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Activate Your Divinity Codes

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Divinity Codes Course

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60-minute 1:1 Soul Sourcing Session

Special Offer #1: Awaken Your DIVINITY CODES

Liberate Your Purpose, Power, Pleasure & Prosperity

Embody Your Power. Live Your Purpose. Become Masterful at Receiving. Magnetize Prosperity.
DIVINITY CODES invites you into a new depth of self-mastery and soul embodiment so that you can create your own Heaven on Earth, now.

You are invited to revolutionize your entire relationship with life, especially with your power, your purpose, your prosperity and of course your pleasure. How would key shifts in these areas of your life completely transform your experience of reality?

What’s possible when you commit to taking care of yourself in complete devotion? What’s possible when you start to fall in love with yourself in more ways than you ever knew were possible?

This is the essence of Divinity Codes, the culmination of years of healing, transformation, mindset alignment and embodiment into a series of actionable, sustainable, digest-able actions and initiations for you to live your best life, now.

Here is your invitation.


In 8 weeks, what’s life like when you…

  • Become empowered to consciously decide how you respond to life, instead of reacting
  • Embody your integrated divine masculine and feminine energy to operate in harmonious balance
  • Awaken, re-member and embody your soul purpose
  • Heal your self-worth, own your authentic power and feel fully confident to share your soul’s truth
  • Optimize your energy and learn how to fully hear, utilize and listen to your intuition
  • Heal your wounds around receiving pleasure and feeling good, learn how to listen to and follow your desires
  • Develop a new loving relationship with abundance and money, become masterful at receiving
  • Create and sustain healthy boundaries in every area of your life
  • Enjoy more intimacy, authenticity and depth in all of your relationships, especially with yourself
  • You will be initiated to meet your truth in ways you have never before imagined possible.

Want to see what you’re really made of?

You will fall more deeply in love with you and your soul essence than ever before.

How alive – completely you – are you willing to feel?

You will feel free in each present moment to hear your soul speak.

You’ll have the confidence to listen, trust and take clear, committed aligned action to bring your desired reality into being.

Your new paradigm awaits.

Let’s FLY.


  • One training with Sydney each week containing energy healing activations, lectures, guided somatic experiences, visualizations, and more following weekly program themes
  • One Guest Expert training per week showcasing specially curated world-renowned thoughtleaders, visionaries, healers and entrepreneurs embodying the essence of divinity
  • Next-level guidance in somatic experiences and embodiment practice including meditation, channeling, breath-work, inner child healing, family constellations, authentic relating, toning, tantra and much more
  • Expert guidance in energetic mastery and healing techniques to remove stagnation, trauma and density from your system, align your energy and amplify your intuitive super powers
  • Exclusive access to cutting-edge consciousness-expanding materials, tools, techniques and practices you can use for life
  • Complete mind-body-spirit-consciousness upgrade of your core operating system: align your mind to serve your soul

Including Exclusive Guest Activations By Global Visionary Thought-Leaders and Expert Guides:

  • Cosmic Catalyst + Evolutionary Astrologer Megan Zimring
  • Celebrity Hypnotist + Living Magic’s David Lion
  • Embodiment Expert + Founder of Ecstatic Awakening Retreats Ronja Sebastian
  • Creators of Quantum Love Codes + Visionary Thought-Leaders on Intimacy + Conscious Sex Ashae Sundara + Lucien Vattel
  • Divine Masculine Activator + World-Renowned Visionary Mentor Destin Gerek
  • Finan-SEER, Certified Money Coach + Co-Creator of Capital One’s Financial Education Program Megan Lathrop
  • Abundance Codes Co-Creator, Visionary Thought-Leader + Healer Juan Pablo Barahona

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Special Offer #2: Soul Sourcing: Attune to your Soul

Soul Sourcing is my signature approach fusing psychic guidance, intuitive energy healing and multidimensional channeling all oriented around sourcing from your own soul all that is required at this time to support your highest good.

The Experience
In our sacred container prepare to receive guidance and support in aligning with your souls purpose, life path and divine assignment.

You may receive clarity on any looming questions or concerns you have about blocks or obstacles in your way of living the kind of life you truly desire. You may release and clear stagnant energy from the body that manifests as disease or physical symptoms. You may feel like you’ve undergone a detox after our exchange.

