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Special Offer from Acurda Melchizedek

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The Activation of the 12 Toroidal Cosmic Gateways

Special Offer


Video Activation (50 min)

Offer: 50 Minute Video Activation

This will help you reform  and activate the 12 toroidal gateways. Bringing all 12 gateways in to resonance so the 13 harmonic can be activated. Moving humanity into another set of quantum strands of DNA and 24 dimensional fields for creation.

Length of Program approximately 50min in length with full digital high resolution graphics encoded with color and frequncy activations

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What People have to Say…

Acurda embodies the truth of her work. She is full of integrity, heartfelt wisdom, and joy. She is a rare combination, both profoundly intuitive and also able to translate the science on an intellectual level.  She is a way-shower in this emerging field of DNA research and healing. She is a no-bullshit kind of women who will wake up your cells to their higher calling if you are ready to take the next step for yourself.



Acurda’s healing method through your DNA code is a fast-track to clearing out old baggage.  Her work with me was deep and cut to the root of my confusion about my purpose and persistent health issues. She helped me clear harmful collective programming, negative chords to my family, as well as ancestral wounds very quickly. Her work profoundly transformed my life and shifted my purpose. It helped me to align with the natural reservoirs of abundance in my energy field, which resulted in increased income and an awareness of how to move through a persistent virus that had been weighing me down. I’m deeply grateful for her unique insights and work we are doing together.




After years and years of study this is the most profound work i Have ever done.


My work with Acurda has transformed a deep suffering in my life. I see it more every day. Thank You, Acurda for the opportunity to study with you. It feels like destiny. I am so grateful. Truly.





The journey working with Acurda in the Becoming Holographic Human from cell to Soul was such a phenomenal experience for me. All of the exercises we practiced daily really helped me to identify where I was holding within my body. Through Acurda’s guidance and encouragement, I learned how to better communicate with my cells, with my DNA, with soul—my higher self. She gave me the tools to reclaim my own power. I had some of the most profound experiences of my life while being a part of this container. One of actually removing a physical pain I had been holding for a long time – after doing some past life work – the energy released a knotted, contracted area within my spine. I haven’t felt the pain since that day.


I will be forever grateful.



Thanks for everything Acurda.


I love you,