Special Offer


Personalized Sacred Hawaiian Name
+ Bonus Chants

Special Offer Includes:

Item 1: Personalized Sacred Hawaiian Name

Personalized Sacred Hawaiian Name along with full explanation of its meanings, how it can help to assist you in your current life path, shift your energy and assists you with connecting to your Aumakua- Hawaiian Spirit Guide for direct help and guidance.

Item 2: Personalized Hawaiian Chant

I will channel a Hawaiian song/chant specifically for you to use in your everyday life or special occasions. It may come through as a Clearing, Blessing, Manifesting or even grounding song/chant. Yes, it’s all about YOU and everyone will be unique. You will receive an audio clip along with the written Hawaiian words plus translation.

Item3: Grandmother Chant

This is a chant I composed with the guidance of my Hawaiian grandmother who has been in the Spirit world since 1983. It’s used to give gratitude for all that we have here and now but it also calls forth all the perfect people and situations to assist us to move forward with grace, ease and to allow us to play along our journey.

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