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Mastery Empowerment Course: Tuning Forks for Personal and Planetary Transformation
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Deeper Resonance in Your Life Right Now

For tens of thousands of years the Ancient Ones have used Quartz Crystals to heal, and transcend time and space. Christopher Tims has been on an incredible journey with Quartz Crystals. One of the high points in this journey was his 8 consecutive years of one on one work with the Anna Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. As a Mystic, Christopher’s curiosity about crystals has led him to study not only the scientific properties of crystals, but also their many uses and applications, both in ancient times and in today’s world. Quartz crystals are much more than tools, they are sentient beings that embody in their crystalline form, cosmic knowledge and a clear un-obstructed pathway to Universal/God consciousness.

Special Offer #1 Includes:

Item 1: The Crystal Kingdom

The Power of Quartz Crystals and How to Evoke Their Magic

Video Presentation with Presentation PDF

Quartz Crystal is known as the Master stone, a cosmic library, imprinted with Universal knowledge. The ancients harnessed their power to transform and transmute, now you can too!
Christopher Tims with Anna Mitchell-Hedges and the Crystal Skull
Christopher Tims with Anna Mitchell-Hedges and the Crystal Skull (1988)

Christopher Tims had the incredible experience of spending 8 years working with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. He was one of the very few who the Skull allowed itself to be handled by. When Christopher shares his stories of his time and experiences with the Skull, many people tangibly feel the energy and presence of the Skull. It often chooses to manifest itself energetically to listeners and those in the audience.
Many have asked Christopher to share his experiences with the skull and he has decided to offer this Video Webinar Workshop to not only share his experience, but to educate others in how they can use crystals to enhance, heal and transcend barriers in their energetic field.
He has also been the Caretaker of “Mr. Light” (110 lbs) and Mr. Sound” (90 lbs), two very large quartz crystal points that have been imprinted by the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. Christopher will share his knowledge in this video workshop to assist others to utilize the magical gifts that quartz crystals have to share with us all!

In this Workshop, we will cover

  • What the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is and why it is different than any other skull?
  • Where the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull came from, Who made it, How and Why?
  • Why it is important today?.
  • The Relevance of the Other Skulls
  • How Christopher came to have such Unique Relationship with Anna and the Crystal Skull.
  • What the Crystal Skull revealed to itself to be
  • What the Crystal Skull can do for us all.
  • What the Ancient Prophecy about the skulls coming together for a great event means
  • If Mr. Light and Mr. Sound really do have a complete set of imprints( records) from the Skull
  • The difference between Natural Quartz and cut & polished or faceted crystals
  • How to care for your Quartz crystals, Clearing, Charging , Storing and Displaying
  • Why Clear Quartz is known as the Master Stone
  • How to use Crystals for a Personal. Planetary Connection …. The Ascension Connection
  • Accessing Universal Knowledge using Quartz Crystals
  • The Unique Multidimensional Coherence of Quartz and Why it is Important
  • How to use Quartz to Shape your Energy, which Directly affects all aspects of Life
  • The Aquarian age healer. Using Essential oils, Bach Flower and Sound and Light with Quartz Crystals
  • The Secret of Quartz Crystals and the Planetary & Galactic Grids
  • Sacred Geometry and Quartz
  • Crystal Grids. Why are they so powerful? How to make them and how to use them
  • Charging your crystals for personal use

With this knowledge you will be able to infuse your environment with an energy that is so powerful and healing that it can transcend any obstacles that you may currently be experiencing! Isn’t it time to unleash the magic of Quartz Crystals?
As the world around us and within each one of us goes through the great changes, the proper understanding of Quartz is a powerful tool to add in the journey of personal and planetary transformation.

MP4 Video Workshop Length: 4 Hours


In these Six Comprehensive Video Trainings delivered as a month-long online course, Ken will help you identify and breakthrough the three barriers to Spiritual Mastery – then teach you three steps you can take right now to become the master of your own spiritual journey… no matter what challenge you may be facing in your life.

Learn the techniques and insights that have helped thousands of people end their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, break through the barriers to Spiritual Mastery, and directly access their Divine within.

Item 2: The Crystal Kingdom Audience QAs

2 Audio Mp3 Files

The Audience for the Workshop had 2 Opportunities for Q&A sessions, 1 after the Workshop and another 2 weeks after the replay was posted. These Q&A’s are invaluable as they offer extra material from audience questions that expand on the material covered! There is also an interesting story about the Anna Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in the first Q&A that you won’t want to miss!

MP3 Audio 1st Q&A Length: 80 Minutes

MP3 Audio 2nd Q&A Length: 52 Minutes

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Special Offer #2 Includes:

Mastery Empowerment Course: Tuning Forks for Personal and Planetary Transformation with Christopher Tims.

3 Live Webinars

Friends and Spiritual Family,
So you would like to know about tuning forks?
Well, for over 30 yrs I have studied acoustic physics and musicology. With a focus on the unique and amazing devices, we know as tuning forks.
Let me invite you to Sound for Personal and Planetary Transformation. An in-depth, focused exploration of the effects of sound in the form of tuning forks on and around the body. Originally taught In Jan 2020, The video recording is available for your study and will be a go-to resource your years to come.
Learn about resonance, dissonance, entrainment, carrier waves and signals. As well as primary and secondary fields, harmonics & overtones as a function of fundamental tones. We will go over various scales, their implications & applications such as:

  • The Tempered A440 scale
  • The Tempered A110 scale From Archaeoacoustics:
  • The Pythagorean Harmonic Spectrum scale
  • The Planetary Scale from the book The Cosmic Octave by Cousto.
  • The C528 Solfeggio Scale From The book of 528 by Horowitz
  • The Temple set from the personal research of Christopher Tims decoding ancient sites/temples

As we know that sound/vibration is the foundational quality of all creation (form), then it becomes important to introduce the primordial form of the Torus and it’s secrets to everyone. An in-depth grasp of The cascade of sound from the formless into the formed is what we call Frozen Music ( Sacred Science). This is a journey of personal and planetary healing, ascension and transformation.

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Special Offer #3 Includes:

Both the Crystal Kingdom and MEC: Tuning Forks


Enjoy both programs in this special bundle with Christopher Tims. Sound Healing & Crystals for a total of over 12 hours of wisdom for your own practice and use in your life.  Purchase both options and $ave!   Only $144

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