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Metratronia Live Source Light Attunement
& Meditations Recordings

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The Source Light Attunement is an initial experience of the Vessel (body) opening to Source through Metatronia Light codings. It has helped many to align to their true soul path. Aligning with your soul blueprint. There may be vibrational and transformational changes after the Attunement. As Source assists our vibrational alignment, we must be open to receive the divine and most sacred counsel of the one true light. This light opens the vessel to divine truth, removing illusion and obstruction. So that you begin to experience all that you so divinely are, through vibrational alignment.

During the live show Tammy will work to align and prepare your vessel and offer a Source Light taster session. There is then the option to purchase the full Source Light Attunement that will be set up at a later date and time arranged between recipient and Tammy.

“Join Tammy for a live show where she will aid in your connection with Archangel Metatron to assist the vessel’s conscious connection to Source. The light is here at this time to assist the ascension of mankind. Archangel Metatron communicates to us through the most divine and sacred geometries of light. To assist all aspects of our ascension, awakening and alignment journey”.


This is the full package of the Metatronia Bio-Quantum meditations. As you link in with Source energy through sound and silence, the vessel begins to alight and align. The energy within these meditations works deep within your bio-cellular structure. Over 15 hours of Meditations & Metatations recordings from 2010 to date. Increasing your water intake also is advised whilst working with Source vibration. These high vibrational and energy transforming meditations will assist you in your awakening, aligning and ascension journey. Various topics covered in each meditation. Recordings will be delivered as digital/electronic format (MP3). Please be aware that some of these meditations are from Live Recorded training sessions. Please allow time in between each meditation to allow for light integration, expansion and vibrational alignment.

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What People Say About Tammy


“I must share with you several things.  First of all, as I listened to your presentation on Lauren’s program. I felt such hope and a sense of relief.  I can totally relate to your comments about working with various teachings and therapies for a very long time, but always feeling like there was a missing piece to “my” part of the puzzle.  I’ve been a practicing massage therapist for over 20 years, and a Reiki master for 10 years. (My first Reiki teacher also introduced me to the Keys of Enoch, by the way, which I know is another “sign” that I am to work with you and this energy!)  I am trained in several “energy” and light-touch modalities — including Polarity Therapy and Cranio Sacral — all of which are effective for my clients.  BUT, I’ve always felt something was missing from my own experience.  So, I am very excited and grateful about discovering Metatronia Therapy and looking forward to learning how to use it in my life and practice. Like many other souls who are waking up at this time, I’ve been experiencing challenges related to living as my true self and using my gifts to fulfil my soul purpose in the here and now.  The Metatron transmission during the Friday night replay was amazing and had immediate impact that is continuing.  The sheer volume of what I’m releasing is at times overwhelming and exhausting, but necessary so I am committed to the process while trying to remember to be gentle with myself!  Having the Metatronia therapy materials to focus on is very helpful, and I’m encouraged by the fact that much of the information in the workbook is familiar and has a strong resonance for me.  That was not the case with Reiki or the Keys. My biggest issue with most of the teachings I’ve “re-visited” on my life’s journey in general, and my healing work in particular, has seemed too complicated and ego-driven. I was always left with the burning question of “why are you making this so hard to comprehend?” At my deepest core, I’ve had a knowing that it really is quite simple; surrender and trust.  So, to hear you repeatedly reinforce that truth is big for me.  Thank you!”.


“Thank you so much! Your website, your books, and your teachings are a life changer. I can tell that so much love has been put into it all and I am very grateful to have come across something this special. I am pretty new to working with AAM but the last month or so has been amazing. With your knowledge and tools, I have so much to work with it that it is unbelievable. I hope to continue working on healing myself as well as others as I go along with my journey. I feel that as more people tune into the light, your teachings will be seen by many. I know for certain that God and Metatron, along with the other angels are very fortunate to have someone like you be one of their beacons of light spreading true love through all that you do. Anyway, thank you again I am beyond grateful. Love and light”.


​”I wanted to email you because I thought of you the other day and wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you coming into my life. I have made huge strides lately in my development, and it was thanks for meeting you and Metatronia Therapy. I am so grateful to have you as a friend and mentor. Thank you for always being so amazing!”.

Metatronia Light Coaching Sessions with Tammy, I was filled with so much self-doubt, uncertainty and frustration.  The more I worked with Tammy, the clearer I became.  As if a cloud had been lifted (and shifted) and I had so much more clarity, insight and confidence.  Tammy’s energy is BEYOND MAGNIFICENT! She holds such an extraordinary vibration of PURE LOVE, which created an unbelievably safe and nurturing space for me to heal, grow and transform my entire life. Thank you, Tammy, for your continued love and support! The space you created for me was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I Love You Beyond Words…thank YOU Gorgeous Soul!!  Thank YOU!”.