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Transformation Package

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Transformation Package
Ebook and Audio Files

Special Offer Includes:

Item 1: Book: “INTEGRATION, Heal Past Trauma and Prevent Future Trauma”

“Integration, Heal Past Trauma and Prevent Future Trauma” pdf of book

You can Stop Repeating the Same Lesson Over and Over Again.

  • Release past trauma
  • Integrate the lessons of your trauma
  • Integrate new lessons as they are happening
  • Start healing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

Learn how to learn lessons as they are happening.

And then learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, so you don’t have to bring negative experiences into your life anymore.

Item 2: The Truth About Aging MP3

Aging is an illusion created by the race consciousness.

There is no old age

Every 7 years every cell in our bodies are renewed

Being out of Balance

Active and Receptive Energy

Meditation: Masculine / Feminine balancing, Kundalini Activation, and Burning up negativity.

Item 3: Pineal Gland Activation MP3

Meditation to turn on the systems in your body and turn off the deleterious hormones. This sets natural healing in motion and constant rejuvenation of the body.

This workshop is all meditation. Turn on every system of your body and turn off the deteriorating hormones. This sets the natural healing process in motion to keep your body young and constantly rejuvenating, as it was designed to do.

Item 4: Waking to Cosmic Consciousness MP3

When Chaos surrounds you STOP and be the eye of the tornado. Meditation to go beyond Chaos and bring in the new energies.

We are becoming One with All That Is through Cosmic Consciousness. As we become aware of this, we can consciously create a better world.

Portals are opening to other dimensions and contact with other planetary beings.

We are becoming a new species with collective goals.

As all is speeding up around us, we are becoming more still.

When chaos surrounds us, STOP and be the eye of the tornado.

Meditation: Going beyond all chaos to bring in these new energies.

Item 5: Talking with Angels (You are not alone)MP3

Explaining the different levels of Angels. Meditation to get in touch with Angels and to activate the Pineal, Pituitary and Nervous System.

Getting clear about the different areas that Angels exist in and discovering how we can benefit by asking for assistance in a specific area.

Explaining the different levels of Angels

We must ask for assistance in the four lower bodies

In the upper bodies, we know it is done

Ask which level you need help from

Meditation: Getting in Touch with the Angels in the 4 lower bodies. Entering into the upper bodies and activating the pineal, pituitary and nervous system.

Item 6: Open Your Mind to the Coming Wave MP3

Five Initiations. Meditation to merge with All Consciousness.

Moving with the coming changes and preparing ourselves to have a smooth transition.

Five initiations

Letting go of separation

Interdimensional Travel

Becoming a part of the ocean of consciousness

Meditation: Merging with All Consciousness.

Item 7: Taking Us To New Heights MP3

Letting Go of all preconceptions. Meditation to release the physical and embrace the Light Body.

Letting go of all preconceptions of the physical world and allowing yourself to explore the possibilities of working with the new energies.

Everything is dissolving

Project a positive outcome into consciousness

Give and Receive in equal measure

Transforming competition to assistance

Meditation: Releasing the physical, embracing the Light Body.

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What People Are Saying about this Book: 

This is a really well written book that goes right to the heart of trauma healing. Beautiful, simple approaches that will transform your life!


I love the simplicity of “Integration: Heal Past Trauma and Prevent Future Trauma.” Using personal stories as a springboard, author Shirley Rose presents the reader with an opportunity to look at his or her own life for personal growth as well. With this format, the book could be used in small groups as well as individually. Highly recommended.


What an interesting book! Author Shirley Rose takes us on a voyage to personal discovery by revealing her own life path. Lots of suggestions for becoming conscious of our behavior and our responses. Definitely worth the read.


The book makes you think and look in your past and present and see how much relates to your behavior now. It invites you to pay attention to what things you can do to change the things that have interfered with your life and how you can overcome and deal with them. There is something in this book for everyone, it doesn’t matter where you are in your life or what age group. I have recommended this book to many friends.