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Walk-ins The Cosmology of the Soul

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Five Module Online Course

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Special Offer: Walk-ins The Cosmology of the Soul

Offers 5 different modules.
Module 1: Anatomy of the Soul
Module 2: What is a Walk-in
Module 3: Types of Walk-ins
Module 4: Cosmological Journey of the Soul
Module 5: Universal Cycles

Unravel the mysteries of our eternal souls. Explore the fascinating experience of Walk-In Souls, the cycles of the Soul, and the Cosmology of the Soul.

  • Nearly four hours of never before taught information about walk-ins presented by a walk-in.
  • Handouts of all major discussion points.
  • Questionnaire to determine if you are a walk-in soul.
  • Four, 15-minute meditations designed enlighten the you, and anchor cosmic energies and truths into your waking life.

Module 1 (free) – 1-hour total

  • *45-minute video presentation
  • *Anatomy of the Soul handout will describe the various stages of the incarnation processes from being part of Source Energy to anchoring into the physical body and returning again.
  • *Handout describing what a soul family and soul groups is with a written meditation to connect with your soul family.
  • *Participants will delve into connecting with and anchoring more higher-self frequency during in a 15-minute meditation in a separate audio file.

Module 2 – 1-hour total

  • *One-hour video presentation
  • *Handout – What is a Walk-in
  • *Handout – Pre-birth planning and exercise
  • *Energetic bodies and chakra handout
  • *Walk-in questionnaire

Module 3 – 1-hour total

  • *45-minute video presentation*Handouts describing each of the different types of walk-in souls
  • *Soul combination handout
  • *Cellular memory and cellular imprinting handout
  • *Participants will discover the cellular memories and imprints that plague their lives the most during a 15-minute meditation on a separate audio file
  • *Receive a written exercise to clear unwanted cellular patterns along with a 21-day worksheet to chart progress

Module 4 – 1-hour total

  • *45-minute video presentation
  • *Handout detailing soul star origin
  • *Handout with descriptions of different types of cosmic races
  • *15-minute meditation to connect you with your own star family in a separate audio file
  • *Excerpt of the book, Walk-ins The Cosmology of the Soul, where Sheila details her own soul’s cosmology

Module 5 – 1-hour total

  • *45-minute video presentation
  • *Flow chart depicting the movements from Source to the body
  • *Handout listing universal structure and cycles, harmonic universe, cycles of consciousness, and densities.
  • *Participants will participate in a 15-minute meditation to connect you with your star origins in a separate audio file

Digital Format: Videos and audio

  • Length of Program 5 Hours of Video Teachings about the Cosmology of the Soul and Walk-ins
  • 16 Detailed Handouts and Exercises of All Major Discussion Points
  • 4 Guided Meditations Designed to Enlighten You and Anchor Cosmic Energies and Truths into Your Waking Life
  • Questionnaire to Determine If You Are a Walk-in Soul
  • Excerpts from Sheila’s book, Walk-ins: The Cosmology of the Soul
  • Immediate Access to the Course to Begin Your Journey
  • All Materials Downloadable for You to Enjoy and Learn at Your Leisure

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What People Have To Say About Sheila

The knowledge Sheila imparts regarding walk-ins is astounding and inspiring in equal measure. As a gentle soul and a wise woman, she comes bearing gifts and is, in my opinion, a gift to the world. Speaking from experience, she is a healer.
~ Andrea Perron, Author

Sheila Seppi is wonderfully articulate and knowledgeable about walk-ins. Being a walk-in herself, she knows about the various types of walk-ins, the experiences of walk-ins, and the various locations and realms that walk-ins come from. She has comprehensive knowledge of the soul and its purposes in incarnating by exchanging with an adult person who no longer wishes to be in life. I think Sheila is the perfect person to be teaching this course.
~Barbara Lamb, M.A., MFT, CHT

I am still processing the content of this incredible deep an elevating course. I am so happy I participated and I surely will go over the materials again. So many layers are in there. Thank you Sheila, for your profound work. Thea Boven
The text and content of the course is very interesting and easy to follow, with the handouts you can read back in peace. Thank you very much for sharing your insights and wisdom. Blessings. Lilien De Randamie