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Five Sound Healing CDS
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Your Root Soul Frequency MP3
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Offer 1 Includes: Five Sound Healing CDs in digital Download

Sound Healing Music CD downloads for specific issues including relaxation, sleep, anxiety and depression.

Sound Healing Frequency CDs downloads that you play on the body for muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, bones, endocrine glands, circulatory system, respiratory system, etc.

Sounds with Healing Harmonic Structures

Based on years of experience and research on the physics of sound, we have chosen sounds (natural to electronic) that are known to have specific effects on a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These sounds have been tailored to specifically fit the the particular intention of the song.

Tempos Set to the Breath

Most songs have a basic tempo that is set to a really slow breath. Since the chords often follow the in and out breath they entrain your breath into a deeper state of relaxation. You can also consciously breathe along with most of the songs.

Binaural Beats

Most of the music includes Binaural Beat Frequencies to entrain the brain into a variety of brainwave states. Two frequencies are embedded in the music and the difference between the two notes creates a 3rd frequency which is below our normal hearing level. This 3rd frequency entrains your brain into delta (deep sleep or meditation), theta (creative day dreaming), or alpha (relaxed awareness). When you listen on headphones you get the extra added benefit of brain synchronization — connecting the left and right brain through the Corpus Callosum. Through a special process the binaural beats are created so they are perfectly in tune with the key of the song.

Peaceful Endings

One of the most important aspects of Sound Healing is when the sound or music ends — leaving you in a place of perfect peace. Many techniques and extreme care have been taken to create endings that leave you in this precious state of peace.

Other Sound Healing Music Production Techniques

Other techniques based on Frequency, Timbre, Musical Intervals, Modes, Repetition vs. Change, and Energy Flow have been incorporated into each song. David Gibson is the author of “The Art of Producing,” and the #1 selling book in the field of Audio Recording, “The Art of Mixing.” Many techniques from his books have also been incorporated into the music.

Sound Holograms

Many of the songs are Sound Holograms where every component within the music and recording are speaking to each other mathematically. For example, the tempo mathematically fits the key of the song. The binaural beats are also a multiple or perfect fraction (1/2, 1/2, 1/2…) of the pitch and tempo. The tempo of the breath incorporated into the chord changes is also a perfection subdivision of the tempo, pitch and binaural beats. All of this helps to synchronize the breath, heart, and brain.

Item 1: Water of Life MP3

Special OfferThis song taps into core aspects of beauty and soaring power within us all. It is called Water of Life because it is inspired by Divine Love.

Going to the outer limits of space gives you a unique perspective on your current reality when you return. It also makes you realize that since all reality is an illusion, you are free to create whatever reality you like. Not only that, it’s just a lot of fun. This song provides a full perspective on a wide range of realms. Expand your creativity, expand your consciousness.

The song utilizes binaural beats in Theta that transition into Delta. The song slowly builds to a peak and takes you out 3 times. The last time the song ends with the most peaceful peak you could imagine. The melody remains in your heart for some time afterwards.

Item 2: Unconditional Love MP3

Special OfferThis is a half speed version of Power of Love (below). It has the archetypal healing field of Universal Love embedded in it. It was also created while holding the intention of Unconditional Love during the recording, mixing and mastering.

It is meditative, relaxing, and instills a deep sense of peace inside. It is also good for sleep as well. It incorporates binaural beats in Delta and Deep Delta for the deepest relaxation.

This song has been extremely successful in getting rid of anxiety attacks. It has also gotten rid of tremors in our Parkinson’s patients.

This song has the archetypal healing field of Universal Love embedded in it. It was also created while holding the intention of Unconditional Love during the recording, mixing and mastering.

This song takes you from the complete stillness of divine love then dynamically soars to the top of the mountain where the power of Spirit heals all, then brings you back down to complete stillness — 3 times! It is a very powerful divine experience and is rockin’ at one point (David Gilmour style lead guitar — Think Pink Floyd with Love). It’s really about taking the pure peace of divine love and transforming it into pure power, and then being able to come back to down to a place of stillness.

This song has been extremely successful in getting rid of anxiety attacks. It has also gotten rid of all tremors in Parkinson’s patients. An entire class of children with learning disabilities who had never been able to be still while listening to music — became perfectly silent and attentive.

This CD is very helpful when doing any creative work. It is unbelievably uplifting and inspiring. It is nice to put on repeat when writing. Listening with full attention makes you feel like you’ve been to a major concert… that leaves you completely fulfilled and in a divine state of peace!

