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Soul-Satisfied Love Package

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Individual Strategy Session PLUS access to Author Talk

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Soul-Satisfied Love Package

Individual ‘Soul-Satisfied Strategy Session’ with Author Danna Lewis plus access to ’The Indisputable Gift of Men’ Author Talk

ITEM 1: LIVE Webinar Saturday, 8/22

10am PT / 11am MT /12pm CT /1pm ET / 5pm GMT

ITEM 2: your customized 60-75 minutes Strategy Session, you will:

  • Gain clarity around your Love Purpose & Vision
  • Experience exercises to clear energetic and emotional clutter
  • Receive tools to create a more soul-satisfied love life

Item 3: In the 60-minute Zoom Author Talk, you will:

  • Gain clarity on the impact you have on yourself, and the world, by choosing the courageous kindness that empowers you and embraces the gift that men can be in your life
  • Experience the superpowers of presence, resilience, and gratitude
  • Receive tools to create a more soul-satisfied love life

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What People Have to Say…


This book changed how I view men and my relationship with them. Throughout my life, guys had been more of a trouble – in my old point of view, they come, create some “unnecessary” turbulence in my would-have-been peaceful world, then some potential sufferings from breakups. Danna’s stories introduced me to a new point of view and the possibility of seeing how men could be gifts to my life even when the relationships are transient. Plus the stories just capture your heart and make you want to keep reading and honestly be in LOVE 🙂 Grateful that I read this book! ~Olivia


Our first session together was so impactful for me that it created an indisputable shift in the way I showed up and the momentum carried over to the next coaching session, and the next bit of clarity and movement took me into the next. I wanted to share this experience because I was just thinking about how grateful I am. Not only for Danna and the outstanding coaching I’ve received so far. But grateful to myself for having taken action rather than finding another excuse to put it off. ~Lauren L.


Knowing Danna has been a true gift and one that has moved from one type of relationship to another in a seamless manner. When I revisited our time together through her writing I was astonished at her vivid recollection, her ability to transmit it in a clear manner, and the insight that she brought to the time we spent together.  ~Matt (AKA Chapter 8)


I am hooked on this book! I was in meetings and running errands and couldn’t wait to get back to the stories, and the men! Danna stimulated my mind, heart, and body as she passionately shared some of the most vulnerable moments in her life. Thank you, Danna, for being the very needed and beautiful voice in a world desiring more for each and every one of us. ~Christine McIver, Founder of Inspired Choices Network


Danna has a unique ability to create questions and thought-provoking ideas so you can personally get clarity and make excellent choices for yourself. I love the way Danna helps you have complete freedom of choice for yourself. I especially appreciate her balanced approach to facilitating those of us who treasure BOTH our careers and our loved ones. Creating success that includes both is a unique and precious skill and Danna epitomizes that approach. ~Ron