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The 5D Wake Up Call
Videos, Lessons and Interviews.

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I am so happy to offer you this amazing collection of interviews, videos, and lessons, designed to help you maneuver through the rapidly changing environment, expand your perception of what is possible, and awaken you to the phenomenal opportunities the fifth dimensional energies have to offer.

I personally interviewed 22 Ascension and 5D trailblazers for the Waking Up in 5D Telesummit. The result is a profound compilation of cutting-edge information, insights and revelations into the world of 5D.

A 5D Immersion is a 12-lesson deep dive into 5D. Each lesson corresponds to my book Waking Up in 5D.  You will learn how to get to 5D, but more importantly, how to stay there!

This special offer package, containing over 30 hours of mentoring and instruction from me, Maureen St. Germain, will assist you in turning your 3D viewpoints around, and to consciously choose 5D – where love is the governing force!

Item 1 Name – Waking Up in 5D Telesummit

Audio or Video Format – audio mp3 format

Length of Program – 11 hours

Join your host, Maureen St. Germain, and her panel of guests for the Waking Up in 5D Summit. Learn from revolutionary 5D leaders as they share ideas, tools, broader understanding and how to have a deeper connection to the 5D realm. Includes the entire collection of 22 cutting edge interviews. We have heard rave reviews of this series, never before offered.

Item 2: A 5D Immersion

Audio or Video Format:  Video and written format

Length of Program – 12 lessons

Are you ready to transition from the polarized mindset of the 3rd dimension, to the joy and love of 5th dimensional vibrations?  Have you read Waking Up in 5D and want more?

This 12-part course will help you maneuver through the dynamic terrain between 3D and 5D. You’ll learn how to reach and find your authentic self; How to change mind and perceptions; How to step out of limitation and limiting belief. You will learn how you can use your mind to take yourself higher spiritually and into a multidimensional way of thinking and being.  This course comprises of 12 video and written lessons based on Maureen St. Germain’s best-selling book Waking Up in 5D. Each lesson will follow the chapters in the book.  While reading the corresponding chapter will provide a broader knowledge base, purchasing the book is in no way required. You will still get a great deal out of each lesson.

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What People Have to Say About Maureen St. Germain

Waking Up in 5D will spark your enthusiasm for life and how to navigate your new now with great ease. This book will ignite the fire in you for you to Wake up in 5D. It will change how you think about the coming golden age. Reframing your experiences and providing new tools for the new “game in town” will give you great insights and ignite the fire in you for you to Wake up in 5D.” It is a great book for our changing time and so inspiring! Thank you Maureen for writing it.

~ Sylvia Moss, Transformational Sound Healer and author
Angels of New York, a meditative photographic journey


Maureen St. Germain sees the big picture and is able to distill it into manageable chunks. She loves her audience and sees beyond the immediate providing a compassionate workable way to navigate in the new 5D energies that are permeating the planet. Her description of the dimensions and experience clearly establishes that most everyone reading this has probably already “woken up in 5D” at least once! How will you stay there? Read this book!

~ Dr. Susan Shumsky, best-selling, award-winning author of 14 books, including
Divine RevelationAwaken Your Divine Intuition and Miracle Prayer


Maureen St. Germain has created an easy and discernible blueprint to accessing the energies of Ascension and insuring that you are ahead of the curve. Your own intuition will resonate as you move through the processes Maureen describes. She discovered that many of her clients were going through the same experiences, with “new and different” messages from their guides speaking through Maureen. She takes you through a step by step process that allows you to understand that you have “already been Waking up in 5D!

~ Lynn V Andrews, NY Times Best Selling Author
The Medicine Woman Series