Creative insight and strategy may also arise regarding your current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, spirit guides and ancestors. You will likely receive amplification of your spiritual gifts, intuition and affirmation of the truth you already know deep down in your heart.

Receive your comprehensive mind-body-spirit-soul tune up.

In our Soul Sourcing Journey we receive…

  • Guidance on your purpose, path and divine assignment
  • Clarity on any looming questions or concerns present in living the life you truly desire
  • Affirmation of truth you already sense within you
  • Soul strategy for your current path, business, vision, relationships, karmic patterns, past lives, ancestors, etc.
  • Strengthened connection and affirmation of intuitive abilities and spirit guide awareness
  • High frequency energy transmissions to clear your field, heal core wounds, amplify magnetism, enhance your gifts, and more

These sessions are activating and revelatory.

You will have a recording of the entire session (video + audio) to revisit over time as your transformation deepens and continues to manifest over the weeks and months to follow. New insights will arise as foreshadowed events and learnings materialize after our session.

The session is 60 minutes conducted over Zoom Video. Please abstain from all mind-altering substances at least 48 hours before our session to maintain energetic integrity and clarity. You will receive more details about how to prepare for our session upon booking your time.

You will also receive a custom protocol, likely with unique energetic practices and resources curated just for you based on where you are in your path, plus e-mail integration support following our session to assist you in your continued evolution.

If you are an awakening, visionary soul on a mission to show up in your authentic truth, live your destiny, unlock your genius and receive guidance and affirmation regarding your unique contribution, I’d be honored to support you.

YES! I want Sydney’s Special Offer #2 for $399

Here are people are saying about…

“I was always seeking others to help me to “figure out” or “heal” me, but since doing the mentorship with Sydney she has really taught me how to go within and seek my own healing and my own wisdom. I love healing parts of myself by myself without having to seek externally.

By doing it myself I’ve really shifted my perspective, making me more self-reliant and accountable. Which in turn has made my connection stronger and I’m more aware of how to read/feel energy so it’s working in all ways to benefit my soul being. I’ve learnt where core issues arise from and how can I change/release that, allowing me to return to my own power.

The journey with Sydney has been so enlightening. I feel like we have moved so many mountains and layers in such little time. I’ve had more resolution in the duration of the course with Sydney than I have with years of conventional counselling. I am so much lighter and I am able to process and deal with things more assertively and at better ease.

Sydney’s information, intellect, ability and connection are so profound, the wisdom and value she has given me you just cannot put a price on that. She pushes me out of my comfort zone and I love the fact she practices by the method of wanting you to do this for yourself because she wants you to come away from the teachings and experience to not need her any more, to seek the answers within.

Sydney truly holds space for you. She does it so willingly, diligently and so lovingly. Having Sydney be my support at any given was one of my turning points. That level of support brought me to tears.”

~ Sonia C., Sovereign Soul Guide and Visionary Healer based in Western Australia


“Sydney is a tremendously generous guide and she invested a ton of her attention and energy in my growth. My work with Sydney has allowed me to:

Cleared past relationship trauma that was creating noise in my current relationship, which let me deepen into trust and mutual support with my partner.
Confronted past sexual shame that’s been a block to asking for what I want, which gave me the confidence to raise my rates and bid for (and win) a huge new contract with a major player in my industry.
Healed an old wound of worthiness with my mom, which led to forgiveness and opened up space for us to move forward without carrying the weight of the past.
Cut out the “scared to fail” procrastination trap and got focused on what I love, which led me to finally finish a novel I’d been toying with for almost a year
Rewrote the “not good enough” story that had me stuck playing small in my business, which prompted me to stretch into a new industry with a new offering Im ecstatic about

If everything is an inside job, this program is a way to kick the door open.In this program, I got support from a truly amazing guide who helped me develop a set of healing tools and a healing practice that I can use to support myself at any time. With these, I was able to truly transform, once and for all, some of most painful obstacles that have been holding me back.

Considering the depth of the training, the level of on-going support you receive, and the growth Sydney facilitates, this program is an absolute steal. Before I signed up, I was considering this or a more traditional business coaching program. Im so beyond grateful I chose this.

