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The Acceleration of the Shift – A Pleiadian Perspective on Life on Earth at this Time
Workshops, Activations and Transmissions

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In these times of accelerated change, integration, re-ascension, and becoming your multidimensional self it is essential that you find within the vibratory rate of joy and use that as the foundation for your creations while at the same time allowing the process of transmutation of trauma to continue. Contained within Nora Herold’s transmissions, lectures, workshops, and videos The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, The Elementals, and many other beings offer their perspectives, love, and energetic support as well as grounded, practical processes and information that can be easily incorporated into your day to day existence.

Included you will find the process for activating and then amplifying your joy via the chakra systems, processes that facilitate the deactivation of implants, activation of fifth dimensional technologies and abilities, openings of gateways and portals, techniques for manifestation and healing, greater connections with your own guides, processes for self love, and much, much more.


Item 1: Crystalline Light Body Activation

One MP3
The Pleiadians offer a process, their perspective, and a transmission of energy facilitating the activation of your crystalline light body. This powerful transmission and process takes you from your third dimensional identity to your fifth dimensional identity connecting your awareness to your crystalline light body, integrates those energies into your third dimensional chakra system, activates the crystalline codes lying dormant within your DNA, and expands out into your fifth dimensional chakra system, facilitating the activation of your creator abilities.


item 2: Workshops 8 Part Series

1. Working with the New Energies – Post Eclipse Event
Two MP3s 

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara, and Others share their perspectives on the total solar eclipse and its impacts and effects on our universal consiousness, the sign post nature and importance of this eclipse, their interpretation of power, the powering down and then rebooting of our power systems, going “off-line”, the DNA activation that was a part of the solar eclipse, our shift from carbon based to crystalline based life forms, the shift in our experience of the polarity in this reality, the events in Charlottesville, the mass awakening of humanity’s consciousness, the need to move slowly during this period of deep integration, our contracts with beings in animal form and the changes in these contracts, food and food choices, operating as a soveriegn creator being who knows they are love incarnate at all times, magical and mystical happenings that were perceived during the solstice and why they were so evident, the third chakra and the difficulties that can occur in the third chakra, uses and abuses of power, a leveling of the power playing field, traumas and triggers relating to life and death situations, physical manifestations in the body, the energy leading up to the Atumnal Equinox, our relationships with ourselves and how it is central to our experience and relationships with others, the acceleration in the manifestation process, dealing with messes, creating a focused experience as an awakened being, operating as an empath, making decisions, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughour including an activation of the new codes in our DNA along with a process that facilitates the activation and accessing of the vibratory rate of power within the third and fifth dimensional systems.

2. Autumnal Equinox – Heart Chakra Activation and Expansion

Two MP3s  

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara,  and Others share their perspectives on the Autumnal Equinox and the transmission specific to the Equinox itself, the massive clearing taking place in the heart chakras of each individual and the collective simultaneously, Earth’s ascension experience at this time, the recent expressions of the 4 earthly elements – air, water, fire, and earth, the unification of the collective through this equinox activation, the sun and its purposes as it crosses the celestial equator, the upgrades to the heart chakra as a result of the Equinox transmission and our ability to operate as a unified consciousness, accessing true states of Oneness, the mental, emotional, energetic, and physical responses to the upgrades, heart chakra pains, how to be of greatest service to the collective at this time, working within oneself, working within your individual community, accessing and strengthening connections to the Pleiadians and the other beings assisting us at this time, accessing records and memories, accessing “future” moments in time, operating from the 3rd and 5th dimensional selves simultaneously, releasing grudges, the activation of greater compassion, accessing light language, accessing support, confidence and a deeper relationship with the self, “healing” another, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a lengthy process leading up to and during the exact moment of the Equinox facilitating a massive overhaul in the heart chakra and upgrades throughout our entire operating systems. Other processes and activations were offered throughout the session as well including a toning exercise at the beginning of the second half.
The transmission offered was one of the most powerful we have felt to date.

