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Techniques for the Physical Transition Into Light Body

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Pry Open the Channels between the Heart & the Brain Mastery Empowerment Course

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Support tools for Transitioning into Light Body

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Pry Open the Channels between the Heart & the Brain
June 12 & 13
12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET 7pm GMT


The manifested pathway between the brain and the heart has become compromised by modern lifestyle (and programming).

We have forgotten how to move from within.

In this 2 part Mastery Empowerment series, learn how to literally break out of your stuckness and INTO your own body, and let the light codes flow!

2 Part Series

Explore, discover and move the literal, manifested pathway of the Heart-Brain Connection

We don’t just ‘become’ Light-bodied.

As with (& along with) the mind,

for the energies to flow through effortlessly, our physical vessel needs to be a clear portal.

This must be done from within.

No one can do it for you.

Tap in from a different perspective.

Amazingly Empowering Movement from Within

Session 1

  • The Brain
    Cranial bones. Pineal Gland. Pituitary Gland.
  • The connection
    The eyes. The nose. The ears.

Session 2

  • The connection
    The tongue. The throat/neck (thyroid, larynx, pharynx)
  • The Heart
    Heart, Lungs, Ribcage/sternum

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This Special Offer 2 Includes Offer 1 Plus:

Item 1: One 60 minute InnerSpace Guided Movement Session

During this private 60 minute session, you will be guided into an InnerSpace journey where I will work energetically with you while you discover how to effect a change at a very deep level by eliciting changes from within.

Item 2: Create a Nourishment Chamber –

In this MP3 guided journey,  learn how to create a safe and peaceful chamber where you can initiate the rest & digest phase of your autonomic nervous system. Open the pathway your nourishment follows, increasing nutrient absorption, ridding digestive disturbances, and honoring your body, the food it uses for fuel, and of course, Gaia.

Use this tool to  ‘set up’ a nourishment chamber during morning meditation or breakfast to access at any mealtime, especially when sitting in a meditative state prior to eating is not an option.

Item 3: Invocation Starter Pack – Transpirational Invocations

This PDF is a starter pack with ideas for creating portals, and back pocket invocations.


Item 4: Online Class – Damn Good Head, Neck & Face Massage

Friday, May 8 with recording.  You’ll get a link to join the event !  Learn how to use innerspace yoga to massage your internal fascia in the Head, neck and face.

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What People Have to Say About...

Cary’s work is magnificent. She understands the body and its workings inside and out!  – Linda T-D.

After one session with Carly I feel a flow in my joints that I haven;t felt in years. She is gentle and kind . She is equally as adapt at listening as she is at explaining physiological functions. What a gift it is to be the recipient of her many skills. – e.murphy

Carly was wonderful. Intuitive, easy to talk to. I had utmost confidence in her. She introduced me to connections between my brain and body I didn’t know I had. She addressed the root of my issue rather than treating the issue itself. In the end, I think this approach will pay dividends.  – S.Smith