid. Before our session I was experimenting with the Templates but was having very limited results.  With Elizabeth the Templates became friends that could help me on my journey.  Yesterday I was getting a headache and immediately called up the healing template with great results.  They have already enhanced my spiritual practices.  I am really glad I decided to do the private session and look forward to learning more from Elizabeth and working more with my new friends.” ~Mark, Colorado


“One of the BEST things I’ve ever done for myself…”

“My session with Elizabeth was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I felt recognized and very validated. I received sound tools and directions to help me accomplish what I have contracted to do at this point in time. I also received food recommendations and yoga position to help my physical body. I left the session feeling very empowered. I highly recommend her. Going into the my session I had no idea how she worked and how the session would go. I knew I wanted to understand and work with the templates more deeply and I had a few questions about my health and the direction of my spiritual work. The session started with me just giving Elizabeth an overview of what was up for me and what work I had done. From there everything started to roll. She immediately picked up on my dharma for the next 4 months and then we went on to talk about which templates would serve me and how to work with them. The session was very interactive. We also talked about food and yoga positions that would assist my physical body at this point in time. I felt very validated and empowered. Thank you Elizabeth!” ~Sally


Templates are so PRACTICAL

“Getting the Templates was a wonderful experience and then ….. what Templates are there, how do I use them best, Elizabeth you filled the gap, wonderful!! I loved your compact reading which Templates would be the best for my issues to use right now and how to activate them best. Now that I have the Templates I also want to know how to best use them for different situations. It would be a shame to let them sit dormant !!!” ~Sanjula


Firmly on the Path to Healing, Empowering and Full of Insight

“My session with Elizabeth McCullough was both empowering and full of insight. Elizabeth immediately intuited three Templates that would be beneficial in healing the issue I brought to the session, and how to use other modalities to magnify the Templates. As we worked together, I could perceive the energy of the Templates, and they were exactly right on the perfect combination for my issue!!! Elizabeth also perceived an energy that was not beneficial to me, and empowered me with suggestions on how to move it out of my life, which I’ve done. I’ve felt more energy and enthusiasm since our session, and feel firmly on the path to healing my issue. I would highly recommend a session with Elizabeth for anyone who would benefit from her acute sight, accurate intuition and familiarity with the templates. She was a pleasure to consult with, and I benefited greatly.” ~H.S., Ann Arbor