3. Winter Solstice 2017
Two MP3’s 

The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara,  and Others share their perspectives on the solstice energies and the restructuring of our energetic bodies at this time, the enormity of this particular download, the upgrades being activated within our genetic codes, our shift from carbon based to crystalline based life forms, the massive activations of fear and traumas to facilitate clearing prior to receipt of the solstice energies, disclosure and the potential for disclosure, possible scenarios for ET interactions, operating as sovereign and listening to one’s guidance systems, relationships and the changing structure of our relationships, the deconstruction of all systems founded within the enslavement contracts – ie: the patriarchy, governments, educational systems, justice systems, the family unit, etc, a view into the fifth dimensional reality and how relationships operate within the structure of 5D, operating in the moment, an overview of the massive changes that have occurred during the past year including the intensity of the experience of the year, how raising one’s vibration allows more access to beings in the higher realms and conversely how beings in the higher realms are more easily able to access one with a higher vibration, gender roles and the need to deactivate automatic responses and behaviors based on one’s gender, taking full responsibility for one’s reality, envisioning a future reality that looks markedly different from this one, releasing the need for any governing bodies, god as an enslavement program, freeing stuck energies, addressing pain in the body, money, operating as a creator, identifying your own galactic genetic origins, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including a lengthy opening activation that facilitates the integration of the solstice energies, activating the upgrades in our light bodies and restructuring of our energetic matrix.
Calliandra offers a delightful perspective of life in the fifth dimension and how to begin envisioning that reality for ourselves at this time.

4. Relating in the New Reality – A Transmission on Relationships of all Kinds

Two Mp3s
The Pleiadian Collective, The Cassiopeians, Yeshua, Calliandra, Enara, and Others share their perspectives on the deconstruction of our third dimensional ways of relating and creating relationships and the emergence of fifth dimensional ways of relating with other beings, the elimination of the ideas of roles and rules and scripts in our third dimensional relationships, monogamy, sex and our changing sexual reality, sibling dynamics, interactions between parents and children, finding a partner, friendships and the creation of high vibrational friendships, love and the many ways of experiencing love, love as a frequency and a state of being, the activation of compassion in the heart chakra, using the energetic body to “listen”, connections with guides and celestial beings, telepathic communication, synchronistic experiences, magnifying contact and connection with all beings, becoming more available and vulnerable, creating more access, secrets and lies, Oneness and the connectedness of all consciousness, operating in the moment while relating to another, connection with animals, relationships with crystals, exposure issues, how a relationship with one being affects a relationship with another being, past life connections, karma, the use of relationships and conflict within relationships to serve the integration and re-ascension process, being grounded and how to ground within the context of relationships, being “in love” with as many beings as one can be in the same moment in time, co-creation, collective manifestation, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including an opening activation that facilitates the deactivation of implants and transmutation of trauma in the heart chakra allowing for greater access and connection.
Jonathan Wilk offers his beautiful first live channeled transmission from Jaleel and the Cassiopeians offering their perspectives on the shifting nature of our relationships.

5. Spring Equinox 2018 – Activate Your Creator Abilities
Two MP3s  
The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Jaleel, The Cassiopeians, and Others share their perspectives on the equinox energies and the flood of yin energies at this time, the rainbow light transmission of this particular equinox, the balance of the yin and yang, yang distortions and how the yang distortions were created via the repression and suppression of the yin energy, the activation of creator abilities at this time, the higher self taking up residence in the first chakra and what that will allow as a creator being, how to manifest a desired reality, the energetic state of certainty and how that state of certainty can be used as the foundation for creation, the continuing deactivation of all enslavement programs and implants and the fall of the patriarchy, the importance of the energetic work and the continuing transmutation of trauma, re-identifying as the higher self, ancestral trauma and the massive amounts of ancestral trauma being cleared at this time, working within the genetic lines, working within and working with another along your genetic lines to clear trauma, the clearing of all beliefs facilitating an “in the moment” existence, opening up the multi-dimensional viewfinder, using the mental body to interpret what is happening as opposed to limiting what can be happening, a breakdown of the integration process over the past decade, the importance of relationships in the manifestation process, collaborative creation, societal structures and how they both allow and limit, fantasies and fantasizing, pain in the body, inner child work, other beings activating your triggers, the throat chakra and transmutation of trauma in the throat chakra, dealing with anxiety, “spiritual bypassing”, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including an opening activation that facilitates the integration of the equinox energies, allowing the higher self to come forward in the body.
Jaleel and The Cassiopeians share their perspectives on operating as a creator at this time as well.

Summer Solstice Transmission – Magnify Your Love

Two MP3s
The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the Solstice energies and portal and how that energy will accelerate our shift through its magnification technology, the current political climate and the group that is vying for and trying to hold onto power at this time, the shift in our ability in this Universe to connect with other Universes, FOAL, using FOAL to facilitate the transmutation process of another, accessing the yin energies from within, a look at how the shift in power over the big picture will happen and how each one of us are facilitating that shift, fear and hate, hate as a program, how to deal with hate and deal with someone who is running the program of hate, the game of separation on earth as a byproduct of all games of separation that have played out in this Universe, the coming unity of humanity which will facilitate Earth taking its place as a galactic player, the current power structure’s desire to isolate us from one another, operating as the magnified version of the being of love that you are, the need for connection, accessing one’s humanity and divinity in the same moment, using “No” to help to bring down structures that you are not in alignment with, opening your yin energies to receive the structures that you are in alignment with, the benefit of the void state and the experience of accelerated manifestation upon leaving the void state, relationships and energetic detangling, the collective transmutation of trauma work at this time regarding the holocaust and other genocides, how the current power structure is unconsciously facilitating this shadow work, electing higher vibrational leaders, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the full integration of the Solstice energies via the 3d chakra system, the 5d chakra system, and then the 2 blended systems; and a mind bending and altering third eye activation.
Calliandra also offers a very special transmission at the beginning of the second half of the program.