Item 3: Muscles WAV File

This CD includes frequencies for the following:
– Vital Life Force – Tissue Repair – Cell Regeneration – Muscle Pain Elimination – Arteries – Muscular Strain – Neuritis – Tendons – Veins – Muscle Cells – Muscle

Item 4: Nerves, Tendons and Ligaments WAV File

This CD includes frequencies for the following:
Vital Life Force – Tissue Repair – Cell Regeneration – Arthritis Acute Traumatic – Arthritis Degenerative Osteo – Arthritis Elbow Joints – Arthritis General Condition – Arthritis in Sacrum – Arthritis Osteo – Arthritis Rheumatoid – Muscle Cells – Neuritis – Bones

item 5: Chakra Journey MP3

Special OfferThis CD is a journey through the energy of each Chakra. We began by invoking the energy of each Chakra, then creating sounds and melodies that resonate harmoniously with each. We have held the intention of balancing each Chakra for the listener as we go through each.

The CD covers the full range of frequencies using 7 octaves. Many systems use one Octave (C to B) as the full range of Chakras. However, based on research in the field of Sound Healing, it has been shown that all frequencies are nutrients and that we need the full range of 20 – 20,000 hertz. It also just feels more natural that the Root is a really low tone and the Crown is a really high tone. It is also our belief that if you were to play all of the notes of the Chakras at the same time, they should create a harmonious sound. If you were to play all of the notes within an octave they do not sound good at all. Therefore, we are using the same note for each Chakra and simply moving up an Octave for the next so you can end up with all seven chakras in complete harmony with each other.

The most commonly accepted system says that the root Chakra is C. However, in China the root is F, and in Tibet it is an A. Scientific research from Nutri-Energetics Systems on the Quantum Morphogenetic Fields of Chakras, points to Bb as the most harmonious key to use.

The CD includes binaural beats that move from Theta to Delta to bring the listener to a deep state of peace by the end of the CD.

Item 6: Gratitude

Special OfferThis is a class project where we focused our intentions consistently on the energy of gratitude. We held our intentions with 100% focus while toning. There are also Binaural Beats embedded in the song that entrain your brain into Theta.

This song is in the Key of C#, which we felt was the most appropriate for the energy of gratitude.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Your Root Soul Frequency MP3 PLUS Everything in Option 1

Personal Skype Session with David Gibson to Discover Your Soul Frequency. Includes MP3 Download of your Soul Frequency.

Research has now shown that each of us has a root or Soul frequency that we vibrate at. This frequency is most apparent when you are centered, grounded or in love. The frequency also naturally emanates from you when you are in a state of perfect presence and awareness of now.

There are many frequencies that distract us from our own. There are sounds of the city, phones, cars, trucks, trains, planes, electricity, and electromagnetism. There are the chaotic and distracted frequencies of disconnected people around us. Probably the most difficult are the distracting frequencies within us — such as chaotic and stressful thoughts and pains. With all the chaos and inconsistency around us, no wonder it is so easy to lose your frequency.

The whole goal is to regain the consistency that is “you.” That place inside you that is 100% consistent — calm and still. The truth is that any consistent frequency will essentially resonate your own root frequency. When any frequency is resonated within you, your root frequency is naturally triggered because your system knows all frequencies and recognizes each one as a musical interval in relation to your Soul frequency. It isn’t as important to find your own frequency, as it is to simply have a consistent frequency vibrating you. This is first thing we notice whenever we meet someone — how consistent is there frequency? The most popular “teachers” have extremely consistent frequencies that radiate grounding, calmness and peace.

When you are consistently in your Soul frequency you are especially centered and peaceful. When you find and get to know your resonant frequency you can use it to help lead you back to yourself where you totally comfortable in your skin, and at peace in any situation.

If you are a sensitive person you can find your resonant frequency by simply tuning into yourself and listening for it. At the Institute, and Online we do several tests to find it.

You can then use this frequency to resonate yourself back to your core in several ways. Simply toning can do it, but there is nothing like listening to a song in your key on a sound table. It powerfully resonates your frequency through every cell of your body. Most people get off the sound table in a state of profound stillness. You can also listen to a song in your key (we have a few of our songs in every key). You can also ultimately get a Crystal Bowl in your key (I just love my “B” bowl), or even get a tuning fork. Then whenever you feel a little “whacked out” or off center you can use your CD or instrument to bring you back home.

You can also use this note to connect to access your actual Soul. Your soul carries an array of information about you and your purpose in this lifetime as well as containing a direct connection to Source and all the information that is. When in alignment with the frequency of your Soul you are in alignment with both nature and Spirit.

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