Here’s what made up my mind: Ultimately, I realized I didn’t need a new way to write a business plan or someone else’s marketing funnel. I needed a way to clear out the old junk that was keeping me stuck getting the old results. I needed to heal myself. Now I can. To me, my results from this program are priceless.”

~ Nicole M., Sustainability Advocate, Visionary Educator, Intuitive Guide


“Sydney asked the questions that I needed to be asked in order to uncover the things that were holding me back which included healing my wounded feminine and masculine, releasing old programming (corporate america), opening up to my true nature that I had buried for years. In general, helping me reconnect to my true nature which interestingly put me back in the same mindset I was in 15 years before I shut myself down. Today, I am a metaphysical/spiritual coach in a ministerial program through the Spiritualist church. I guess this is my calling. I wasn’t going to be let off the hook no matter how far and long I drifted.

Sydney’s specific genius is her ability to get to the core quickly. She is a coach, so she doesn’t lead you to answers she thinks are right, but she intuitively knows which questions to ask so you get the answers you need for yourself quickly. She is a powerful intuitive and she is an energetic wizard. 🙂

To anyone whose on the fence about joining/hiring Sydney, just move forward, it is worth every penny. The journey you will embark upon is transformational, healing, and unparalleled.

I think Sydney is best suited to help spiritual entrepreneurs fully step into their authentic truth and power so they can really do the powerful work they are here to do. To help them strip away beliefs about the old ways of doing business and find a way that best suits them for their benefit and the benefit of their clients.” ~Stephanie Cunningham, Metaphysical Mentor, Reiki Energy Healer, Ohio USA


“When I started working with Sydney my biggest pain-points were mindset and money. I felt like Sydney could specifically help me with mindset because she had been through what I was going through – leaving my full-time job, starting my new company, making myself visible as a coach for the first time and offering my services.

My biggest results from working with Sydney were the confidence to quit my job and believe that everything would be ok. I also took a lot of action with Sydney that I didn’t have the confidence to take alone. She introduced me to what my life could (and would) look like.

To this day Sydney has been one of the more comprehensive mentors of mine.”

~ Jenna Hillier, Visionary Health Coach, Founder @ The Measure of a Woman, CPA, NYC USA


“Four months ago, when I first signed up for Sydney’s mastermind, I felt very confused. I had been traveling full-time living “the dream” making tons of money, sold my yoga studio and was hosting sold out retreats. But I felt exhausted. I felt like I could never “catch up” with all of the work I had to do, my relationships were draining and I wasn’t really sure what I was creating anymore. My SELF and my brand needed a REBOOT. I wanted to make more money, but didn’t understand why my funnels weren’t converting. I kept spending tons of money on business tools with no results.

We worked together for three months in a group mastermind and for one month 1:1.Within three weeks of working with Sydney I 10x’d my monthly revenue from $3K to $30K without creating any new business infrastructure but instead by simply following the customized energetic alignment practices Sydney intuitively guided me through.

One month into the mastermind, Sydney invited me to write out my 10 year future vision, which included a detailed image of a beautiful white aerial yoga studio and retreat center on the beach with a spa. I thought this would take years to manifest. A few weeks later, I was invited on a tour of THE EXACT studio I had imagined. I was completely blown away. Soon after I was invited to re-locate to Belize as a core consultant overseeing the studio’s offerings and expansion.

The greatest benefit I received from my experience working with Sydney is that I now speak my truth no matter what. My boundaries are clear and my energy has never felt more focused. I trust myself and own my value. I share more authentically than ever, especially on social media, and I just FEEL GOOD. I am completely me. I am no longer seeking validation from how much money I make, people in my life or material things. I am free.

I appreciate Sydney because she is so loving and mirrors back the parts of me that I couldn’t see before. The way she pushed me to have uncomfortable conversations, create healthy boundaries, and embody RADICAL ORGASMIC LOVE for myself was a push I was DEEPLY DESIRING. Her tools of tantra and orgasmic manifestation are now pillars of my coaching practice. Working with Sydney is worth every penny and every ounce of uncomfortable work. I manifested my 10 year plan in a matter of weeks and that is MAGIC.”

~ Margie Pargie, CEO+ Founder, Aerial Yoga Goddess, Transformational Coach, Margie Pargie