7. Eclipse Trio Transmission
Two MP3s 
The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the solar and lunar eclipses happening at this time, the heart chakra opening and activation as a byproduct of the total lunar eclipse, the flood of yin energies coming onto our world, the magnification of the yang distortions triggered by the first solar eclipse, the unexpected current timeline we’ve been traveling for the past 2 years, our shift to another timeline as of the second solar eclipse on August 11th, the “craziness” of this timeline and what it has enabled us to do as well as the number of distortions manifesting as a result of this particular timeline, the current beings “running things” on Earth and their imminent moment of collapse, how to navigate the timeline jump to land at the highest point possible for you, freeing of the throat chakra, the end of the enslavement game, the extraterrestrial race wars and how those wars are still playing out on our world, the emotional experience as a result of the total lunar eclipse, Using FOAL for physical issues, self-esteem issues and judgment, anxiety and the clearing of anxiety, activations of vibratory rates specific to the chakra systems, quitting the game of “winning at 3D’ to allow for 5D experiences to emerge, using frequency as the foundation for the fifth dimensional manifestation process, the blending of the third and fifth dimensional identities, the fall of the patriarchy, the appropriate diet to facilitate the shift from carbon based to crystalline based existence, feeling stuck, focusing, being interrupted while speaking, entity attachments, the purpose and effective use of anger in our reality, operating as heart centered beings, and much, much more.
The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates a massive heart opening event for the collective
Calliandra offered a throat chakra implant clearing and activation along with sharing some Earthly/faerie history.

8. Love and Laugh Fest – 2018
Two MP3s
The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the activation and uses of the vibratory rate of joy and the expression of that vibration as laughter throughout the whole chakra systems, laughter as a tool for healing and transmutation of trauma, spiritual bypassing by using laughter, all the different forms of and origins of laughter on our world from ego based laughter to 5D laughter, the observational properties of the higher self/5th dimensional identity, the 5th dimensional identity’s ability to hold 5d laughter at all times due to the perspective of that aspect of our consciousness, F.O.A.L. And inserting laughter into the process of FOAL, the “crazy” timeline we’ve been traveling for the past 2 years, the recent jump to a much higher timeline and our disorientation as a result of that jump, how that disorientation is playing out for us all physically, the beings who have taken power and are in the process of being rendered powerless, the illusion of the magnification of the darkness on our world vs. the very small physical reality of that darkness, the trickster quality of this rogue ET group and their ability to create this illusion of excessive darkness, the many opportunities to transmute traumas this period of time has afforded us, operating from joy, using joy as the foundation of our manifestation process, having fun, the acceleration of the shift, integration of the higher self, dealing with family, anger and the expression of anger via the throat chakra, western medicine, receiving help from the collective and much, much, more.
The Pleiadians and Calliandra offered a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the integration of the 5d self into the 3d chakra system and the activation of 5d laughter throughout the entire energetic structure. They also shared a process to facilitate clearing in the throat chakra and that facilitates our ability to align with the highest possible moment we can on this new timeline.

This transmission was powerful, joyful, and will alter your entire operating system.

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Gratitude is the first word that comes up when I think about Nora and her incredible enlightening work together with the Pleiadians and all the other multidimensional beings she channels. I came across her work in 2010 and have been learning and growing ever since. A true gift during the great shift in consciousness we currently experience on this planet. The enormous body of information she brings through combined with her clarity, straightforwardness and warm sincerity has spoken to me on many conscious and subconscious levels. She and her entourage helped me to open up my mind at the appropriate time in order to expand as a person and beyond.”
Sven -The Netherlands

“Hi Nora and Jon,,
You guys are The. Best.  Thank you for the best channel yet!!! My 3D mind can’t wrap around that each channel is better and better, but the 5D part of me says “YAHOO!!!”
Love you both so much and thank you, thank you, thank you – I’ve listened several times & each time I hear more and more – how did I miss that the first time?!  And the Cassiopeian  message from Jaleel feels so good – hmm… wonder what that means?!  No conscious recollection, but as I was thinking about it I realized Jonathan has the same initials as my Dad (JW) and I know whenever I come across “JW”, Dad’s not far away…
Have an awesome weekend and can’t wait to see what happens next!”
Mary Beth – New York – On the “Relating in the New Reality” Transmission from February 22, 2018

“The sessions I’ve had with Nora Herold have always been heart-opening and mind-relaxing. She has been such a blessing to me that it’s hard to put into words how much I adore her and everything she does. I’ve become more aligned, more open, more genuine, and more at ease since I booked my first session with her in 2011. She’s helped me with my channeling, my relationship with my wife, and even how to manage a household with three cats running around! Whether she’s channeling, giving me a spontaneous energy healing, or communicating with me as her very grounded, yet very psychic self, I always feel better after a session with Nora. You will not find a more dedicated professional, and I could not give a higher recommendation for a service. Thank you, Nora. I love you.” ~ Daniel – Ojai, CA

“I am so grateful that I found Nora! A client of mine referred me to her work and from the first download I listened to I was hooked. All the information and meditations Nora and the guides offer ring true to me and I have implemented much of what I have learned through the recordings into my life with wonderful results. After listening to pretty much all of the downloads she offers I decided to get a private session. I had been having vertigo spells for almost a year. I had been to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and also had other psychic readings and energy work of various kinds. While much of it worked temporarily the dizziness would always come back and it was really affecting my quality of life. In my session I received guidance about the vertigo – what was causing it and how to handle it when it happens. It worked! I am so grateful! The advice and insights Nora and the guides give is clear, concise, and positive. Even when telling you something difficult it is put in a way that is uplifting and seems easy to handle. I have since called in with other questions and have booked another session. I have also recommended Nora to many of my friends and clients.”
Jamie – Los Angeles, CA

“Nora, thank you for expressing love and clarity through your messages. Your channeling has not only delighted my heart but it has allowed me to develop and connect with ALL that I AM. We love you and appreciate your work. Every session that I have had with you has been life changing. With love” ~ Marilyn and Uwe – Germany

“I love participating in Nora’s monthly teleconferences because it is a great way to connect with like-minded friends from around the world, and to receive a monthly dose of new information, guidance and healing. Nora’s group sessions and lectures are full of leading edge channeled material that has helped catapult my spiritual transformation and opened my galactic awareness. I highly recommend Nora’s series of workshops entitled ‘Integration and Quantum Acceleration’, as they were some of the most amazing and inspiring channeled work I have listened too. Nora is not only an exceptionally gifted channel, but a loving teacher, guide, and friend.”
Holly, Perth – Western Australia
“I feel so much gratitude every time I hear the October 2014 transmission. To line up the aspects of myself in the loving and compassionate ways that you, the Pleiadians, and the fairies playfully suggest is one of the most creative and enriching experiences of my current state of aliveness. In our cultural chicken soup, It’s so rare to experience emotional creativity, on purpose and grounded in love. What great fun! What great health, and what great love!
Infinite thank yous, from my many aspects, here & now.
Phenomenal!!!! This transmission is fantastic!
Sergi – New York, NY
“I attended the monthly teleconference with P’s earlier this week and it was such an intense and healing transmission for me. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work and for bring pleiadian wisdom in my life. Thank you so very much. I am already feeling light as a bird feather. Something shifted profoudly for me after the session. For the first time in 3 years – I feel like myself again. I feel I was lost and am found again :)”
Kiran – Washington 
“Dear Nora and Jon,
I wanted you both to know how grateful I am to have access to your “Transformation of Pain” meditation. What a wonderful and powerful healing resource it has been as I move through an intense transitional period in my life. I have listened to the meditation countless times and each time I feel another layer of healing occur. It has assisted me greatly in deepening my connection to the darkest and most painful aspects of myself, aspects I had previously denied. The healing frequencies encoded within the music have activated deep cellular shifts, and at times, it’s as though the harmonics are literally shaking my body and soul awake. The compassion and devotion you have poured into this co-creation has provided so much comfort and relief especially in the moments when I have felt so profoundly alone in my pain. Sending you both much love and gratitude. I look forward to your next healing creation!”
“Hi Nora,
I just want to give you some feedback on your channelling course. After I had done the first half of the third part I was lying in bed at night, floating between sleep and wake, when I suddenly saw a door that opened in front of me. The next day when I did the meditation of approaching the light I met all my guides, angels etc in a beautiful place. I did the automatic writing and words poured into my head and I wrote pages full of wonderful text. Archangel Michael showed me beautiful places where I always could come back, he said. Well too much to write here but the second day I asked my Pleiadian guide if he had some info without me asking a question. Something I did not know already and couldn’t have made up. I suddenly saw a tree and heard him say; you have something with trees (I make patchwork and needlework art and often trees) because part of you is deva. Well there was more but the point is that I had heard the word deva but didn’t know they were tree spirits. Afterwords I looked it up on the internet and there my confirmation  Thank you so much for the work you do. I Love you.”
Astrid – France